The Newtown, NSW Ansteys

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Overview of the Newtown Ansteys

The Newtown Ansteys of New South Wales, Australia are a sub-branch of the St Gluvias Ansteys, an ‘Anstey evolved from Anstis‘ sub-branch. Hence they are originally part of the ‘Anstis’ family pedigree, and thus do not connect to the wider Anstey pedigree descendent from Hubert de Anstey. The patriarch of the Newtown Ansteys is John Sutton Anstey (b 1829 St Gluvias), who is the brother of James Anstey (b 1831 St Gluvias, patriarch of the Wollongong, NSW Ansteys).

John Sutton Anstey (b 1829 St Gluvias)

John Sutton Anstey was born in 1829 in St Gluvias, Cornwall to parents John Anstey and Ann Webb (information confirmed in his 1906 ‘Death Index’); his name is sometimes mistranscribed as ‘John Sydney Anstey‘. He emigrated to Australia and married Mary Ann Webb (b 1835, possibly related to his mother) in Victoria in 1855.

[Note: John Sutton Anstey did NOT marry Mary Kendall in St Gluvias in 1851 as that ‘John Anstey‘ was aged 45 and a widower].

John Sutton Anstey and Mary Ann Webb travelled extensively in Australia, judging by the birth locations of their children, which were:

  • Richard Henry Anstey (b 1857 Dunnolly, Victoria to parents “John Sydney Anstey and Mary Ann Webb“, married Clara Adria Eliza Mills in 1882 in Sydney. They had daughters Florence May Anstey (b 1885 Newtown to “William and Clara“, unclear where she was in c1911 – living with her mother and sisters at 25 Alma Street, Ashfield in 1935. She died on 13 December 1942 a spinster – administration to her sister Annie Linda Anstey); Hilda A. Anstey (b 1887 Newtown, likely living in Ashfield in c1911 – she married William Laing there in 1913); Annie Linda Anstey (b 1889 Newtown, known as Linda, became a teacher and in the 1913 Electoral Register she was teaching at Nuntherungie, Willyama, New South Wales. By 1935 she was living with her sisters at 25 Alma Street, Ashfield, still an unmarried teacher. In 1945 “No. 35,758. Annie Linda Anstey and Stella Anstey, 12 per., lot 38, sec. 1, Education Park Est, including premises No. 79 Park-a\e.. Ashfield. No 35,759. Annie Linda Anstey and Stella Anstey, 12 per., lot 3(3, sec. 1, Education Park Est., including premises No. 83 Park-av., Ashfield.“) and Stella Anstey (b 1890 Ashfield, living with her mother in the 1913 Electoral Rolls and with her sisters at 25 Alma Street, Ashfield in 1935, an unmarried saleswoman – still alive in 1945). Richard died in 1890 in Newtown, buried at Rookwood Cemetery, “Independent Denomination Old Ground & Old Ground Extension ROW 7 Plot number 2929,2931“. There were many funeral notices in the ‘Daily Telegraph Sydney‘ on 8 July 1890 for example “The friends of Mr. JOHN ANSTEY are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late beloved son Richard ; to move from his late residence, Australia St, Newtown, THIS (TUESDAY) AFTERNOON, at 2 o’clock, for the Necropolis, Rookwood” and “The Friends of John and Charles Anstey are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of their late beloved brother Richard” and “The friends of John Woods are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of his late brother in law Richard Anstey“. Clara and her daughter Stella were both living at Penshurst Park, Canterbury, New South Wales in the 1913 Electoral Rolls. Clara was a grocer living with her daughters at 25 Alma Street, Ashfield in 1935);
  • John James Anstey (b 1859 Amherst, Victoria – see below);
  • Mary Ann Anstey (b 1861 Redbank, Victoria to “John Anstey and Mary Ann Webb“, married John T. Wood in 1889 in Newtown, NSW);
  • Charles George Anstey (b 1867 Mudgee, NSW – see below);
  • Charlotte Jane Anstey (b 1870 Mudgee, NSW to parents “John Anstey and Mary Ann“, married Henry Dunlop in 1908 in St Peters, Newtown, NSW. She died in 1943 in Newtown)

By the 1891 Census John Anstey was living at 21 Australia Street, Newtown, “2 males and four females“. In 1892 “John Anstey of Newtown” sued M. Cropley, undertaker of Ultomo, for slander in a widely reported case. By 1897 John Anstey was living at Bedford Street, Newtown, when he was burgled. John Anstey died in 1906 “aged 77“, he was buried at Rookwood Cemetery “Independent Denomination, Old Ground & Old Ground Extension ROW 7 Plot number 2929,2931“.

