The Gippsland, Victoria Ansteys

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Overview of the Gippsland Ansteys

The Gippsland, Victoria Ansteys of Australia are a sub-branch of the Milverton Ansteys of Somerset, themselves a sub-branch of the Dulverton Ansteys. The patriarch of the Gippsland, Victoria Ansteys is George Anstey, youngest son of Arthur Anstey and Fanny Agnes Corser.

George Anstey (b 1848)

George Anstey was born in 1848 in Sixpenny Handley, Wimborne, Dorset, where he can also be found in the 1851 Census. George Anstey married Harriet Christina King (b 1856 New South Wales) in December 1873 in Gippsland, Australia, the ‘Gippsland Times‘ reporting “Marriage: Anstey-King. On the 27th inst at St Marks Church Rosedale. Gippsland, by the Rev G. W. Kelly, youngest son of the late Rev Arthur Anstey of Handley Dorset England to Harriet Christina, eldest daughter of William Essington King Esq, J. P.. of The Ridge, Gippsland“.

George Anstey and Harriet had the following children in Moe, Gippsland (note: the ‘Essington‘ name given to all children comes from Harriet‘s ancestors, not the Anstey side):

  • A daughter (b October 1874 Gippsland, died before 1937);
  • Reginald Arthur Essington Anstey (b 1876, died 1909 in Victoria)
  • Hugh George Essington Anstey (b 1878 Gippsland, an Anstey Hero, he died 1953 in Victoria, buried at Kyabram Cemetery)
  • Muriel Fanny Essington Anstey (b 1880 in Walbundrie, Albury, Riverina, NSW, an Anstey Hero, she died in Armadale, Victoria in 1953);
  • Kathleen Rose Essington Anstey (b 14 March 1882, living with family in c1910. She never married and died on 10 August 1964 in Kyabram, buried at Kyabram Cemetery)
  • Eleanor Harriet Essington Anstey (b 1885, living with family in c1910. She never married and died on 18 April 1972 buried at Kyabram Cemetery);
  • Sarah May Essington Anstey (b 1888, living with family in c1910. She never married and died on 5 July 1966 buried at Kyabram Cemetery)
  • John Edwin Essington Anstey (b 1889 Greensborough, Victoria, died an infant, buried in Saint Helena (Saint Katherine Anglican) Churchyard, St Helena, Victoria)
  • Marjory Helen Essington Anstey (b 1891, living with family in c1910. She never married and died on 21 May 1970 buried at Kyabram Cemetery)
  • Lillian Agnes Essington Anstey (married Francis Allan Officer in 1908 in Victoria, she had been residing in Balmoral, Australia)
  • Alexander Gidley Essington Anstey (b 1893 Heidelburg, Bourke, Gippsland, known as ‘Alex’, an Anstey Hero died 1962 Victoria)
  • Clement Zouche Essington Anstey (b 1899 Sale, Gippsland, an Anstey Hero, married Lori Vinge Trevena in 1939 in Manar, Kyabram, Victoria. Clement died in 1967.)

In c1910 the family lived at ‘The Ranch’ about 7km from central Moe in Gippsland, where there is now ‘Anstey Road’ named after them (next to ‘Ranch Road’), as well as residing at Walbundrie, Albury, Riverina, NSW. In 1923 the family relocated to Manar, Kyabram, Victoria. George Anstey died in July 1926 at Manar Kyabram, ‘The Argus‘ newspaper reporting “Death: Anstey on the 26 July 1926 at Manar Kyabram, George, beloved husband of Harriet C. Anstey, and second son of the late Rev Arthur Anstey, Handley Dorset, England“. He is buried at Kyabram Cemetery.

Harriet Anstey (widow) died in early 1937 in Kyabram, also buried in Kyabram Cemetery. Her obituary in the ‘Shepparton Advertiser‘ states “OBITUARY: Mrs Harriet C. Anstey. Following a short illness, Mrs Harriet C Anstey of Manar, Kyabram, passed away at her home aged 81 years. Mrs Anstey had virtually been an invalid for nearly three years, the result of a broken thigh sustained in a fall at Manar. A native of New South Wales, Mrs Anstey was a great granddaughter of the late Hon. P. P. King, a former governor of New South Wales. She married the late Mr George Anstey 63 years ago and is survived by a family of six at Manar – Hugh, Alex, Clem Z, Elenor, Sarah and Marjory. Deceased had spent 69 years of her life in Victoria, principally in Gippsland and the Riverina, and came to Kyabram with her family 14 years ago

Further Details on the Gippsland Ansteys

#1. Daron Anstey who was born in Gippsland in 1891 is not of this sub-branch; he is of the Witheridge Anstey sub-branch of the Chulmleigh Ansteys.

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