“John de Anstygh” 1297 and 1307

In footnote 251 of the third edition of ‘ANSTEY: Our True Surname Origin and Shared Medieval Ancestry we wrote the following:

We have tentatively placed John, who appears in the ‘Cambridge Fines’ for 1332 as “Chaplain in Shepereth and Melreth”, as [Roger’s] descendant in the pedigree on page 169. This is very much a provisional placement, being purely because Shepreth and Meldreth are located very close to Cambridge. Of course, being a religious assignment (chaplain), this ‘John’ could have hailed from anywhere; indeed he could even be the same person as another religious ‘John’ alive at the same time, who is documented on page 213 (though we find no evidence linking Shepreth and Meldreth, which were connected to Ely, to St Benet Fink Church in the City of London). Incidentally, there is a third religious ‘John’ about whom we have found reference in 1297 and 1307 in Crediton in Devon, which we discuss in detail in Chapter Three of ‘ANSTEY: The Devon and Somerset Branch’. We need more clues to further advance this thread and disentangle these early 1300s religious John references.

We have continued to advance this research thread and thanks to two further medieval Anstey clues recently found, we can now confidently connect the third ‘John’ (“John de Anstygh” in Devon in 1297 and 1307) to the early Hampshire and Dorset Medieval Anstey pedigree per page 169 of the third edition of our first book. These new findings will be reflected in the fourth edition of ‘ANSTEY: Our True Surname Origin and Shared Medieval Ancestry when it is published, research for which is very much ongoing.

Bit by bit the medieval Anstey pedigree becomes ever more complete!


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