Alec George Anstey (b 1898)

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Alec George Anstey, a member of the Milborne Port Anstys, was born in Milborne Port on 21 September 1898 to parents Henry James Anstey and Sarah Kate Beach. He was brother to fellow Anstey Hero Frederick William Cecil Anstey. Alec grew up in Milborne Port, living at East Street in the 1911 Census.

Alec attended the funeral of his grandmother Ann Anstey in Milborne Port in June 1916, then soon after this, probably in late 1916 when he attained the age of 18, Alec joined the Army to do his bit during World War One. At the time of his enlistment he was a clerk in an Estate Agent’s office, giving his next of kin as his father Henry James Anstey. Alec was transferred to the Royal Flying Corps on 15 February 1917 (Service Number: 59928), before being transferred to the Royal Air Force on 1 April 1918.

Alec’s ‘Airforce Pay‘ was ‘3s. 0d‘ and his ‘Terms of Enlistment‘ were ‘Duration of War‘. His rank during his service was “A. Mech. 1, Trade:- Clerk (Gen.)“, eventually rising to “Clerk (1st Class)” – Alec spent much of his time with “A. S. C. S.” unit in Blandford. On his Service Record was also noted “Pension 11/- for 40 weeks final DRO 220 20-9-19” and “docs to Ministry of Pension 11-8-19“.

Alec was admonished in May 1919 for “making improper use of RAF documents“. He was discharged on 6 August 1919 and appointed a ‘Class F Reservist‘, intending to live back at East Street, Milborne Port. According to his Service Report, he was not wounded during the war, however he was “awarded Silver Badge 9229” on 13 August 1919.

After the war, the ‘London Gazette‘ in March 1923 reported that Alec had joined the ‘Exchequer and Audit Department (E&AD)‘ of the Civil Service after an open competition. His role was “supporting the audit of central government expenditure London United Kingdom Clerk Exchequer and Audit Department“.

In 1928 Alec married Gwendoline Nellie Cooke in Sherborne, Dorset. In 1931 he was best man at his brother Arthur‘s wedding in Stoke-under-Ham, and in 1932 he attended his mother’s funeral in Milborne Port.

In the 1939 Register, Alec and his wife Gwendoline were living at 20 Ribblesdale Road, Tooting Graveney, Wandsworth – he was still a civil servant. In mid-1944, still a civil servant, Alec was executor to the will of his aunt Emily Anstey (who was living with them at 20 Ribblesdale Road at the time of her death). His wife Gwendoline also died during this year, on 4 December at St Thomas Hospital, Witley, Surrey.

In 1948 Alec remarried to Haidee Morley in Surrey Mid Eastern. He died on 23 February 1953, living at 56 Epsom Lane, North Epsom Downs in Surrey. Probate was to his widow Haidee Anstey. We find no evidence of any children from either marriage.

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