The ‘Sydney Morning Herald‘ 12 September 1906 had funeral notices “ANSTEY.—The Friends of the late Mr. JOHN ANSTEY are kindly invited to attend his Funeral; to move from his late residence, Sydenham and Park roads, Marrickville, THIS (Wednesday) AFTERNOON, at 1.45, for Rookwood Cemetery, via Petersham station. F. W. HARTLEY, Undertaker, 208 King-st, Newtown. ANSTEY.—The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. JOHN ANSTEY, Jun., are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their late beloved FATHER, John; to move from his late residence, Sydenham and Park roads, Marrickville, THIS (Wednesday) AFTERNOON, at 1.45, for Rookwood Cemetery. F. W. HARTLEY. ANSTEY.—The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. C. G. ANSTEY are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their late beloved FATHER, John Anstey; to move from his late residence, Sydenham and Park roads, Marrickville, THIS (Wednesday) AFTERNOON, at 1.45, for Rookwood Cemetery. F. W. HARTLEY. U’taker.

Mary Ann Anstey (widow) was living at Wilson Avenue, Belmore, Bankstown, Canterbury in the 1913 Electoral Rolls. She died in 1917 buried at Rookwood Cemetery in the same grave as her husband – the ‘Daily Telegraph‘ on 16 November 1917 reporting “ANSTEY. — November 15th, at her daughter’s residence, Avondale, The Avenue, Ashfield, Mary Ann Anstey, widow of late John Anstey, aged 82 years.”

As well as being very closely connected to the Wollongong, NSW Ansteys, this sub-branch is also connected somehow to the Ballarat, Victoria Anstey sub-branch. We know this because firstly by 1891 Mary Ann (Webb) Anstey (mother) was at Talbot and signed the 1891 Ballarat petition, according to the Ballarat and District Genealogy Society where it states “711/9 ANSTEY, Mrs [Talbot] Mary Ann ANSTEY (WEBB) m John Sydney ANSTEY. Two chn: Richard Henry b 1857 Dunolly, John James b 1859 Amherst“.

Secondly, John James Anstey (b 1859) had a son Eric Valentine Anstey (note the ‘Valentine‘ connection per Ballarat Anstey Further Details #2).

John James Anstey (b 1859 Amherst, Victoria)

John James Anstey (b 1859 Amherst, Victoria to parents “John Sydney Anstey and Mary Ann Webb“, known as ‘Jack‘ and John Anstey (Jun)) married Clara M. Cobb in 1893 in Newtown, NSW, having children:

  • Eric Valentine Anstey (b 1894 Petersham, Newtown an Anstey Hero) ;
  • Vera D. P. Anstey (b 1895 Newtown, NSW, died an infant);
  • Dorothy E. Anstey (b 1897 Newtown, NSW, died before 1930?);
  • Lionel Aubrey Anstey (b 1898 Newtown, NSW, known as Aubrey, married Olive B. J. Fortescue in Newtown in 1922. He was an electric mechanic living in St Clare, Undercliffe Road in 1935. Lionel Aubrey Anstey died in 1957 in Woronora Memorial Park Sutherland, NSW ‘Crematorium Section BB, Granite Garden Niches, #054‘. His gravestone reads “Beloved husband of Olive, devoted father“).

John James Anstey (Jack) was a carpenter in his earlier life. In the 1913 Electoral Rolls the family were living at Camperdown.

