Our ‘1600 Parish Register Dataset’

On page 46 of the third edition of ‘ANSTEY: Our True Surname Origin and Shared Medieval Ancestry‘ we introduce our ‘1600 Parish Register Dataset‘, which is a comprehensive listing of all Ansteys who appeared in parish registers in the UK from the inception of registers in 1538 through to c1650. This dataset forms a vital element of our proof that almost all Ansteys alive today are connected and descendent from Hubert the Anstey patriarch.

We have just discovered two more entries to add to our total, which now stands at 962. They are:

Baptism: 1616 Sep 22 Ezekiell ANSTYE son of John in Kings Sutton, Northants


Marriage: 1605 Aug 6th Humfrey ANSTYE of Leamington Hastings was married to Audry WHYTE in East Haddon, Northants.

Many thanks to fellow GOON Derek Allen for this information.

If anybody finds any more pre-1650 parish register entries for ‘Anstey’ (or equivalent spelling), please contact gary@theansteystory.com.


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