George and Annie Parliamentary Adventures 1924 and 1931

We have uploaded to the Anstey project website the detailed story of how George James Anstey and his wife Annie Anstey, both of the Stoke Gifford Ansteys, ran for Parliament in 1924 and 1931 respectively. The pdf document is entitled ‘George and Annie’s Parliamentary Adventures 1924 and 1931‘ and can also be found on George‘sContinue reading “George and Annie Parliamentary Adventures 1924 and 1931”

George Edmond Anstie World War One Hero

We have uploaded to the World War One Roll of Honour a biography of George Edmond Anstie of the Devizes Ansties, who constructed the ‘Register of the Family of Anstie‘ regarding the pedigree of the Devizes Ansties in 1898 and served in various stations throughout India performing internal security duties during World War One. Anybody who hasContinue reading “George Edmond Anstie World War One Hero”

Letter from Tom Anstey to A. F. Anstey 20 February 1912

We have uploaded a letter sent by Anstey researcher Thomas John Anstey (Tom) on 20 February 1912 during his genealogical research to A. F. Anstey of the Birmingham Ansteys. The letter, as well as the others that we have uploaded, can be found in Tom’s Correspondence by clicking on the relevant gold envelope in the listing (the letter willContinue reading “Letter from Tom Anstey to A. F. Anstey 20 February 1912”

Henry Francis (Harry) Anstey Biography Uploaded

We have uploaded the biography of Henry Francis Anstey (known as Harry) of the Bampton Ansteys who was heavily involved in the Yilgarn Gold Rush in 1887 in Western Australia and corresponded with chief researcher T. J. Anstey (Tom) in 1908. Anybody who has information they would like to add to this biography, please contact us at AnybodyContinue reading “Henry Francis (Harry) Anstey Biography Uploaded”

Rev. Martin Ansteys Old Oak Chest Update

In October 2020 we posted an appeal for information regarding the whereabouts of the “old oak chest” of Rev. Martin Anstey [JU 14] of the Juryhayes Ansteys, which contained “a good many ancient documents” regarding the early Ansteys in Devon and Somerset. The good news is that we have had our appeal answered by aContinue reading “Rev. Martin Ansteys Old Oak Chest Update”

Rev. Martin Anstey’s Old Oak Chest

Over a century ago on 29 April 1911, Rev. Martin Anstey (JU 14) of the Juryhayes Ansteys wrote to Tom (SG 30) stating: “Dear Mr Anstey, yours of yesterday to hand I have a good many ancient documents in our old oak chest and some years ago I spent a summer trying to sift themContinue reading “Rev. Martin Anstey’s Old Oak Chest”