In 1926 in the ‘Blue Mountain Echo‘ newspaper on 2 July 1926 there is an interview with him which starts “FIVE-MINUTE INTERVIEWS Nbr 66 MR, ‘JACK’ ANSTEY It is doubtful that his parents christened him ‘Jack’; but his school mates did, and he has borne the diminutive since. It would be in tho nature of sacrilege to style him ‘John,’ and a blatant insult to go the whole hog of ‘John James‘. Thus it is that he is plain ‘Jack’ Anstey, and so will be to tho end of the chapter, He is a familiar figure at Katoomba School of Arts…

John James Anstey (Jack) died in Katoomba in 1930. The ‘Sydney Morning Herald‘ on 24 February 1930 reported “DEATHS ANSTEY -February 22, 1930 at his residence, Rawhill, Myra Avenue, Katoomba, John James, beloved husband of Clara Anstey and father of Eric and Aubrey. aged 70 years. At rest.”

[Note there is another ‘John James Anstey‘ alive at the same time in New South Wales, they are first cousins and easy to confuse – see the Wollongong, NSW Ansteys]

Charles George Anstey (b 1867 Mudgee)

Charles George Anstey was born in 1867 in Mudgee, NSW to parents “John Anstey and Mary A“. He married Mary [Marie/May] Ann Moore in 1893 in Leichhardt, Newtown in a marriage reported in the ‘Daily Telegraph (Sydney)‘ on 12 April 1893 “Marriages. ANSTEY— MOORE.— March 30, 1893, at Congregational Church, Leichhardt, by the Rev. J. M. Bayley, Charles, youngest son of John Anstey, Newtown, to Marie, youngest daughter of the late John Moore, Leichhardt“.

Charles George Anstey and Mary Ann had children:

  • Rex Perce Anstey (b 1894 Leichhardt, an Anstey Hero); and
  • Doreen Anstey (b 1898 Barabba, attended Armidale School – living with family in 1913. She married Rev. Ralph Ogden in 1928, the ‘Daily Telegraph Sydney‘ on 10 November 1928 reporting “OGDEN — ANSTEY. — At St. Anne’s Church Ryde, on 6th October, by the Rev. C. Stubbin assisted by the Rev. J. Poole, Guildford. Doreen, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Anstey “Cadamar,” Guildford, to Ralph, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. J . Ogden. Gardyne St.. Bronte.“).

In 1913, the family were living at Mount Keira, Helensburgh, Wollongong – Charles George Anstey was a schoolteacher; they were still there in 1920 where he was a “[teacher] of the Public School Mt Kiera“. By 1928 when their son Rex Perce Anstey married, they were living in Guildford, Granville; Charles was still a teacher in 1935 in Guildford, however in 1932 appeared “RETIREMENTS. THE following retirements from the Public Service are hereby notified, the section of the Public Service Act, 1902, under which the retirements were effected and the last day of service being indicated within brackets:— .Department of Education – Mr. Charles George Anstey, Headmaster, Public School, Fairfield West [section 67 (1)—13th May, 1932].

They celebrated their Golden Wedding in 1943, the ‘Sydney Morning Herald‘ on 30 March 1943 reporting “GOLDEN WEDDINGS ANSTEY—MOORE.-March 30, 1893, at Sydney, Charles George Anstey to Mary (May)

Charles George Anstey died in 1951 in Kirribilli, NSW, a “retired schoolteacher” – the ‘Sydney Morning Herald‘ on 1 February 1951 reported “DEATHS: ANSTEY, Charles George.—January 31, 1951, at The Masonic Hospital, Ash- field, of the Rectory, 4 Parkes Street, Kirribilli, beloved husband of May Anstey, and loved father of Rex and Doreen, and dear father-in-law of Ralph Ogden, aged 83 years.

In his will he left everything to his wife Mary Ann Anstey; his daughter Doreen Ogden was executor with instruction to “make such provision for my son Rex Perce Anstey as and when she shall think right to do so“. His widow Mary Ann died a year later – the ‘Sydney Morning Herald‘ on 13 September 1952 reporting “Death: ANSTEY, Mary Anne.—September 12 1952 of St John s rectory Milsons Point widow of C G Anstey loved mother of Rex and Doreen loved mother in law of Ralph Ogden In her 86th year

Further Details on the Newtown Ansteys

#1. Both brothers  John Sutton Anstey (b 1829 St Gluvias) and James Anstey (b 1831 St Gluvias) named a son ‘John James Anstey’, a combination of their two names.

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