William Parsons Anstee World War One Hero

We have uploaded to the World War One Roll of Honour a biography of William Parsons Anstee of the Kilmore, Victoria Anstee sub-branch in Australia, who took part in the ‘Landing at Anzac Cove’ in Gallipoli, Turkey in April 1915 and died there later that year. Anybody who has information they would like to add to this biography,Continue reading “William Parsons Anstee World War One Hero”

Kilmore, Victoria Anstee Page Commenced

The Kilmore, Victoria Anstees of Australia are a sub-branch of the Thornborough Anstees of Buckinghamshire who emigrated to Australia in c1850. We have begun to map the pedigree of this sub-branch and we are actively on the lookout for anybody who is willing to add their specialist knowledge of the Kilmore, Victoria Anstees to this Anstey story project. Anybody with such inclinationContinue reading “Kilmore, Victoria Anstee Page Commenced”

Thomas Anstey (b 1777) Australian Anstey Pioneer

We have uploaded a biography of Thomas Anstey (b 1777) of the Bampton Ansteys, who became an Australian Anstey pioneer when he migrated to Oatlands in Tasmania in 1823. Anybody who has information they would like to add to this biography, please contact us at research@theansteystory.com. We are actively seeking any research or other documentation such as correspondenceContinue reading “Thomas Anstey (b 1777) Australian Anstey Pioneer”

Australia Ansteys Page Commenced

Australia Ansteys form a gallimaufry of offshoots of sub-branches, however they all have one thing in common, being that they can ALL ultimately trace back their ‘Anstey’ lineage to England, joining with one of the known English Anstey sub-branches. So however Australian you may feel, if you are an ‘Anstey’ (or ‘Anstee’, ‘Ansty’ or ‘Anstie’) youContinue reading “Australia Ansteys Page Commenced”