The New York City, NY Ansteys

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Many thanks to Julia for her help in constructing these pedigrees.

Overview of the New York City, NY Ansteys

Thus far, the Ansteys who we have uploaded to this Anstey story project who resided in New York City in New York State in America are a sub-branch of the Trumpington Ansteys of Cambridgeshire, themselves a sub-branch of the Blewbury Ansteys of Berkshire.

The patriarchs of the New York City, NY Ansteys that we have uploaded so far are three sons of William Jekyll Anstey and Balbina Isabella Franchi, namely William Wilson Anstey, Robert Anstey and Herbert N. Anstey.

Note there are other sub-branches and families of Ansteys that lived in New York State but outside of New York City, unconnected to the New York City, NY Ansteys. Those we have uploaded thus far include the:

William Wilson Anstey (b 1827 Kingston, Jamaica)

William Wilson Anstey (b 1827 in Kingston, Jamaica, son of William Jekyll Anstey and Balbina Isabella Franchi) was in 1851 living with his family in Kensington, London – he was a clerk in a bank. In 1852 he won an award from the ‘Royal Humane Society‘ for “saving his father, Mr W. Jekyll Anstey, in the London Docks“. We have unsourced (but very likely correct) reports that William married Cynthia Rachel [Roxenia] Scovell [Scoville] (she was born in c1820 and had been married before in 1838 to Philip Charles Hamilton Brotherson, having a child Peter Porter Brotherson (b 1839)) of New York in December 1854 (or 1855) and they lived in first Ontaria, Canada and then in 1863 or 1864 they moved to New York City, America, having children:

  • Maria (Minnie) Theresa Anstey (b c1856 Ontaria, Canada, emigrated from Canada to America in 1863/4 and was living with her sister Isabella Starkweather in 1920 and 1930 in New York, having never married);
  • William Christopher Anstey (b 1857 Ontario, Canada, in 1880 he was a “clerk in a dry goods store” and he was a “real estate” in New York in 1888. In 1890 he was grantor of some land in King’s New York to Adeline M. Cunningham. He died in 1891 buried at First Presbyterian Church Cemetery Lewiston, Niagara County, New York; the inscription on his gravestone reads “William Christopher son of William W. and Cynthia R. Anstey born March 1 1857 died Sep 21 1891“); and
  • Isabella B. Anstey (b c1860 Ontario, Canada, married Chauncey Clark Starkweather (died in 1922) in Manhattan on 8 November 1882. On 18 November 1882 the ‘Liverpool Daily Post‘ reported that “American Arrivals at Liverpool per Cunard Steamer Servia from New York …Mrs W. W. Anstey, Miss AnsteyMr and Mrs C. C. Starkweather” – presumably this was their honeymoon. They were living in New York in 1920 and by 1930 Isabella was a widow in New York living with her sister Minnie).

The family were living in New York City in the 1880 Census where William Anstey was a “clerk in R. R. Office” however his age in that census was given as 45 (ie born in 1835). The 1880 Census is also incorrect in a few other areas, because a) it lists the places of birth of the three children as “New York” and b) it gives their years of birth as 1858, 1860 and 1862 respectively.

William W. Anstey was a “clerk” in New York City in 1869/72; he was an auditor at 687 Lex Avenue New York in 1873-75; and he was still an auditor in New York in 1888. In 1891, “Cynthia, Maria F. and William C. Anstey” released as trustees some land in Niagara to Franklin Spalding. We have unsourced reports that William W. Anstey died on 8 February 1895; his widow Cynthia Anstey certainly died in 1904 in Manhattan, New York City, a “widow“.

Robert Anstey (b 1833 Bath, England)

Robert Anstey (b 1833 in Bath, son of William Jekyll Anstey and Balbina Isabella Franchi) was a clerk in the “PLO Steam” in Kensington in 1851, living with his family. He married Ellen Eaton in 1861 in St Martin in the Fields, London and they had children:

