The Edlesborough Anstees

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Many thanks to Julia, Marsha Stringer, and Amy Teel for their help in constructing this pedigree.

Edlesborough Anstees Overview

The Edlesborough Anstees (which includes the village of Dagnall) of Buckinghamshire are a sub-branch of the Houghton Regis Anstees. The patriarch of the Edlesborough Anstees is Mathew Anstee (b 1761 in Houghton Regis).

Mathew Anstee (b 1761 Houghton Regis)

Mathew Anstee was born in 1761 in Houghton Regis, son of Joseph (Junior) Anstee (b 1729 Prittlewell) and Mary. Mathew Anstee married Mary Elliot in Houghton Regis in 1783 and moved to Dagnall, Edlesborough where he became a farmer (in 1788, “Matthew Anstee, Dagnall Buckinghamshire, farmer” was insured by the Sun Fire Office). Mathew Anstee and Mary had two children in Edlesborough, being:

  • Mary Elliott Anstee (b 1784); and
  • Mathew Anstee (b 1786 – see below)

Mary (mother) must have died because Mathew (father) remarried to Sarah Howard in Kensworth in 1788 and they had children:

  • Joseph Anstee (b c1790 in Dagnall – see below);
  • William Anstee (b c1793 in Dagnall – see below);
  • John Anstee (b 1795 – baptised in Edlesborough on 23 March 1817 – note some source incorrectly give his birth as 6 February 1817 instead of 1795 – not to be confused with John Anstee (b 1817 Edlesborough, who is a Flamstead Anstee)); and
  • Mary Anstee (b 1796 – baptised in Edlesborough in 1821. She was witness to her brother William‘s wedding in 1813). 

In the 1798 ‘Buckinghamshire Posse Comitatus‘ “Matthew Anstee Farmer” was the only ‘Anstee‘ listed in Dagnall.

Mathew Anstee was co-executor to his father Joseph (Junior) Anstee‘s will after he died in 1803. In the ‘Northampton Mercury‘ on 24 March 1804 appears “All persons who have any claim or demand on the said Joseph Anstee deceased are desired to send an account to…. or Mr Mathew Anstee of Dagnall in the county of Bucks, executors of the said deceased“.

Mathew Anstee died in 1821 in Kensworth.

Mathew Anstee (b 1786 Edlesborough)

Mathew Anstee was born in 1786 in Edlesborough to parents Mathew Anstee and Mary Elliot. He married Elizabeth Purser (b 1783 in Middlesex) in Dagnall by License in January 1809, having children in Edlesborough:

