The Majorca, Victoria Anstees

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Many thanks to Dorothy Rae Anstee for providing us with her detailed research into this sub-branch. Thanks also to her great-nephew Shane Anstee for his contribution. Many thanks also to Julia for her help in constructing this pedigree.

Overview of the Majorca, Victoria Anstees

The Majorca, Victoria Anstees of Australia are a sub-branch of the Swanbourne Ansteys of Buckinghamshire, headed by Edward Anstee (b 1819).

Edward Anstee (b 1819)

The Majorca, Victoria sub-branch began when Edward Anstee, an Australian Anstey pioneer, born in 1819 in Swanbourne to father John Anstee, married Caroline Rich on 26 August 1838 in Simpson, Buckinghamshire. They lived in Simpson, then Swanbourne, then on 16 March 1844 they emigrated to Australia aboard the ‘Dark Pale‘ ship, arriving in Port Phillip on 21 July 1844 (the ‘NSW Assisted Immigrant Passenger List‘ contained the names “ANSTIE, Edward aged 25, Buckinghamshire, Protestant, labourer ANSTIE, Caroline aged 23 ANSTIE, Mary Ann aged 5 ANSTIE, Rebecca aged 3.“)

Edward Anstee and Caroline had children:

  • Sarah [Mary?] Ann Anstee (b 12 March 1839 Simpson, married George Richard Marks in 1858 – no children. She died in 1870);
  • Rebecca Anstee (b April 1841 Simpson, baptised in 1842 in Swanbourne, married Luke Bell in 1858 and lived at Brunswick and then Ballarat. She died in 1866);
  • Anne Anstee (b 1843 Swanbourne, died on 8 May 1844 onboard the ‘Dark Pale‘ of “pemphigus“, a nasty skin complaint which lead to fatal blood poisoning);
  • Edward Anstee (b 1845, Ashbourne, Geelong, Victoria – see below);
  • John Anstee (b 1847 Ashbourne, Geelong, Victoria – see below);
  • Alfred Charles Anstee (b 1848 Geelong, Victoria – see below);
  • Frances Caroline Anstee (b 1850 Geelong, Victoria, known as Caroline, married Stephen Tranter in 1868. On 14 August 1860 the ‘Geelong Advertiser‘ reported “William Whitmore, brewer, Little Lonsdale street, was charged before the City Police Bench with an indecent assault alleged to have been committed upon the person of Caroline Anstee, the daughter of Edward Anstee, of Fyansford, Geelong. The prisoner and Anstee were formerly partners, used to occupy the same house, and were on very intimate terms. The child of Anstee, eleven years old, was staying at Whitmore’s, on a visit for a few days, when the assault was stated to have been committed in the malt kiln on the prisoner’s premises. There was no doubt that the prisoner had taken indecent liberties with the girl, but the medical testimony was so conflicting that the bench dismissal the case“);
  • George Anstee (b 1851 Fyan’s Creek, Majorca, Victoria – see below);
  • Ellen Anstee (b 1856, signed an 1891 Women’s Suffrage Petition in Ballaret as Ellen Nicholas of Main Road Majorca “Ellen NICHOLAS (ANSTEE) b ~1858 Geelong, m 1872 Michael NICHOLAS bp Cornwall. Chn: Elizabeth (1876-1881) Maryborough-Craigie, Mary Ellen b 1878 Timor, George Richard R b 1884 Majorca, William b 1886 Majorca, Frances Caroline b 1888 Majorca, Hubert Ernest b 1891 Majorca. Ellen NICHOLAS d 1933 aged 75 Toorak d/o Edward ANSTEE and Caroline (RICH)“. Ellen’s two eldest sons were Alfred Michael Nicolas (1881-1937) and George Richard Rich Nicholas (1884-1960), they founded ‘Nicholas Pty Ltd’, the maker of ‘Aspro’ headache tablets – their biographies can be found in the Australian Dictionary of Biography)
  • Richard William Anstee (b 1858 Fyan’s Creek, Majorca, Victoria died an infant);
  • Sarah Jane Anstee (b 1859 Fyan’s Creek, Majorca, Victoria, died an infant)

On their arrival in Australia they first settling in Ashby, Geelong, then later Fyansford where Edward was a storekeeper. In 1852 the ‘Geelong Advertiser and Intelligence‘ reported that a partnership between Edward Anstee and William Whitmore, “farmers carrying on business in the parish of Gheringhap, county of Grant“, was dissolved.

