George Proctor Anstey (DY 62)

See ‘Anstey: A Complete History From the Norman Invasion to World War One‘ for much more on the Dyrham Ansteys. In addition to biographies of various Anstey individuals who make up this sub-branch, the book contains a plethora of Anstey research and statistics, including an analysis of how the Dyrham Ansteys fit into the pedigree descendent from Hubert de Anesti, the 12th century originator of the ‘Anstey’ surname.

DY 62. George Proctor Anstey: He was born in 1875 in Hanham to parents Tom Anstey (DY 43) and Lucy Jay. He was an unmarried boot maker living with his parents in the 1911 Census.

In 1919 he killed his own mother – The ‘Western Daily Press‘ on 11 April 1919 reported “SON CHARGED WITH KILLING HIS MOTHER: A Hanham Tragedy. There was an unusually large attendance at Lawford’s Gate Police Court yesterday when George Proctor Anstey (43) of 2 Rosebury Terrace, Pitt Road, Hanham was charged that on the 4th April he did feloniously kill and clay his mother Lucy Anstey. Winston Anstey [DY 72] brother to the defendant, said he resided at 2 Roseberry Terrace. His father was bedridden, and defendant also lived there. In the evening of the 4th inst his mother, who had been out, returned home and directly she came in George tapped the table for food. His mother gave him some in the scullery and when he had finished it he wanted more. Witness told him he could not have any more, as it made him restless at night. He then aimed a blow at witness and his mother, who had come into the scullery rushed in between and the blow that defendant struck with his fist reached his mother over the heart. She fell down and witness closed with defendant who then became quiet. Only one blow was struck. He picked up his mother who was lying on her back unconscious. In falling the left side of her head struck the gas stove. George made no effort to assist when he was attending to his mother.He put her on the couch and went for assistance. Accused had been of weak intellect for 14 years…he did not appear to be distressed about what had occurred. Marth Barnes, married woman said she had known defendant all her life; he was very strange and wild at times.. Five or six weeks ago when defendant was mad he said he would stretch his mother’s neck as long as his arm…P. S. Watkins asked accused what he had been doing and he said “dont know”…he did not appear to know his mother’s condition…

He was charged with manslaughter – The ‘Cheltenham Chronicle‘ on 14 June 1919 reported “INSANE. George Proctor Anstey (43), bootmaker, was charged with manslaughter of his mother at Kingswood April 4th. Mr Porter prosecuted, and said the question was whether the prisoner was fit to plead…Dr Graham and Dr Corri stated that the prisoner was insane – his Lordship ordered him to be detained at his Majesty’s pleasure

He died in St Thomas Devon in 1921 (presumably in an insane asylum) – he was buried at Hanham, Christ Church on 14 July 1921.

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