  • Lucy Anstee (b 1809. We believe that she never married however she did have two daughters, being Fanny Louise Anstee (b c1838 Downton, Hampshire. In 1851 she was a ‘Nurse Child’ for the Hicks family together with her sister Maud at Baldwins Hill, Loughton, Epping – she never married, see below) and Maud Gervis Anstee (b c1840 Hampshire or c1844 London. In 1851 she was a ‘Nurse Child’ for the Hicks family together with her sister Fanny at Baldwins Hill, Loughton, Epping. She married Alfred Ward – see below). Lucy was living with her mother Elizabeth Anstee in Castle St, East, St Marylebone, London in the 1871 Census. In the 1891 Census Lucy was living at Coast Guard Station, Semaphore, Ringwould with her daughter Maud Ward – she was described as a “mother in law and widow living on her own means born Dagnat, Bucks“. Lucy died in Leyton, Essex in 1901 living at Cowley Road Leytonstone – effects to her daughter Fanny Louise Anstee spinster. Fanny Louise Anstee herself died in 1911 in Wanstead, Essex, effects to Mard Gervis Ward her sister “widow“); 
  • Edward Anstee (b 1812 – married Mary Cuthbert in 1850 in Marylebone, London and he was a butcher at Titchfield Street, Marylebone in the 1851 Census. He was living at Marshalls Wick Farm, Sandridge near St Albans in the 1871 Census. On 22 August 1880 Edward Anstee was murdered at his home, the ‘Belfast Telegraph‘ reporting that “SHOCKING MURDER IN ENGLAND: About two o clock yesterday morning, Mr Edward Anstee of Marshallswick Farm near St Albans, was shot dead by a man who knocked at the door and on his opening the bedroom window deliberately fired and blew out his brains. A Mrs Lindsay who was staying in the house locked herself in her room and the murderer ransacked the house, escaping with some booty, but how much is yet unknown. On the arrival of the cowman in the morning, traces of blood were found outside. Mrs Anstee was away from home on a visit. Three men have been arrested on suspicion, all members of a family named Wheeler. The shirt and trousers of one of them was stained with what is supposed to be blood. The property stolen has been discovered hidden in a field near the house. Some property stolen from the house of Mr Reynolds, a neighbouring farmer, was found at the house of the prisoners. The murderers it appears entered the house by the bedroom window and covered the body with the bedclothes“). Other reports add that “Anstee, Edward (68): Farmer of Marshalswick Farm, Sandridge: Murdered on the morning of 22nd August, 1880. He had farmed at Marshalswick, a farm of nearly 300 acres, for 20 years, and had previously been a butcher in London. In his younger days he had played cricket at Lord’s Ground, and had taken a interest in the game, and had been planning to watch a game on Bernards Heath” and “Anstee, Mary (64): Wife of Edward Anstee, the murder victim: She was staying with friends when the murder occurred: She identified a syringe stolen from the farm by the murderer.” Yet another report states “The three early-morning visitors at Marshall’s Wick Farm, Sandridge, just outside St. Albans, struck terror into the owners. As the farmer, Edward Anstee, 58, opened an upstairs window to see who was calling, he recognised the trio – all members of the notorious Wheeler family. Mr. Anstee didn’t have long to reflect on what to do. One of the men, Thomas Wheeler, 46, raised his shotgun and blasted the farmer to death. The terrified housekeeper locked herself in her bedroom as the three marauders ransacked the farm for anything of value they could find. When they had gone and the police investigated, the Wheeler family were obvious suspects. But only Thomas Wheeler stood trial at Chelmsford Assizes in November, 1880, and he was hanged on Monday, November 29th, 1880, at St. Albans Prison.“;  
  • Frederick Anstee (b 1814, living with his mother Elizabeth Anstee in Castle St, East, St Marylebone, London in the 1871 Census, appears not to have married).

Mathew Anstee died in 1827, buried in Edlesborough. His widow Elizabeth died in 1874, the ‘Leighton Buzzard Observer and Linslade Gazette’ on 10 February 1874 reporting Anstee.— On the 30th ult, 24, Castle Street, Oxford Street, London, Elizabeth, widow of the late Matthew Anstee, of Pound Farm, Dagnall, Bucks., aged 92 years.

Joseph Anstee (b c1790 Dagnall)

Joseph Anstee (b c1790) married Elizabeth Puddefoot (b 1793 Eaton Bray to parents Michael Puddefoot and Sarah) in February 1811 in Edlesborough and they had children:

  • Joseph Anstee (b 1812 Edlesborough, he was a gamekeeper. Joseph Anstee married firstly Elizabeth Braggins in Greatworth, Biddlesdon, Northants in November 1835 and they had children Edward [Edmund] Anstee (b 1837 Brackley, Northamptonshire – an Anstey Hero); Elizabeth Anstee (b 1840 Brackley); Clara Anstee (b 1844 Carmarthen); Elen Anstee (b 1845 Carmarthen); Emma Anstee (b 1848 Carmarthen); and Mary A Anstee (b 1850 Pembroke Begelly). In the 1841 Census the family were living at Pintimore, Brackley St Peter where Joseph Anstee was a “keeper” (also living with them was Ann Braggins – presumably Elizabeth‘s mother). His first wife died so he remarried Rachel Mathias on 12 January 1851 in Begelly, Brecon, Wales and moved to Cardiganshire in Wales having children Adelaide Anstee (b 1852 Pembroke) and Joseph Alfred Anstee (b 1856 Cardigan – see below). In the 1861 Census Joseph was a gamekeeper at New Bridge, Penpinfarch, Manordivy, Cardigan. Rachel Anstee died on 3 June 1896 in Llangwm – probate to her son Joseph Alfred Anstee);
  • Michael Anstee (b 1814 Edlesborough – was a gamekeeper in 1871 living at Deadmonsdy Lodge in Whipsnade, Bedfordshire);
  • Sarah Anstee (b 1817 Edlesborough/Dagnall – living with her brother Alfred Anstee in the 1851 Census. She married Abraham Thomas in 1854 in Merthyr Tydfil and in the 1861 Census they were living at 24, Dean Street, Aberdare, Merthyr Tydfil with her brother Alfred Anstee. She died in 1871, her probate reading “THOMAS, Sarah: Admon of the effects of Sarah THOMAS, late of Dunstable in the County of Bedfordshire, Widow, who died 21 Aug 1871 at Dunstable was granted at the Principal Registry to Michael ANSTEE of Deadmonsdy Lodge in the Parish of Whipsnade in the same county, brother, Gamekeeper“);
  • Elizabeth Anstee (b 1820 Edlesborough, married Levi Janes in 1848 in Edlesborough at which time she was living in Slapton. Living in Kensworth in the 1851 Census);
  • Alfred Anstee (b 1823 Great Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire but baptised in Edlesborough, married Emily Andrews in 1846 in Carmarthenshire, Wales and was living in Llandilofawr, Carmarthenshire, Wales in the 1851 Census, a gamekeeper. By the 1861 Census he was living with his sister Sarah Thomas at 24, Dean Street, Aberdare, Merthyr Tydfil together with his daughters Emily E. Anstee (b 1849) and Mary J. Anstee (b 1856) – he was a “Temperance Hotel Keeper“. They also had children in Pembrokeshire Ellen Puddefoot Anstee (b 1859, alive in 1871); Alice Augusta Anstee (b 1864, alive in 1881); Alfred Thomas Anstee (b 1865 – see below); and Edward Joseph Anstee (b 1870, alive in 1881). In the 1871 Census the family were living at Gamekeepers Lodge, Burton, Pembroke where Alfred was a gamekeeper and in the 1881 & 1891 Census they were at Benton Castle, Burton, Pembroke – Alfred was still a gamekeeper. He died in Pembroke in 1900);
  • Emma Anstee (b 1827 Hillesden, living with parents in 1851 Census. Married John Cole in 1851 in Eaton Bray)
  • Mary Ann Anstee (b 1830 Hillesden, living with her sister Elizabeth in the 1851 Census); and
  • Ellin Anstee (b 1833 Hertfordshire?).

