The Subiaco, Western Australia Ansteys

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Many thanks to Julia for her help in constructing this pedigree.

We are still endeavouring to connect the Subiaco Ansteys of Western Australia to the wider Anstey pedigree. The patriarch of the Subiaco, Western Australia Ansteys is Charles Anstey who was born in c1838/40, probably in England but possibly in Australia, to father William Anstey. We cannot currently ascertain which ‘Charles Anstey‘ this is, as there was more than one possible ‘Charles Anstey‘ born in this period to father William Anstey (see ‘Further Details‘ below for more information on the possible ‘Charles Anstey‘s we are investigating).

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Charles Anstey, “b 1840 son of William Anstey” married Sarah Walkington (b 1848 Clare, South Australia, “daughter of Joseph George Walkington“) in September 1866 at the Holy Trinity Church Melrose, Frome, South Australia. Charles Anstey and Sarah moved to Port Augusta, South Australia and had the following children:

  • Alfred [Charles] Anstey (b 1868 – see below);
  • William Henry Anstey (b 1871, married Margaret Eta Johnson, known as Maggie, in 1890);
  • Emma Eleanor Anstey (b 1873, married Ellis Ellis in Coolgardie in 1896, they had a son Alfred Anstey Ellis (b 1904 Coolgardie) who died in November 1924 in Crawley);
  • Edith Elizabeth Anstey (b 1875);
  • Margaret Jane Anstey (b 1877, married John Sweeney in Coolgardie in 1897);
  • May Ellen Anstey (b 1882 Quorn, a waitress when single, she married John Ernest Hansen Jorgensen in 1902 in Kamballie. However he died in a tragic mine accident in Coolgardie on 9 January 1906, so May Ellen remarried Robert Merson in 1910 and lived in Northwood Street, West Leederville. She died in 1975);
  • Another Daughter (b ??, married ‘Williams‘)

Charles Anstey was a ‘bootmaker’ by trade (confirmed in the ‘Goldfields District Marriage Index‘). He died in December 1886, aged 48 (ie born in 1838) in Quorn, Frome; his widow Sarah Anstey remarried Charles Mines in 1887, also in Quorn, Frome.

Alfred Charles Anstey married Sara Ann Ford (known as Annie) in Subiaco, Western Australia in 1903. They had children:

  • Laura Coral Anstey (b 1903, married Frederick William Bryan Tester in Wesley Church, Subiaco in 1925);
  • Myrtle A. Anstey (b 1905)
  • Muriel Anstey;
  • Ivor Alfred Anstey (b 1910 died 1976 living at Innaloo, buried at Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth);
  • Ruby Anstey;
  • Roy Anstey; and
  • Lawrence Henry Anstey (b 1918 Jolimont, Subiaco, married Ethel Joyce Glynn. Lawrence Henry Anstey died in 1982 in Morley, Western Australia, his widow Ethel Joyce Anstey died in 1988 – they are both buried in Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth and have numerous Anstey descendants alive today)

In the 15 June 1922 edition of the ‘Western Mail‘ newspaper we find: “MINES.—On June 11, 1922 (suddenly), at her daughter’s residence, 34 Northwood-street, West Leederville, Sarah Mines, mother of Alfred Anstey and Wm. Anstey and May Merson, mother-in-law of Annie Anstey and Maggie Anstey, and Robert Merson. A life well spent.” At this time Alfred Charles Anstey was living at Jersey Street, Jolimont, Subiaco – by 1923 he had moved to Lawler Street, Subiaco.

In the ‘Albany Advertiser‘ newspaper on 6 June 1932 we find: “Daglish Fatality – PERTH, June 6.-A mutilated body, identified later as that of Alfred Anstey (65), married, of Subiaco, was found alongside the railway line at Daglish at 6.30 a.m. Saturday, by the stationmaster. Deceased had been run over and killed by a train during the night apparently, and how he came to be on the line is unknown“.

In the 6 June 1932 edition of the ‘West Australian‘ newspaper we find “ANSTEY. — On Friday, June 3, at Subiaco, Alfred, dearly beloved husband of Annie Sarah, loving father of Laura, Myrtle, Muriel, Ivor, Ruby, Roy and Lawrence, loving grandpa of Braan, Kenneth, Gloria and Allen; aged 63 years. In the sweet by-and-bye, We shall meet on that beautiful shore.

In the 21 June 1932 edition of the ‘West Australian‘ newspaper we find “The Late Mr. A. Anstey. The funeral of the late Mr. Alfred Anstey took place on June 6 in the Wesleyan portion of the Karrakatta Cemetery. The high esteem in which Mr. Anstey was held was evidenced by the large gathering of relatives and friends at the grave side. The late Mr. Anstey was very widely known on the goldfields, especially the Southern Cross district, where he had been underground manager on the Jackalettie mine. He was also prospector of the Comet mine with Mr. Jack Richardson and Mr. Thomas Worth. About 13 years ago the deceased left the fields and came to Perth, and became a shareholder in the Boronia Flour Mills. He was still a share holder at the time of his death. The cortege moved from his late residence, 45 Lawler-street, Subiaco. The chief mourners were: Mrs. Sarah Anstey (widow), Messrs. Ivor, Ray and Lawrence Anstey (sons), Misses Laura, Myrtle, Muriel, and Ruby Anstey (daughters) . Mrs. R. Merson and Mrs. G Williams (sisters). Messrs. R. Merson and R. Ford (brothers-in-law), Mesdames Ti. Clyde, E. Faul, F. Ferguson, M. Jarrett and C. Chappell (sisters in law), B. Nichols. O. Tester, G. Mills. T. Ford, D. Ford, and M Chappell (nieces). Messrs. F. C. Merson. R. Merson, N. Clyde, C. Mills. F. Ferguson, and K. Ferguson (nephews), G. Tester and R. Williams (sons-in-law). The pall-bearers were Messrs. Cambridge, Worth. Hamblin, Guerin. Bin, Blow and Bowers.

Alfred Anstey was buried at Karrakatta Cemetery. His widow Annie Sarah Anstey was buried in 1963 “aged 85“, also at Karrakatta Cemetery – she was still living in Subiaco.

Further Details on the Subiaco Ansteys

#1. Jean Alexandra Anstey, who was living in Subiaco in 1971 when she was buried in Karrakatta Cemetery “aged 96“, is NOT connected to the Subiaco Ansteys – she is a member of the Filleigh Ansteys.

#2. We know that Charles Anstey (b 1838/40, patriarch of the Subiaco Ansteys) is NOT the ‘Charles Anstey’ born in Clifton, South Gloucestershire in 1839 to parents William Anstey and Mary Ann Beechey, who married in Winterbourne in 1836 because that ‘Charles Anstey’ was baptised in Winterbourne in March 1841 and died a month later in April 1841 in Winterbourne, aged 2.

#3. We know that Charles Anstey (b 1838/40, patriarch of the Subiaco Ansteys) is NOT the ‘Charles Anstey’ born in Thornbury, South Gloucestershire in 1838 because that ‘Charles Anstey’ is a known member of the Stoke Gifford Ansteys.

#4. We have unsourced information that Charles Anstey was “born in London between 1838 and 1840“. As Charles Anstey was a ‘bootmaker’, it is certainly possible that his father William Anstey was too.

We are actively on the lookout for Subiaco, Western Australia Anstey experts alive today who are willing to add their findings and knowledge to this project. We are particularly interested in research regarding Subiaco, Western Australia Ansteys who fought in World War One, preferably with personal souvenirs such as letters sent by the soldiers or military photos etc. 

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