Hubert de Anstey (II)’s Second Wife

We have found some more information on Hubert de Anstey (II)’s second wife Matilda de Camoys. As such, we have rewritten footnote 107 of the third edition of ‘Anstey: Our True Surname Origin and Shared Medieval Ancestry‘ to the following (which will appear in the fourth edition when it is published):

See ‘Feet of Fines for Surrey’ where “Hubert de Anesti and Matilda his wife” were mentioned in a 1206 assize in relation to “Wissele” (Wiseley in Surrey where Matilda held lands). This was Matilda’s second marriage; she was the daughter of Gilbert de la Leghe of Effingham and Polesden in Surrey, and she held in her own right a manor in North Denchworth, Berkshire. Matilda first married Stephen de Camoys (Cameis), with whom she had a son Ralph. Ralph de Camoys was one of the Barons who fought with Hubert (II)’s son Nicholas against King John. Ancient Deed A1068 mentions both Ralph de Camoys and Hubert (II), his stepfather, in relation to Holy Trinity Priory, where it begins “Grant by Ralph de Cameis, at the petition of Hubert de Anesti, to the canons of Holy Trinity, London

The evidently very close connection between the medieval Ansteys and the Camoys in the early 1200s could help us to piece together further research clues.


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