The ‘Bucks Gazette‘ 11 September 1830 edition reported “List of Persons who have obtained Game Keepers Certificates for the year 1830…Anstee Joseph by the Duke of Buckingham and Chandos for Hillesden, Preston Bissett or Preston Bissett cum Cowley and Prebend of Buckingham with Gawcott

By 1841, Joseph Anstee (b c1790) and Elizabeth had moved to Kensworth. The 1851 Census confirms that Joseph Anstee was a gamekeeper in Kensworth and his wife Elizabeth was born in Eaton Bray in c1793.

William Anstee (b c1793 Dagnall)

William Anstee (b c1793) married Charlotte Hudson (b 1793 – daughter of Austin Hudson) in Edlesborough in 1813 – witnesses were Austin Hudson and Mary Anstee. They had children:

  • Sarah Elizabeth Anstee (b 1814 Dagnall – baptised in King’s Langley, Hertfordshire in 1814, married Henry Frederick Sharp in Holborn, Middlesex in December 1833, having a daughter Emma Sharp (b c1841) who lived with her ‘Anstee’ grandparents in 1841 and 1851);
  • Mary Ann Anstee (b c1816 Dagnall – married Richard Anstee, son of Richard Anstee (b 1779 Houghton Regis), in 1834 in St Pancras, Middlesex, her sister Sarah Elizabeth Sharp was a witness);
  • William Austin Anstee (b 1818 Kensworth/Elstree/Redbourne, depending on source – see below);
  • Emma Anstee (b 1820, alive in 1841);  
  • Lucy Rebecca Anstee (b 1826 Elstree, died an infant and buried in Elstree); and
  • Alfred Henry Anstee (b 1828 – see below)

The ‘News (London)‘ on 24 February 1833 reported that “William Anstee [Barnet] butcher” had been declared insolvent. At the time of his son William‘s 1838 wedding, William Anstee was described as a “butcher“. He moved to Monkton Hadley, Barnet, Middlesex and in the 1841 Census he was a “dealer” at Hadley Green living with his wife Charlotte, children Emma Anstee and Alfred Anstee, as well as Emma Sharp (granddaughter). By the 1851 Census he was a ‘cow keeper’ at Hadley Green – his granddaughter Emma Sharp was still living with them. William Anstee died in 1869; his widow Charlotte died in 1871.

William Austin Anstee (b c1818 Kensworth/Elstree)

William Austin Anstee was born in c1818 in Kensworth/Elstree/Redbourne (sources differ) to parents William Anstee and Charlotte Hudson – he was clearly named after Charlotte‘s father Austin Hudson.

