The Kilmore, Victoria Anstees

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

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Overview of the Kilmore, Victoria Anstees (Code ‘KL’)

The Kilmore, Victoria Anstees of Australia are a sub-branch of the Thornborough Anstees, headed by George Anstee (KL 1) who emigrated there in c1850.

Further Details on the Kilmore Anstees

#1. The family of William Richards Anstey who lived in Kilmore in the early 1900s is NOT part of the Kilmore Anstee sub-branch. They are part of the St Kilda, Victoria Anstey sub-branch.

#2. In 1888 “Kilmore: Line of 54 bullock son account of Mr W. Anstee, brought L4 19s 6d” and “LONGWOOD STOCK SALE. Wednesday, 31st October, 1 O’Clock Sharp. 400 CATTLE 400 HORSES, SHEEP, etc., Also— On account of Mr W. Anstee, who has disposed of his property, the whole of his cattle, horses, etc. Full particulars next week.”. – this could either be William John Anstee (KL 3) or William Anstey of the St Kilda, Victoria Anstey sub-branch

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