Australia Ansteys Page Commenced

Australia Ansteys form a gallimaufry of offshoots of sub-branches, however they all have one thing in common, being that they can ALL ultimately trace back their ‘Anstey’ lineage to England, joining with one of the known English Anstey sub-branches.

So however Australian you may feel, if you are an ‘Anstey’ (or ‘Anstee’, ‘Ansty’ or ‘Anstie’) you have plenty of English blood, and therefore you should prefer marmite to vegemite. Furthermore, the overwhelming majority of Ansteys in Australia are direct descendants of Hubert de Anstey, the first holder and originator of the Anstey surname in 1143.

There are quite a few Australian Ansteys alive today, so we have created a page just for you, and we are actively seeking any research or other documentation such as correspondence that you might like to share with others on this Anstey project website. We are especially interested in stories regarding your earliest Anstey ancestors who arrived in Australia from England; we are also very interested in Australia Ansteys who fought in any wars.

Please contact us at if you possess and are willing to share said information.


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