William Frederick Anstee World War One Hero

We have uploaded to the World War One Roll of Honour a biography of William Frederick Anstee of the Prittlewell Anstees, who signed up for service in August 1916 with the Royal Naval Air Service as an ‘Air Craftsman II’ (Service Number: F19616 and later 219616), based in Eastbourne and Crystal Palace. Anybody who has information theyContinue reading “William Frederick Anstee World War One Hero”

Prittlewell Anstee Page Commenced

The Prittlewell Anstees of Essex are a sub-branch of the Swanbourne Ansteys of Buckinghamshire. We have begun to map the pedigree of this sub-branch and we are actively on the lookout for anybody who is willing to add their specialist knowledge of the Prittlewell Anstees to this Anstey story project. Anybody with such inclination and expertise, please contact us at research@theansteystory.com. Gary