Alfred Henry Anstee (ED 22)

See ‘Anstey: A Complete History From the Norman Invasion to World War One‘ for much more on the Edlesborough Anstees. In addition to biographies of various Anstey individuals who make up this sub-branch, the book contains a plethora of Anstey research and statistics, including an analysis of how the Edlesborough Anstees fit into the pedigree descendent from Hubert de Anesti, the 12th century originator of the ‘Anstey’ surname.

ED 22. Alfred Henry Anstee: He was born in 1828 in Hertfordshire to parents William Anstee (ED 8) and Charlotte Hudson. He was living with his parents in Hadley Green in the 1841 Census and he was involved in a kerfuffle at St Albans Church in 1849 together with his brother William Austin Anstee (ED 14) – see that page for more on this story.

He emigrated to  South Africa soon afterwards and on 8 November 1851 he married Amelia Elizabeth Suelus in Durban, Natal. They had children in South Africa (1852), Australia (1855), England (1858) and Canada (1864 and 1866) – making them surely the only Anstey family to have children born on four different continents. They were:

  • Amelia Minnie [Anna?] Anstee (b 1852 South Africa, known as Minnie. She arrived in Canada in 1858 and never married. In 1901 she was in Brant South, Ontario with her brother Alfred and her mother. In the 1911 Canada Census Minnie was living with her brother Frederick in Wellington, Ontario. In 1912 she was on the ‘Manifest of Passengers Arriving in the St. Albans, Vermont‘ and she was living in Guelph when she visited her brother David in the same year. She died in Guelph, Wellington, Ontario on 1 December 1917);
  • Charlotte Anstee (b 6 April 1855 Australia (some sources say England, but this is likely incorrect), arrived in Canada in 1858. She was unmarried and living with her siblings at 127 South Wellington, Ontario, Canada in the 1891 Census, working as a milliner. She married Johnston E. Story and in 1919 they were living at 36 Sydenham Street, Guelph when some of her siblings visited. She died on 8 March 1943, buried at Eden Mills Cemetery, Wellington County, Ontario);
  • Frederick William Anstee (b 20 August 1858 England, known as Fred, Alfred, and Frederick W. He emigrated straight after birth to Canada. He was unmarried and living with his siblings at 127 South Wellington, Ontario, Canada in the 1891 Census, working as a farmer. He was still a farmer at Eramosa, Guelph, Wellington in an 1895 Tax Assessment and by 1901 he was still unmarried, living at Brant South with his sister Amelia and mother. In the 1911 Canada Census he was living with his sister Minnie in Wellington, Ontario, where he was a farmer. He was living in Guelph when he visited his brother David in 1912 and then married Eleanor Margaret McWilliams on 5 January 1915 in Guelph, Wellington, Ontario. They visited his sister Charlotte Story in 1919 in Guelph – by this time he was a retired farmer. He died on 29 May 1929 at Eden Mills Cemetery, Wellington County, Ontario gravestone inscription “ANSTEE: Frederick W. Anstee August 20 1858 – May 29 1929 and his Beloved Wife Margaret Eleanor McWilliams October 28 1881 – April 6 1978“);
  • David Henry Anstee (b 20 March 1864 Ontario, unmarried and living with his siblings at 127 South Wellington, Ontario, Canada in the 1891 Census, working as a farmer. He married Sarah Ellen Skinner on 7 December 1904 in York, Ontario and they had children Marjorie Ellen Anstee (b 10 September 1905); Olive A. Anstee (b October 1909); and Jean L. Anstee (b c1918). In the 1911 Canada Census the family were living in York South Sub-Districts 1-36, Ontario and in 1912 his siblings Frederick and Amelia Anstee visited. He died in 1941 buried at Victoria Lawn Cemetery St. Catharines, Niagara Regional Municipality, Ontario gravestone inscription “ANSTEE: David Henry 1864-1941 Peace Perfect Peace“); and
  • Lucy Gertrude Anstee (b 23 December 1866, married William Hamilton on 19 October 1890 in Rockwood, Wellington, Ontario. She died 11 December 1950, buried at Eden Mills Cemetery, Wellington County, Ontario)

In 1858 his wife Amelia together with their three children emigrated from England to New York in America aboard the ship ‘West Point‘ and from there they headed for Ontario in Canada (presumably he was already there). In 1861 the family were at Hastings, Ontario where he was a carpenter – they were ‘Bible Christian’.

By the 1871 Canada Census the family were all living in Sidney, Hastings, Ontario, Canada (all Wesleyan Methodists, though they were also Church of England).

He died on 25 April 1888 – his death certificate confirms his full name as ‘Alfred Henry Anstey‘; that he was born in Hertfordshire; that he was Church of England; that he died aged 60 of cancer of the stomach; and that he was a farmer at Eramosa, Wellington, Ontario when he died. He was buried at Eden Mills Cemetery, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada with gravestone inscription “In Memory of Alfred Anstee who died 25 April 1888 Aged 60 years and 3 months“.

His widow Amelia was living with her son Alfred (Frederick William) and daughter Amelia in Brant South, Ontario in 1901. She died a year later, buried in the same cemetery as her husband, gravestone inscription “In Memory of Amelia Elizabeth Suelus wife of Alfred Henry Anstee born Oct 31 1827 Entered into Rest Oct 4 1902

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