  • Nelly (Ellen) Anstey (b 1863 Bayswater);
  • Charles Anstey (b 1864 Islington, died before 1873?);
  • Richard B. Anstey (b 1866 Holloway, married Mary E. Woods (Novds?) in c1890 and had children Harry Lee Anstey (b 1891, married Catherine, he was a Treasurer at a Brokers Office and he died in 1936 in Brooklyn, buried at St Johns Cemetery, Queens) and Thomas W. Anstey (b 1894, died 1937 buried at the Evergreens Cemetery in Brooklyn) in Brooklyn, New York City. Richard B. Anstey was naturalised as an American citizen in 1887, the family were living in Brooklyn Ward 21, Kings in the 1910 Census; Richard was a shipping clerk. Richard died in 1923 in Manhattan, having lived most of his life in Brooklyn. He was buried at the Evergreens Cemetery in Brooklyn);
  • Frank Christopher Anstey (b 1867, married May Viola Dixon in 1899 in Manhatten and had a child Elmer Anstey (b 1903));
  • Fanny Anstey (b 1869 Bayswater);
  • Rosalie Blanche Anstey (b 1871 Dalston, possibly married Mr Gollinhofer and lived in Baldwin, Long Island in 1918); and
  • Robert Lee Anstey (b 1877 Brooklyn, New York City. On Robert‘s World War One Draft Registration Card dated 12 September 1918, he noted that he was living at 114 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn, Kings; that he was “native born“; that he was a shipping agent in business for himself at the firm “Wienhold & Anstey“. He appeared to be single in 1918; at some point after that Robert married Adjura. He died in 1937 in Miami Dade, Florida, the ‘Miami News‘ reporting on 4 March 1938 “ANSTEY ESTATE RECORDED An estate consisting of $53,185 in stocks and bonds and a residence valued at $8,950 was left by Robert Lee Anstey, who died here May 1937…“. Robert Lee Anstey was buried in Brooklyn, New York City in May 1937).

In the 1871 Census, Robert Anstey was a “Chemical Commission Agent“, the family were living at Wilton Terrace, Poplar, London. The family emigrated to America in 1873 and by the 1875 Census they were living in Brooklyn, Kings, New York City where Robert Anstey was a “bookkeeper in mital store” (bizarrely he gave his country of birth as ‘West Indies’).

In the 1892 New York Census, Ellen Anstey (mother) was living in Kings, Brooklyn with her children Rosalie Anstey and Robert Lee Anstey.

Ellen Anstey (mother) died in 1910, buried at Evergreens Cemetery, Brooklyn.

Herbert Anstey (b 1840 Plymouth, England)

Herbert N. Anstey (b 1840 in Plymouth, baptised in East Stonehouse, Devon, son of William Jekyll Anstey and Balbina Isabella Franchi), emigrated to America in 1859 and soon after married Louisa Lawrason Lee in 1860 (probably in Canada). They had children:

  • Harry Lee Anstey (b c1865, Toledo, Ohio, he was “Real Estate” in New York in 1888 at 150 Broadway. Harry married Phoebe Etta Helms in 1887 in Manhattan. Harry remarried Agnes Holm in 1917 in Manhattan);
  • Edythe Annie Isabella Anstey (b 1874, New York); and
  • Percival Neville Anstey (b 1877 New York, married Linnie (Leonore) H. Whymped?. In 1910 they were living in Camden, Wicomio, Maryland with two daughters surnamed “Whymped” (stepdaughters), as well as Percival’s parents. They also had a child Herbert P. Anstey (b 1911 Michigan). By 1920, Percival was a salesman living in Kings, Brooklyn. He was divorced by the 1930 Census, living in Kings, Brooklyn with his mother Louisa Anstey; he was a statistician at a stocker grain company – he was still there in 1940),

In 1871, Herbert Anstey was back in England, a “grain merchant in America” but temporarily residing with his mother in Kensington. Herbert Anstey appears frequently in various New York City directories, for example in c1863 “Herbert N. Anstey” was a “clerk h 123 Henry” and in c1875 “Anstey Herbert, broker, 341 Broadway, NY h 21 Clermont Ave

In the 1880 Census the family were living at Kempstead, Queens; Herbert was a “clerk“. In the 1910 Census, Herbert and his wife were living with their son Percival Anstey in Camden, Wicomio, Maryland; they were “living off their own income“. By 1911 Herbert Anstey was once again residing in Brooklyn.

Herbert Anstey died in 1926 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York City; he was cremated and his remains interred in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn. His widow Louisa Lee Anstey died in 1938 in Brooklyn; she was cremated at Fresh Pond Crematory and Columbarium, Middle Village, Queens County

Further Details on the New York City, NY Ansteys

#1. Paul Anstie and his family, who lived in New York City from around 1890 onwards, are of the London, Ontario Anstie sub-branch.

We are actively on the lookout for New York City, NY Anstey experts alive today who are willing to add their findings and knowledge to this project. We are particularly interested in research regarding New York City, NY Ansteys who fought in World War One, preferably with personal souvenirs such as letters sent by the soldiers or military photos etc. 

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