1911 UK Census Page Commenced

The 1911 UK Census was conducted on 2 April 1911 and it was the 12th nationwide census conducted in the United Kingdom. The total population of the UK was approximately 45,000,000, of which around 1,450 were ‘Anstey’; 850 were ‘Anstee’; 125 were ‘Ansty’; and 75 were ‘Anstie’ – so a total of around 2,500 Anstey, Ansty, Anstee and Anstie were living in the UK in 1911.

As such, Anstey, Ansty, Anstee and Anstie made up somewhere in the region of 1 in every 18,000 people in the UK at that time. Our somewhat ambitious aim over the next few months [years?] is to list every one of them here, together with their year of birth; their address in 1911; and the respective Anstey, Ansty, Anstee or Anstie sub-branch to which they attach.

The ever-expanding list can be found here – 1911 UK Census, or via the dropdown menu in the ‘Anstey Research’


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