Coventry, Warwickshire Anstey Page Update

In March 2021 we commenced the Coventry, Warwickshire Anstey page, stating in our post that they are “likely a sub-branch of the Hampton in Arden Ansteys, though we are yet to prove that connection“. After much research into the Coventry Ansteys, not only have we proved the above, but we can now state that there areContinue reading “Coventry, Warwickshire Anstey Page Update”

Hampton in Arden, Warwickshire Anstey Page Commenced

In a post written in November 2020 on this Anstey Story website project, entitled ‘Calling all Warwickshire Ansteys‘, I wrote: “Thus far, throughout my ‘Anstey’ research, having communicated with hundreds of Ansteys worldwide, I am yet to find a single one who can trace his Anstey line back to Warwickshire pre-1750. However, I still haveContinue reading “Hampton in Arden, Warwickshire Anstey Page Commenced”