Edward Anstee (b c1840?)

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

[Note: We currently cannot connect Edward Anstee to the wider Anstey pedigree and thus this biography should be considered very much work in progress. Any enlightenment in allowing us to advance our knowledge of Edward Anstee would be gratefully received at research@theansteystory.com.]

All we know currently is that in the 1861 Worldwide Army Index Edward Anstee (Service Number: 2365 and Rank: Private) was a “European soldier serving in the Indian service but first mustered in 1862 following transfer to the British Establishment” and that in 1862 Edward Anstee was located in Meerut (E.I.), India attached to the 104th Regiment Of Foot (Bengal Fusiliers) (Archive Reference: WO 12/9951).

We also know that on 12 September 1882 “Edward Anstee Service Number 2365” was discharged from “Infantry Brigade Depot (101st)” after “2 Period” (presumably having completed his second period of service of ten years?). [Note: The 104th and the 101st had been linked to each other in the 1870s]

As to whether Edward Anstee fought in the Indian Rebellion of 1857 depends on when he first joined the 104th Regiment Of Foot (Bengal Fusiliers). If it was before 1857, then he would have fought in 1857 at the Siege of Delhi during the Indian Rebellion.

As to which Anstey sub-branch Edward Anstee attaches, we cannot say without further information regarding his age.

Anybody who would like to add anything to this biography, please contact us at research@theansteystory.com.

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