Letter from Mrs Ettle to Tom Anstey 13 January 1911

We have now uploaded the first letter sent by Mrs Ettle of the Doynton Ansteys to Tom (Thomas John Edmund Anstey – one of the chief researchers of this Anstey project) on 13 January 1911. This letter from Mrs Ettle was actually in response to an introductory letter that Tom sent to John Anstee of Bitton (another Doynton Anstey) on 10 January 1911. The introductory letter was evidently passed around various members of the Doynton Ansteys because Tom received replies to it from more than one Anstey, in addition to Mrs Ettle.

The letter, as well as the others that we have uploaded, can be found in Tom’s Correspondence by clicking on the relevant gold envelope in the listing (the letter will appear in a separate tab). If anybody would like the transcription of this letter, feel free to contact us at research@theansteystory.com.

We repeat our appeal that we would also like to upload any genealogical correspondence between other Anstey enthusiasts in times past, so if you possess any and are willing to share it, please contact us at research@theansteystory.com.


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