Arthur John Anstey (b 1894)

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Arthur John Anstey, a member of the Kennford Ansteys, was born on 27 July 1894 in Sidmouth, baptised on 22 August 1894, to parents William Anstey and Louisa Selley – he was brother to fellow Anstey Heroes William Arthur AnsteyHarry Anstey; and George Anstey. He grew up living in Sidmouth and by the 1911 Census he was living with his family at 2 The Crescent, Temple Street, Sidmouth, working as a grocer’s errand boy.

We only have a smattering of information regarding Arthur’s World War One story as we cannot currently access any Service or Medical Records. From below we know that he enlisted right at the outset of war, on 4 September 1914. The ‘Exeter and Plymouth Gazette‘ on 7 December 1915 noted that “Arthur J. [Anstey was currently with] Leicester Regiment stationed in Egypt“.

In 1917 he was still with the Leicestershire Regiment (Service Number: 19005) when he was wounded in action – the ‘Leicester Daily Post‘ on 25 May 1917 confirming “Roll of Honour: Wounded: Leicestershire Regiment…Anstey 19005 A. Sidmouth“.

We also have the following from the National Archives (Reference: MH 106/2167/5 Description: Folio(s): 6-21), which unfortunately has not yet been digitised so we have not been able to access its detailed contents.

  • Name: Arthur John Anstey
  • Enlisted 04/09/1914
  • Civil occupation – butcher
  • Rank: Private
  • Unit/Battalion/Regiment: 2 The Leicestershire Regiment
  • Service number: 19005
  • Age: 24.
  • Hospital(s): No.17 General Hospital; Kitchener Military Hospital, Brighton.
  • Condition/Injury/Disease: Debility. Details and Outcome: Patient admitted suffering with debility following influenza.
  • Further details of treatment given. Outcome not stated.
  • Date: 1918 Oct 22 – 1919 Jan 22

The only other thing we know is that at the time of the 1918 Electoral Register Arthur was still registered at 2 The Crescent, Temple Street, Sidmouth but as an ‘absent military voter still on active service‘.

Anybody who can add to the above, or is able to visit Kew to obtain Arthur’s records from the National Archives, please contact us at

By 1919 Arthur was back residing with his family at The Crescent, Temple Street, Sidmouth, then a year later in 1920 he married Daisy E. Pratt in Honiton – they had children in Sidmouth Edward J. Anstey (b 28 June 1921); Raymond E. P. Anstey (b 1924); and June P. M. Anstey (b 4 June 1931).

At the time of the 1921 Census Arthur and Daisy were living in Sidmouth and by 1925 they were living at 3 Pathwhorlands, Sidmouth. By the 1939 Register Arthur was a general labourer still living with his family at 3 Pathwhorlands, Sidmouth.

Arthur died in 1953 in Honiton “aged 58“.

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