The Anstey Story

We make a bold statement – the story of the Anstey family, from the origin of our surname in 1143 right up to modern times, is now effectively known. The aim of the ‘Anstey Story’ project is to make this information available to anybody so interested, and expand upon it over time.

G. M. Anstey (Gary) and T. J. Anstey (Tom) are the overseers and chief researchers of this project. We have between us conducted many thousands of hours of ‘Anstey’ surname research, and we have co-authored numerous books on the Ansteys. The most recent of our books to be published was the third edition of :

“Anstey: Our True Surname Origin and Shared Medieval Ancestry

published in February 2019, which is currently available for sale at Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Singapore and Amazon Canada.

How Can You Help?

We are always happy to add reliable Anstey surname and/or sub-branch research to the ‘Anstey Story’ project. See How Can You Help? for the various ‘hot topic’ appeals, and see Project Updates for the research threads, findings and ideas currently ongoing in this project.

Please contact us at if you are interested in sharing your Anstey findings or helping us with our research.