Postcard from Egypt Signed by Lieutenant R. Anstey 1915

In response to our ‘Appeal for Old Research Documents and Correspondence‘, a gentleman named Michael sent to us the following postcard.

According to Michael, the postcard is from a soldier called Jack to a lady in Bridlington, Yorkshire. It was sent from Egypt on 27th May 1915 and countersigned in the top right corner by a M/R R Anstey, Lieutenant of the “SR Yeo” in order to allow it to be sent free of charge to England via the Civilian Mail system.

SR Yeo” is presumably the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry, who were certainly in Egypt at that time (see ‘Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry‘). However, we are currently unable to find any additional information regarding Lieutenant R. Anstey. If anybody knows of this gentleman or can add any information to what we already have, please contact us at

Later in 1915, after their stint in Egypt, the Sherwood Rangers went to fight in Gallipoli in Turkey, where at least three other Ansteys (all of the Stoke Gifford sub-branch) also fought at the same time (Dick Anstey, Ted Anstey and Tom – one of the chief researchers of this Anstey project).

Many thanks to Michael for sending this in. Let’s hope we can identify this gentleman.

[Note added 7 Feb 2021: We have now resolved this genealogical puzzle]


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