[Note: William Austin Anstee should not be confused with William Anstee (b 1819 Kensworth, son of Richard Anstee) who is of the Barnet Anstees]

William Austin Anstee married Eliza Dellor (b 1818, Hillborough Norfolk) on 26 July 1838 at All Souls, Marylebone, at the time he was “aged 21 a spinster butcher, father William Anstee, [also a] butcher“. They had children:

  • Eliza Georgina Anstee (b 1840 Marylebone, known as Georgina, appeared at the trial of her father in 1854 – see below. She was living at High Street, Barnet with her father in 1861. She married Frederick Milton in 1864 and died in 1867)

In 1849 per the ‘Bell’s New Weekly Messenger‘ 11 November 1849 edition “William Austin Anstee Barnet butcher” was declared an insolvent debtor. In the 1851 Census William (as ‘Austin Anstee‘, born ‘Elstree’) was a ‘master butcher’ living at High Street, Barnet with his wife Eliza and their daughter. In August 1852 William appeared at the Old Bailey as a witness, where he stated “WILLIAM AUSTIN ANSTEE . I am a butcher, living at Highgate. The prisoner [William Hill] was in my service as a journeyman, from Christmas last—he used to take out meat and receive money from my customers—it was his duty to give the money he received to myself or my wife, the same day, when he returned from the customer—I have a customer of the name of Goodwin—in July last he owed me 4s. 7d.—I have never received that from the prisoner—I have also a customer named Howell, who owed me 9s. 10 1/2 d.—I have never received that from the prisoner—he left my service on the same day he received the money; he received both sums on the same day—he ought to have given me a week’s notice—he left without giving any—I gave information to the police, and he was taken at Barnet.”

In 1854 William Austin Anstee was back in court, but on the wrong side. The ‘Hertford Mercury and Reformer‘ on 28 October 1854 reported “BARNET: CHEATING EXTRAORDINARY – William Austin Anstee appeared before the Bench on the 23rd instant to answer the charges reported by us last week with Mr Coleman barrister to defend him. After the facts stated by us had been proved, Mr Coleman urged that the guilty knowledge of the fraud was not brought home to the defendant and called Eliza G. Anstee, 14 years old, the defendant’s daughter, who deposed that she put one penny piece under the scale, unknown to any person, in consequence of her father remarking on the previous Saturday that it required nearly a penny piece to balance the scales. He had gone to town when she did so and no one saw her do it. She placed it just before the militia men went to the shop – two other witnesses were called to prove that Sheen had offered to withdraw from the prosecution if Anstee paid him 2l, but this Sheen emphatically denied. After the Bench had remained for nearly twenty minutes in consultation, Mr Philimore, addressing Anstee, remarked that there could be no doubt that a fraud had been committed in the sale of meat in the defendants shop, and that two penny pieces were placed under the scale to accomplish such fraud, was equally clear…after cautioning him as to his future conduct, the case was dismissed

Despite this report, in November 1854 (‘Worcestershire Chronicle‘ 15 November 1854) he was “committed for trial at St Albans Sessions for being a common law cheat, having knowingly had two pennies under his scales, whereby his customers were defrauded of their weight“. He was acquitted at trial in 1855, reason given being “no bill” (insufficient evidence).

Eliza Anstee died in Barnet in 1859 so in 1861 William Austin Anstee remarried Caroline Curtis (b 1821) at St John the Baptist, Great Marlborough Street, Westminster and they had children in Barnet:

  • George Frederick William Anstee (b 1862 – see below);
  • Caroline Anstee (b 1864, married Samuel Wright in 1887 in Barnet, she was executor to her mother’s will in 1905 – see below);
  • Francis Anstee (b 1865, married Martha Wright in Rickmansworth/Barnet in 1888, however he died soon after in 1890 Tottenham, executor was his widow Martha Anstee. We find no children of this marriage);

In the 1861 Census William Austin Anstee (born Redbourne) and Caroline were living at High Street, Barnet where he was a butcher. In the 1871 Census William Austin Anstee (born Kensworth) was a “butcher and farmer of 61 acres” living with his family at High Street, Chipping Barnet, Barnet (with them was a ‘cousin’ Eliza Sutton‘). William Austin Anstee was “a butcher age 56, privately baptised on his deathbed on 23 June 1874” in Christ Church, Barnet, where he was residing at his death. He died very soon after; executor to his will was his widow Caroline Anstee.

