Warwickshire Feet of Fines

Feet of Fines are a great source of information for medieval researchers, though unfortunately not all of them are online. In a previous post, entitled ‘Calling all Warwickshire Ansteys‘ we noted advancements in the medieval Anstey Warwickshire pedigree during our continued research into the medieval Ansteys (see also the third edition of ‘ANSTEY: Our True Surname Origin and Shared Medieval Ancestry‘ pages 216-218).

We would be able to further advance this pedigree if we could access the Warwickshire Feet of Fines, however they are (to our knowledge) not online. Having said that, they are held in physical form (ie books) at various university libraries in the UK.

The medieval Warwickshire Feet of Fines can be found in the Publications of the Dugdale Society‘ Volumes XI, XV and XVIII (Eleven, Fifteen and Eighteen) and we know that there are ‘Anesty’ and ‘Ansty’ entries in all three volumes. If anybody so inclined, with access to a university library holding these volumes, would be willing to access them and email the relevant ‘Anesty’ and ‘Ansty’ (and other relevant spellings) entries to gary@theansteystory.com, that would be very much appreciated.


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