Henry Robert Anstey (b 1883)

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Henry Robert Anstey, sometimes known as Harry, a member of the Tarrant Keyneston Anstys, was born on 27 September 1883 in Brockenhurst to parents George Anstey and Georgina Gubbins; he was brother to fellow Anstey Hero Charles Augustus Anstey. He grew up living at Latchmoor Road, Brockenhurst and by the 1901 Census he was working as a groom and boarding at Rowbarns, East Horsley, Guildford.

Henry married Mary Louisa Gate [or Gale] in 1908 in Fulham and they had children Harold Robert Anstey (b 16 December 1907 Fulham); Archibald Frank N. Anstey (b 1912 Wandsworth); Ellen Anstey? (b 12 November 1913); Leslie J. Anstey (b 12 June 1915 Wandsworth); and Harry Anstey (b 1918 Wandsworth). In the 1911 Census Henry was an electrical tram driver living with his family at 17 Wingford Road Clapham Park SW, Wandsworth.

At some unknown point in World War One, Henry signed up for active service. We know very little about his war story except that:

  • He was posted to the Royal Sussex Regiment as a Private (Service Number: G/34738);
  • According to the ‘London County Council Record Of War Service‘, Henry, part of the ‘Tramways’ department, was a “Private with the Royal Sussex Regiment serving in France and Germany for six months between 1918 and 1919“; and
  • For his services, he was awarded the Victory and British War medals.

Anybody who can elaborate on this somewhat skeletal account, please contact us at research@theansteystory.com.

By the time of the 1921 Census, Henry was back living with his family in Wandsworth, and by the 1939 Register he was working as a Tram Driver for the London Passenger Transport Board, still living with his family at 17 Wingford Road. His wife Mary Louisa died in 1945 in Wandsworth, so four years later in 1949 Henry remarried Edith May Adams, again in Wandsworth.

Henry died on 20 September 1965, now living at 19 Wingford Road, a street in which he had been living for over 50 years – administration was to his widow Edith May Anstey.

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