G. T. H. Anstie – Anstey Imposter!

Recently we uploaded onto the Pre-World War One Conflicts page the following appeal for help:

G. T. H. Anstie Year: 1814; Regiment: 69th Regiment Of Foot; Rank: ‘Ensign’. We are currently struggling mightily to identify this gentleman, despite knowing his three initials. Anybody who can aid in this regard please contact us at research@theansteystory.com.

Well yet again our army of Anstey researchers got cracking and within a week we have our answer! There is no such person as “G. T. H. Anstey of the 69th Regiment Of Foot“, it is a mistranscription and should read G. S. H. Ainslee, a famous solider and member of the 69th Regiment Of Foot in 1814 during the Napoleonic Wars. Thus he is absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the ‘Anstey’ family.

Thanks to Julia for this information. As we have said on numerous occasions, eliminating Anstey imposters (people who are NOT ‘Anstey’ but are mistranscribed as ‘Anstey’ in official documentation) is a vital part of this Anstey story project.


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