Caroline Anstee died in 1905 in Barnet living at Meadowside, Puller Road South Mimms. Probate was to her daughter Caroline Wright; in her will she also left “one or two properties which provided small rents” to her son George Frederick William Anstee.

Alfred Henry Anstee (b 1828 Hertfordshire)

Alfred Henry Anstee was born in 1828 in Hertfordshire to parents William Anstee and Charlotte Hudson. He was living with his parents in Hadley Green in the 1841 Census then on 8 November 1851 he married Amelia Elizabeth Suelus in Durban, Natal, South Africa. They had children:

  • Amelia Minnie [Anna?] Anstee (b 1852 South Africa, known as Minnie. She arrived in Canada in 1858 and never married. In the 1911 Canada Census Minnie was living with her brother Frederick in Wellington, Ontario. In 1912 she was on the ‘Manifest of Passengers Arriving in the St. Albans, Vermont‘ and she was living in Guelph when she visited her brother David in the same year. She died in Guelph, Wellington, Ontario on 1 December 1917);
  • Frederick William Anstee (b 20 August 1853, known as Fred. He arrived in Canada in 1858. In the 1911 Canada Census Frederick was living with his sister Minnie in Wellington, Ontario, where he was a farmer. He was living in Guelph when he visited his brother David in 1912 and then married Eleanor Margaret McWilliams on 5 January 1915 in Guelph, Wellington, Ontario. The couple visited Frederick‘s sister Charlotte Story in 1919 in Guelph – by this time Frederick was a retired farmer. He died on 29 May 1929 at Eden Mills Cemetery, Wellington County, Ontario gravestone inscription “ANSTEE: Frederick W. Anstee August 20 1853 – May 29 1929 and his Beloved Wife Margaret Eleanor McWilliams October 28 1881 – April 6 1978“);
  • Charlotte Anstee (b 6 April 1855 Australia or England depending on source, unmarried and living with her siblings at 127 South Wellington, Ontario, Canada in the 1891 Census, working as a milliner. Charlotte married Johnston E. Story and in 1919 they were living at 36 Sydenham Street, Guelph when some of her siblings visited. She died on 8 March 1943, buried at Eden Mills Cemetery, Wellington County, Ontario);
  • Alfred Anstee (b 1858 England, unmarried and living with his siblings at 127 South Wellington, Ontario, Canada in the 1891 Census, working as a farmer. He was still a farmer at Eramosa, Guelph, Wellington in an 1895 Tax Assessment);
  • David Henry Anstee (b 20 March 1864 Ontario, unmarried and living with his siblings at 127 South Wellington, Ontario, Canada in the 1891 Census, working as a farmer. He married Sarah Ellen Skinner on 7 December 1904 in York, Ontario and they had children Marjorie Ellen Anstee (b 10 September 1905); Olive A. Anstee (b October 1909); and Jean L. Anstee (b c1918). In the 1911 Canada Census the family were living in York South Sub-Districts 1-36, Ontario and in 1912 his siblings Frederick and Amelia Anstee visited. David died in 1941 buried at Victoria Lawn Cemetery St. Catharines, Niagara Regional Municipality, Ontario gravestone inscription “ANSTEE: David Henry 1864-1941 Peace Perfect Peace“); and
  • Lucy Gertrude Anstee (b 23 December 1866, married William Hamilton on 19 October 1890 in Rockwood, Wellington, Ontario. She died 11 December 1950, buried at Eden Mills Cemetery, Wellington County, Ontario)

In 1858 Amelia Anstee together with three of her children emigrated from England to New York in America aboard the ship ‘West Point‘. By the 1871 Canada Census the family were all living in Sidney, Hastings, Ontario, Canada (all Wesleyan Methodists, though they were also Church of England).

Alfred Anstee died on 25 April 1888 – his death certificate confirms his full name as ‘Alfred Henry Anstey‘; that he was born in Hertfordshire; that he was Church of England; that he died aged 60 of cancer of the stomach; and that he was a farmer at Eramosa, Wellington, Ontario when he died. He was buried at Eden Mills Cemetery, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada with gravestone inscription “In Memory of Alfred Anstee who died 25 April 1888 Aged 60 years and 3 months“.

