Calling all Caddington, Bedfordshire Ansteys

In the third edition of ‘ANSTEY: Our True Surname Origin and Shared Medieval Ancestry‘ we mention an Anstey sub-branch sprouting in Caddington in Bedfordshire in 1558. This sub-branch ultimately connects to John (I) de Anstey of the medieval Ansteys via the Sussex (I) Ansteys (see the illustration in Principal Anstey sub-branches).

Thus far, throughout my ‘Anstey’ research, having communicated with hundreds of Ansteys worldwide, I am yet to find a single one who can trace his Anstey line back to Caddington in Bedfordshire. However, I believe that there may well be Ansteys alive today who are direct descendants of this Caddington Anstey sub-branch and therefore appeal to anybody who can trace their direct Anstey lineage back to Caddington in Bedfordshire in say c1750 (or even earlier ideally) to contact me at


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