Letter from Mrs Ettle to Tom Anstey 24 January 1911

We have now uploaded all three of the letters sent by Mrs Ettle of the Doynton Ansteys to Tom (Thomas John Edmund Anstey – one of the chief researchers of this Anstey project), the one uploaded today being written on 24 January 1911. 

The letter, as well as the others that we have uploaded, can be found in Tom’s Correspondence by clicking on the relevant gold envelope in the listing (the letter will appear in a separate tab). If anybody would like the transcription of this letter, feel free to contact us at research@theansteystory.com.

We have an interesting conundrum regarding Mrs Ettle because when she first corresponded with Tom on 13 January 1911 (see Tom’s Correspondence) she referred to herself as “Elizabeth Mary Anstee, daughter of Edward Anstee of Doynton”, however she signed all of her letters “Mrs A. Ettle”, despite the fact that she did not marry Albert Ettle until 1913. Anybody who can shed light on this, please contact us at research@theansteystory.com.

Note added 22 February 2021. The following information clarifying Mrs Ettle’s situation was kindly sent to the Anstey Project by Anna Thorn:

Regarding the Ettle/ Anstey situation: I received the marriage cert. for Elizabeth Mary Anstee to Alfred Ettle. He was not a widower as I thought with small children needing a housekeeper i.e. Elizabeth A.  He was a bachelor.  The outcome is as follows:-

1861 Edward & Olive Anstee + Elizabeth Mary at Doynton. 1871 E. & O. +
EM. Wick, farming 33 acres.    1881 Alfred Ettle, Coal miner b. Bitton &
Elizabeth described as wife, Stay maker b. Bitton, North St, Oldland, +
Gilbert 4, b. Bitton and Alfred, 1 b. Bitton.   1891, Alfred, coal miner
b. Bitton and Elizabeth, Stay maker b. Wick +Gilbert, 14 and Frederick,
11 (is this actually Alfred!), mother Olive Anstey, wid. was living next
door.    1901, Alfred b Doynton, Elizabeth b. Oldland, Alfred W. 21,
boot maker b. Bitton.  1911 Elizabeth, 51 m. b. Doynton at Oldland but
Alfred Ettle, 53, m. Mason’s Lab. b. Bristol, a boarder at 72, Queens
Rd,  New Tredegar, Mon.  He was boarding with Albert Anstee, Banksman b.
Wick m. 13 yrs, 2 children, Wm. 2 b. New Tredegar and Daisy, 12 b.
Bristol, wife Sarah.  This couple had lived in High Street, Oldland in
1901, Alfred b. Wick, and wife was Sarah Ann, however, I cannot trace
his birth or marriage,  It is not another Alfred and Sarah nee Lewis
Crumper m. 1898 Weston, Bath.

1913, Alfred Ettle living still in Tredegar m Elizabeth Mary Anstee at Bristol Register Office ll.5.1913. His parents Wm. & Ann Ettle of Oldland. Elizabeth at time of m. was living at 43, Old Market Street, Bristol.  Elizabeth died 1929 at North St. Oldland and Alfred died 1939 at Yate Union.

So mystery solved, Alfred and Elizabeth lived together from about 1877 and only married when they were living apart in 1913! The various places of birth ascribed to them really muddied the waters to begin with but putting all the census info together sorted it out. Edward and Olive’s sons Colin and Sidney stayed on as coal miners at Oldland marrying and having families.


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