Caroline (Rich) Anstee died in December 1859 of “haemorrhage after a pregnancy” and was buried in Geelong Western Public Cemetery (Newtown Cemetery) on 22 January 1860 – her youngest son Richard William Anstee is also buried there. At this time Edward Anstee was a storekeeper in Fyansford. In 1869, the ‘Ballarat Star‘ newspaper reported that “three men, named James Ritson, Edward Anstee and [presumably his son] John Anstee of Haddon, were brought before Captain Pasco… on the charge of having stolen a house, the property of Philip Puryer. The prisoners were remanded, but admitted to bail, each in a personal security of twenty pounds.

By 1875 Edward Anstee was a miner, paying rates on a skillion in Chinaman’s Flat, West Maryborough. Edward Anstee died on 15 May 1886 in Majorca, Victoria, buried at the Majorca Cemetery on 18 May 1886.

Edward Anstee (b 1845)

Edward Anstee was born on 8 May 1845 in Ashbourne, Geelong, Victoria to parents Edward Anstee and Caroline Rich. He married Elizabeth Ann White on 1 March 1873 in Ballarat. They had a large family at Timor and Majorca, namely:

  • Edward John Charles Anstee (b 1874 Sago Hill, Victoria, married Lillian Burton Wallis in 1895. ‘The Age (Melbourne)‘ newspaper reported “MARRIAGE. ANSTEE— WALLIS. On the 13th February, at the residence of the bride’s mother, Holmwood House, Cardigan- street, Carlton, by the Rev. S. Howard, Edward John Charles Anstee, eldest son of Edward Anstee, of Brighton, to Lilian Burton, only daughter of the late Frank Burton Wallis, of Ballarat“. They had children Gladys Rosina Anstee (b 1896, alive in c1910); Alma Sophie Lilian Anstee (b 1901 died an infant); and​​ Alexander Horace Anstee (b 1903, living with family in c1910. He married Eva Gladys May Fox in 1927 in Victoria and they lived in Cheltenham, Bayside City. They were both buried at Cheltenham Memorial Cemetery). The family were living in Victoria in c1910);
  • Alfred George Rich [Kirk?] Anstee (b 1875 Timor, Victoria, known as Alf, married Annie Eliza Hyatt (1876-1946) in c1895 and they had children Bertram Edward Anstee (b 1897 Rutherglen – an Anstey Hero) and Harold James Anstee (b 1899 Rutherglen – an Anstey Hero). The family were in Victoria in c1910. The family lived in Caulfield and Alfred George Anstee died in Cheltenham in 1967, buried at the Springvale Botanical Cemetery inscription “Alfred G. Anstee 24 August 1967 age 92“);
  • Martha Elizabeth Anstee (b 1877 Marysborough, Victoria, she was unmarried and alive in 1919);
  • Henry Phillip Anstee (b 1879 Timor, Victoria, known as Harry, married Clara Turner Alexander (b 1882) in 1907 in Victoria, having a son Leith Basil Colin Anstee (b 1912 Sandringham, Victoria). The family were living in Victoria in c1912. Henry died on 28 June 1950, living at Cheltenham, Bayside City, Victoria. He was buried in Cheltenham Memorial Cemetery);
  • Walter James Anstee (b 1881 Majorca, Victoria, he was alive in 1919);
  • Violet Mern Anstee (b 1884 Majorca, Victoria, known as Mern – she married H. Young in 1906 and she was alive in 1919);
  • William Richard Anstee (b 1886 Majorca, Victoria, died young, certainly before 1919); and
  • Emily Maud Anstee (b 1893 Richmond, Victoria, living with family in c1910. She married Edward Frederick Westrup in 1919 in Hampton, Victoria – ‘The Age (Melbourne, Vic)‘ on May 24, 1919 reported “MARRIAGES – WESTRUP-ANSTEE – On the 23rd April, at the Hampton Congregational Church, by the Rev. S. Bryant, Edward Frederick, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Westrup, of Mystic Park, to Emily Maud, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Anstee, Bay Street, Brighton“)

