The Stoke Gifford Ansteys

The Stoke Gifford Ansteys, the sub-branch to which researchers G. M. Anstey (Gary) and T. J. Anstey (Tom) belong, traces its origins to John Anstey, who was baptised in 1751 in Iron Acton to parents William Anstey (of Dyrham) and Amy Parks. However, John‘s brother Thomas (baptised 1761), even though he had no children, is actually a much more pivotal figure in the Stoke Gifford Anstey story.

The entirety of the Stoke Gifford Anstey pedigree has now been mapped out by researchers Gary and Tom. The lives of all of the early Stoke Gifford Ansteys is known in great detail, and they are all thoroughly documented in the book

ANSTEY: The Stoke Gifford Branch

the fourth book co-authored by Gary and Tom, the first edition of which was privately printed in September 2019. The second edition of this book is currently being prepared for publication and sale on Amazon (anybody interested in being contacted when this second edition is available for purchase, please contact Gary at

Brief Summary of the early Stoke Gifford Anstey Pedigree

John Anstey married Christian Webb at St Michael’s Church in Stoke Gifford on 1 April 1777, and they had seven children being:

  • Christian (baptised in Frampton Cotterell on 19 July 1778);
  • Elizabeth (baptised in Frampton Cotterell on 3 October 1780);
  • Amy (aka Emma – baptised in Frampton Cotterell on 3 August 1783);
  • Mary (baptised 26 June 1785 in Frampton Cotterell);
  • William (‘father of eleven’ – baptised in Frampton Cotterell on 21 March 1787);
  • Thomas (‘father of thirteen’ – baptised in Stoke Gifford on 10 February 1791); and
  • Dinah (baptised in Stoke Gifford on 10 February 1791).

The eleven children of William and the thirteen children of Thomas form the two major Stoke Gifford Anstey sub-branches.

Principal Stoke Gifford Ansteys

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