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Research into the ‘Anstey’ family and surname has been going on for at least two centuries, and probably much longer than that, and it is still very much ongoing today (see Project Updates for the very latest ‘Anstey’ findings and research), conducted by a committed group of ‘Anstey’ genealogical enthusiasts .

Unfortunately, much of the research performed in times past has not survived to today, but some of it has, for example the early 20th century Anstey research of T. J. Anstey (Tom), and it is research like Tom‘s which provides us with an absolute goldmine of knowledge, much of which could not possibly be discovered by generations alive today (for example family anecdotes, correspondence, family trees drawn in previous times etc).

[On that note, we draw attention to our appeals in How Can You Help?, specifically the ‘Appeal for Old Research Documents and Correspondence‘ and the ‘Appeal for Passed Down Anstey Anecdotes‘. If anybody can help in this regard, please contact Gary at]

In order to minimise the risk of today’s Anstey research and knowledge being lost to future generations of Ansteys and Anstey descendants, the overseers and chief researchers of this ‘Anstey Story‘ project, G. M. Anstey (Gary) and T. J. Anstey (Tom), have together currently co-authored four books on the Ansteys, the first of which,

Anstey: Our True Surname Origin and Shared Medieval Ancestry

is now in its third edition, and is available for purchase at Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Singapore and Amazon Canada. Research for the fourth edition of this book is very much ongoing.

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Gary and Tom are also committed to continually evolving and advancing our Anstey knowledge and understanding. This is where the ‘Anstey Story‘ project comes in. Hopefully over time as the project becomes better known, other Anstey enthusiasts will join us and share their research.

Overview of the Anstey Story Project

Project Updates

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