Edward Anstee appeared at the Marysborough Petty Sessions in Victoria in 1876 in a case which was “settled“. He appeared at the Wahgunyah, Victoria Petty Sessions in 1895 on a drunk and disorderly charge where he was “discharged with a caution“. The family were living in Victoria in c1910.

Edward Anstee died in Brighton, Victoria in 1919 living at Bay Street. ‘The Argus (Melbourne)‘ reported on 29 December 1919 “ANSTEE.- On the 27th December, 1919, at his daughter’s residence, 225 Bay street, Brighton, Edward Anstee, beloved husband of Elizabeth Ann Anstee, and loving father of Edward, Alfred, Martha, Harry, Walter, Mern. (Mrs. H. Young), Emily (Mrs. E. Westrup), aged 74 years. Peacefully sleeping in Jesus.

The ‘Weekly Times (Melbourne)‘ on 3 January 1920 wrote the following obituary: “Mr Edward Anstee, who died at Bay Street, Brighton, on December 27, at the age of 74, was a native of Geelong. As a young man he took part in the Ballarat gold rush, and afterwards engaged in farming. He went to Brighton 27 years ago, and had lived there ever since. He leaves four sons and three daughters.

John Anstee (b 1847)

John [Morgan?] Anstee was born on 24 March 1847 in Ashbourne, Geelong, Victoria to parents Edward Anstee and Caroline Rich, baptised in Ashby on 25 April 1847. He moved to Maryborough and became a miner of Chinaman’s Flat. He married Mary Matilda Milburn (b 1853) at Christ Church, Maryborough on 13 October 1874 and had numerous children at Timor, Majorca being:

