Calling all Warwickshire Ansteys

In the third edition of ‘ANSTEY: Our True Surname Origin and Shared Medieval Ancestry‘ we document on pages 216-218 a Warwickshire medieval Anstey sub-branch, descendent from John (I) de Anstey. In Appendix Six of ‘ANSTEY: The Cambridgeshire Branch of the 1400s and Early 1500s‘ we further advance this pedigree up to c1650 or so.

Thus far, throughout my ‘Anstey’ research, having communicated with hundreds of Ansteys worldwide, I am yet to find a single one who can trace his Anstey line back to Warwickshire pre-1750. However, I still have a sneaky suspicion that there may well be Ansteys alive today who are direct descendants of this Warwickshire medieval Anstey sub-branch and therefore appeal to anybody who can trace their direct Anstey lineage back to Warwickshire in say c1750 (or even earlier ideally) to contact me at

Who knows, we may well be able to connect the two lines and thence prove once and for all that the Warwickshire medieval Anstey sub-branch did not go Anstey-extinct in the 1600s, as I suspect. Any success in this regard can be reported in the fourth edition of ‘ANSTEY: Our True Surname Origin and Shared Medieval Ancestry‘, research for which is well under way.

Note added 27 May 2021: See the post ‘Hampton in Arden, Warwickshire Anstey Page Commenced‘ for updates to this.


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