The Aynho Ansteys

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

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Overview of the Aynho Ansteys (Code ‘AY’)

Roger Anstey (AY 1), patriarch of the Aynho Ansteys, is a descendant of Roger Anstey (SO 2) of the Souldern Ansteys, he was also a Catholic. He moved to Aynho from Souldern then married Joanna Bull in the parish in 1730. The St Albans, Vermont Ansteys of America are a sub-branch, with patriarch James Anstey (SA 1).

Early Aynho Entries

  • 1724: Mary Anstey married Thomas Betts (they remained in Aynho having a large family; Mary died in 1753)
  • 1730: Roger Anstee (AY 1) married Joanna Bull
  • 1756: Mary Anstey married Peter Edwards
  • 1761: Joanna Anstywife of Roger (AY 1)” buried
  • 1766: Richard Ansty (AY 2, surely son of Roger (AY 1)) married Mary Elliott (probably b 1742, died 1830 Aynho)
  • 1769: Susannah Ansty married Richard Chiltern
  • 1771: Richard Ansty (AY 2) appears on the Northamptonshire Militia List for “Aynho, King’s Sutton
  • 1772: Roger Anstey (AY 1) buried
  • 1792: William Anstey buried – there is also possibly mention of a connection with Woodstock)
  • 1800: Richard Anstey (AY 2) buried
  • 1802: Richard Anstey buried
  • 1812: John Anstey buried

Further Details on the Aynho Ansteys

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