  • John Charles Morgan Anstee (b 1875, married Mary Ravely Lonsdale in Coolgardie, Western Australia on 10 September 1900, and had sons Anthony Charles Anstee (b 1901 Coolgardie); Leonard John Anstee (b 1903 Coolgardie); David Anstee (b 1906); and Francis Anstee. In c1911 the family were very likely living in Coolgardie);
  • Robert Edward Anstee (b 20 July 1877, he was a miner who married Mary Susan Annie Roberts in Bendigo on 5 April 1899. They had children Percy Robert Anstee (b 1900, married Elsie Maud Kerr in 1924, died on 21 June 1948 in Melbourne on Spencer Street Railway Station platform, having gone to Melbourne to finalise the sale of his ‘Tomato Sauce’ factory to Dunlop Tyres); Dorothy Anstee (b 1904); Roy Anstee (b 1907); Jack Milburn Anstee (b 1909 Golden Square); Leonard Anstee (b 1911 died an infant); Norman Anstee (b 1913); and Betty Anstee (b 1919). The ‘Bendigo Advertiser‘ reported on 29 September 1899 “Mining Accident.—About 9 o’clock on Wednesday night a young man named Robert Anstee met with a painful accident in the Shenandoah mine. In company with his mate, named Watson, he was working down some quartz in the stopes when a piece of stone fell from above and struck him on the back, knocking him down in an unconscious condition. He was brought to the surface as quickly as possible. Dr. James, who was sent for, found that the man had received a severe gash on the back, which necessitated the insertion of several stitches, and an injury to his leg. He was removed to his residence at the corner of High and Maple streets, and it will be a week or two before he will be able to resume work“. In c1911 the family were living in Bendigo and in 1929 they were living at 592 High Street Bendigo, then in 1932 they moved to 98 Queen Street. Robert became an Overseer for Bendigo City Council and he died on 19 September 1958 in Bendigo, still living at Queen Street);
  • Leonard George Anstee (b 28 August 1879 Timor, married Violet Sarah Elizabeth Johnson on 7 April 1903 while stationed at Warragul and they had four children Mary Elizabeth Anstee (b 1904 Warragul); William Howard Anstee (b 1905 Bendigo); Leonard Jack Anstee (b 1907 Orbost); and Violet Olive Anstee (b 1909 Orbost). The family were likely living in Orbost in c1911. He served in the Victorian Police Force from 18 September 1900 to 28 August 1939, becoming Superintendent on 20 July 1936. He died on 24 January 1955 in Lilydale, Victoria);
  • Francis Albert Anstee (b 1881, died 13 March 1900 of Typhoid Fever, buried with his parents at Bendigo Cemetery);
  • Frederick Arthur Anstee (b 1883);
  • Mary Matilda Anstee (b 1885);
  • David Rich Anstee (b 1887 in Majorca, an Anstey Hero);
  • William Alfred Anstee (b 1889 Sandhurst, living in Brighton, Victoria in the 1920s. In 1932 “In the Court of Bankruptcy, District of Victoria (No. 264 of 1932).—Re bankrupt estate of William Alfred Anstee, Orange-grove, Camberwell, and formerly residing at 65 Mitchell-street, Bentleigh, formerly a builder, now a grocer’s assistant. Date of petition—2nd December, 1932. Date of sequestration order—2nd December, 1932. Date and place of first meeting of creditors—lGtli December, 1932, at half-past Ten a.m., at Official Receiver’s Office, Melbourne. Note.—All debts due to the estate should be paid to me. W. H. L. LOUGHREY, Official Receiver. Law Courts, Melbourne, 2nd December, 1932.” – he died February 1960 in Victoria “WILLIAM ALFRED- ANSTEE formerly of 14 Panoramic Road Balwyn. Estate Agent, but late of 228 Belmore Road, Balwyn. Retired, deceased: “);
  • Joseph Norman Nicholas Anstee (b 1894 Strathfieldsaye, living in Bendigo in c1911. He married Irene and had thee children. He died in 1967 in Perth, Western Australia);
  • Sarah Anstee (b 1896?); and
  • Thomas Anstee (b 10 June 1896 Bendigo, died an infant)

John Anstee appeared at the Maryborough Petty Sessions as both complainant (1875) and defendant (1881). They moved to Axe Creek near Bendigo in the late 1880s and bought a farm there (Benwell Farm) in 1892. Whilst living at Axe Creek the family attended St Stephen’s Church at Emu Creek where John Anstee was one of the first auditors of the Church.

John Anstee died on 26 November 1897 of “malignant ulceration of the abdomen (cancer)” in Bendigo, a cancer which started when the handle of a horse drawn plough hit a stump in the ground and swung round hitting him in the stomach. He was buried at Bendigo Cemetery on 27 November 1897. He was living at 93 Maple Street, Golden Square, Bendigo at the time of his death. His widow Mary died on 23 August 1941 living at 17 Oswald Street, Gardenville, Melbourne after living at Golden Square for more than 50 years.

Alfred Charles Anstee (b 1848)

Alfred Charles Anstee was born in 1848 in Geelong, Victoria to parents Edward Anstee and Caroline Rich. He married Ellen Mathews in Victoria in 1879, had eleven children in Majorca, being:

  • Caroline Wilmot Anstee (b 1880 Timor, known as Wilmot, married William Troon in 1902 in Victoria – she died in 1923);
  • Mabel Anstee (b 1881, married Mr Liddlard, alive in 1934);
  • Ella Anstee (b 1882, never married and died before 1934);
  • Maud Anstee (b 1884, married Mr Tamblyn, alive in 1934);
  • Mary Ellen Anstee (b 1886, died an infant);
  • Albert Victor Anstee (b 1887, married Evelyn Allen in c1910 and they had a child William Allen Anstee (b 1912));
  • Alice Victoria Anstee (b 1889, married Edwin Finlay Elliott in c1911 – alive in 1934);
  • Alfred Charles Anstee (b 1890, alive in 1934);
  • Arthur William Anstee (b 1893, died 1894);
  • Rita Hazel Anstee (b 1894, married Mr Binks, alive in 1934); and
  • Joyce Anstee (b 1897, married Mr Lee, alive in 1934)

Alfred Charles Anstee died in March 1902 in Elsternwick, Victoria, buried at Brighton General Cemetery, Melbourne. ‘The Age (Melbourne)‘ reported on 29 March 1902 “ANSTEE.— On the 27th March, at Asling Street, Elsternwick, Alfred Charles, the beloved husband of Ellen Anstee, aged 48 years, late of Majorca. Asleep in Jesus.

