Rev. Martin Ansteys Old Oak Chest Update

In October 2020 we posted an appeal for information regarding the whereabouts of the “old oak chest” of Rev. Martin Anstey of the Tiverton Ansteys, which contained “a good many ancient documents” regarding the early Ansteys in Devon and Somerset.

The good news is that we have had our appeal answered by a great x 2 grandson of Rev. Martin Anstey; the bad news is that he has informed us that the “old oak chest” is no longer in the family, being sold in the 1990s. Hence the documents within said chest are likely lost forever, at least as a single bundle of research.

This is a great pity, but a good example of why we have launched this Anstey Project website and written our books on the Ansteys, so that information known today is not lost in the future due to the passage of time or through other means.

We repeat our appeal in How Can You Help? namely:

Anybody who knows of the whereabouts of (or better still, possesses) any passed down Anstey research, please contact us at


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