Frederick John Anstey (b 1878)

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Frederick John Anstey was born in c1878 to currently unknown parents and thus belongs to a currently unknown sub-branch. He married Vivienne Waldron [Woldron, Woloron] and they had children:

  • Charles Henry Whyte Anstey (b 11 June 1905, baptised 24 August 1905 at Wellington, Madras, at which time his father Frederick was a ‘Military Staff Clerk‘);
  • May Ethel Vivienne Anstey (b 30 March 1907, baptised 29 June 1907 Wellington, Madras, Tamil Nadu, India at which time her father Frederick was a ‘Staff Sergeant Unattached List‘. She married Alexander G. Hillman in 1930 in Mooltan, India); and
  • Frederica [Fredericka] Anstey (b 14 October 1913, baptised on 23 November 1913 in Murree, Bengal, India. She married Henry J. Edwards in Surrey in 1935 and in the 1939 Register she was living at Heathway Philpot Lane, Mimbridge in Surrey in the same house as Wilfred Morris, a “retired India Army“. She died in 1980 in Petersfield).

[Note: They also may have had a son Frank Anstey who married Dorothy Louise Kratz on 14 July 1936 in Jubbulpore, Bengal, India – he gave his father as “Fred John Anstey” when he married.]

Presumably all of this family were in India in c1910. According to one source “Frederick John Anstey age 34” died on 23 May 1913, buried on 24 May 1913 in Murree, Bengal, India. He was a “Col Sgt Military Staff Clerk” and died of “enteric fever“. Two other westerners who were buried at the same place around the same time were of the “S & T Corps” [Supply and Transport Corps] in Murree – so we can pencil in that Frederick was also attached to this corps. The ‘British Armed Forces And Overseas Deaths And Burials‘ simply states that “Frederick J. Anstey age 36” died in Jubbulpore, India in 1913.

Vivienne Waldron Anstey died a year later on 15 August 1914 in Murree, Bengal, India – she was by this time “widowed” (age 35).

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