The family were living in Brighton in c1911. Alfred‘s widow Ellen died in 1934 – ‘The Herald (Melbourne)‘ reporting on 13 September 1934 “ANSTEE.— Passed peacefully away on the 13th September, after a brief illness, at 87 Halifax Street, Brighton, Ellen, beloved wife of the late Alfred Charles Anstee (late of Majorca), loved mother of Wilmot (Mrs Troon (deceased), Mable (Mrs Liddlard), Ella (deceased), Maud (Mrs Tamblyn), Albert, Alice (Mrs Elliott), Alfred, Rita (Mrs Binks), Joyce (Mrs Lee), aged 77 years. A Wonderful Mother.

George Anstee (b 1851)

George Anstee was born in Fyan’s Creek, Majorca in 1851 to parents Edward Anstee and Caroline Rich. He married Frances Catherine Hynson on 22 April 1872 and lived in Timor, Majorca, having numerous children being:

  • Edward Alfred Anstee (b 1873 – an Anstey Hero);
  • Annie Anstee (b 1875, died an infant)
  • George Anstee (b 1876, died in 1930);
  • Herbert James Anstee (b 1878, married May Eleanor Margaret McClellan having at least one child Herbert James Anstee (b 1909). In the 1913 Electoral Register they were living at Bectric, Murrumbidgee, New South Wales. Herbert (father) died in 1962)
  • Lucy Ethel Anstee (b 1881 – died in 1969);
  • John Francis Anstee (b 1883, died an infant in 1884);
  • Frances Catherine Anstee (b 1885, died 1887);
  • Ernest Hynson Anstee (b 1887 – an Anstey Hero);
  • Alda Ellen Anstee (b 1889, died 1977);
  • Morris [Maurice] Owen Harold Anstee (b 1892 Ballarat East, known as Owen. He married Violet Amelia Stainer in Victoria in 1932. Owen died in 1939 after being shot by the police. The ‘Cootamundra Herald‘ reported on 7 June 1939 “MELBOURNE. Wednesday. A married man, Owen Harold Anstee, 44, on parole from a mental hospital, was shot dead by a policeman to day at Whattlesea township, 26 miles from the city. He was disturbed while attempting to break into a house soon after 2 a.m. Harold Beney, who, with his wife, keeps a store in the township, was aroused by someone interfering with the bedroom window. Then he saw a man, with something white wrapped round his head, opening the window stealthily. He called out, whereupon the intruder made off. The police were informed ,and Constable Brough was soon on the scene. He espied Anstee, and called upon him to surrender; but Anstee, instead of surrendering, ordered Brough to ‘Stand back, or I’ll shoot !’ and rushed at him. In attempting to scare the man, Brough fired into the air, but the bullet struck the man under the right arm, and he collapsed on the roadway, expiring almost instantly.“);
  • Arthur Joseph Anstee (b 1893 – an Anstey Hero);
  • Ralph Norman Anstee (b 1895 – an Anstey Hero); and
  • Aphry May Anstee (b 1899 Corowa – died 1959)

George Anstee (father) appeared frequently in the Maryborough Petty Sessions in the 1870s. George Anstee was the foreman of a shift at the Kong Meng Company goldmine in 1886 in Majorca when a fatal accident occurred – he appeared at the inquest (see ‘Avoca Mail‘ 14 September 1886 edition).

The family later lived at 145 Eastern Road, South Melbourne, Victoria – probably living there in c1911. George Anstee died in 1928 in Malvern East, Victoria – his widow Frances died in 1931.

Further Details on the Majorca, Victoria Anstees

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