World War One Hero Biographies Now Fully Uploaded

We have reached another major milestone in the Anstey Story Project – we have now completed all of the biographies of the approximately 500 ‘Anstey’, Ansty’, ‘Anstee’ and ‘Anstie’ heroes who fought in World War One, and uploaded them to the Roll of Honour. The gentlemen (and a few ladies) that we have documented connect to dozens of different ‘Anstey’, Ansty’, ‘Anstee’ and ‘Anstie’ sub-branches across the world, but they all put their lives on the line in defence of the British Empire.

This venture took us just under two years and once again we appeal for help – anybody who has researched their Anstey ancestors’ wartime heroics and wishes for their findings to be uploaded to the Anstey story project website, feel free to contact us at


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