Hugh George Essington Anstey (b 1878)

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Hugh George Essington Anstey was born in September 1878 in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia to parents George Anstey and Harriet; he is a descendant of the Milverton Ansteys of Somerset. Hugh is the brother of fellow Anstey Heroes Muriel Fanny Essington Anstey, Alexander Gidley Essington Anstey and Clement Zouche Essington Anstey.

In May 1904, Hugh joined the Army and was appointed to the 10th Australian Light Horse Regiment as a 2nd Lieutenant. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 1905 and transferred to the ‘Reserve of Officers’ (“R of O“) in 1911. In March 1915, soon after the outbreak of World War One, Hugh was transferred temporarily to the 13th Light Horse Regiment and he was retransferred back to the ‘Reserve of Officers’ after war’s end in January 1919, at which time he retired from service.

Unfortunately we can currently not ascertain in the slightest what Hugh did in terms of active service during the period March 1915 to January 1919, and would greatly appreciate enlightenment in this matter (anybody who can help please contact us at

By 1928, Hugh was living in Manar, Kyabram. In 1938, he was co-executor of his mother’s will, where he was described as “of Manar, Kyabram, farmer“. We currently find no evidence that Hugh married or had children.

Hugh died in October 1953, ‘The Argus‘ newspaper reporting that “Death: Anstey, Hugh George Essington of Manar, Kyabram (late of Handly, Riverina, NSW and ‘The Ranch’ Moe, Gippsland) on October 11 at Bush Nursing Hospital, Kyabram, aged 75 years“. He was buried at Kyabram Cemetery.

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