His widow Amelia was buried in the same cemetery, gravestone inscription “In Memory of Amelia Elizabeth Suelus wife of Alfred Henry Anstee born Oct 31 1827 Entered into Rest Oct 4 1902

Joseph Alfred Anstee (b 1856 Cardigan)

Joseph Alfred Anstee, also know as Alfred Joseph Anstee, was born in 1856 in Manordivy [Manordeifi], Cardigan to parents Joseph Anstee and Rachel Mathias. He married Alice Lewis on 1 April 1879 in Langwm and they had children in Langwm:

  • Clara Jane Anstee (b 1882, with Alice, baptised in Langwm on 31 March 1896, living with the family in 1901. She married Edwin Robert Palmer on 23 October 1910 in Freystrop);
  • Edward [Edmund] John Anstee (b 1884, died an infant);
  • Grace Temperance Anstee (b 1885, with Alice, baptised in Langwm on 31 March 1896, living with the family in the 1911 Census);
  • John Henry Anstee (b 1887, died an infant);
  • George David Lewis Anstee (b 1888, died an infant?);
  • James Stanley Anstee (b 1890, with Alice, living with the family in the 1911 Census – a commercial traveller in 1922);
  • Alfred Anstee (b 1891, died an infant); and
  • Joseph Alfred Edmond Anstee (b 1907, with Sarah Ann, baptised in Llangwm on 20 January 1907, living with the family in the 1911 Census)

In the 1891 Census Joseph (as Alfred) was a grocer at Rock House, Main Street, Llangwm, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. Alice Anstee died in 1891, surely as a result of childbirth, she was buried in Llangwm on 29 September 1891. In 1896 Alfred was executor to his mother Rachel‘s will. By the 1901 Census ‘Alfred‘ (widower) was a postmaster and grocer at The Gail, Langwn, Llangwm. In c1902 he remarried Sarah Ann James (known as Annie) and in the 1911 Census the family were living at Main St Langwm Haverfordwest, Langwm where Alfred Joseph Anstee was a shopkeeper dealer. He died 27 April 1922 at Langwm, probate to his son James Stanley Ansteecommercial traveller

George Frederick William Anstee (b 1862 Barnet)

George Frederick William Anstee was born in 1862 in Barnet to parents William Austin Anstee and Caroline Curtis. He was baptised in Barnet in April 1862, living at East Side, Wood Street, Chipping Barnet in the 1881 Census with his mother Caroline – he was a butcher. George F. W. Anstee married his cousin Alice Ellen Collicot (b 1864 Writtle) in Writtle in 1887 and they had children:

  • Frederick William Anstee (b 27 June 1890 Lambeth, played football for Writtle F. C. in 1912 and was still playing for them in 1919. We cannot locate him in the 1911 Census. He married Janet Hayden in High Roding, Essex in October 1917, at which time he was living in Writtle. In the 1919 Electoral Register they were living at Oxley Green, Writtle. They had a son John W. Anstee (b 1925). In the 1939 Register the family were living at Albert Villas, Oxney Garden, Writtle where Frederick was an “electrician and ARP warden“);
  • George Anstee (b 1893 Writtle – an Anstey Hero);
  • Edward Curtis Anstee (b 1894 Writtle – an Anstey Hero);
  • Hugh Austin Anstee (b 1896 Writtle – an Anstey Hero);
  • Richard Collicott Anstee (b 1898 Writtle – an Anstey Hero);
  • Robert Anstee (b 1901 Writtle, living with parents in the 1911 Census); and
  • Dorothy Louise Anstee (b 1904, living with parents in the 1911 Census – became a Lady’s Maid).

In the 1901 Census they were living at The Green, Writtle where George F. W. Anstee was a “butcher/slaughterer“. In 1905 he was left “one or two properties which provided small rents” in his mother Caroline‘s will. In the 1911 Census the family was still living in Writtle where George F. W. Anstee was a “retired butcher“. In 1913, George F. W. Anstee was a member of the ‘National Reserve’, taking part in a shooting competition (‘Essex Newsman‘ 4 January 1913 edition).

In 1916 George (Mr F. W. Anstee) was a member of the Writtle Parish Council. In the 1919 Electoral Register George and Alice were living at Writtle Green. On 2 September 1922 the ‘Essex Newsman‘ reported “Writtle: Old Lady’s Fall: A painful accident befell Mrs Lucy Turner of Town End, who is 81 years of age. She had been speaking to Mr. G. F. W. Anstee and turning to enter her house fell and broke her thigh. Mr. Anstee, hearing her scream, helped her indoors and summoned Dr. R. N. Arnold Wallinger“.

George Frederick William Anstee died in 1950 in Chelmsford, having lived at ‘Heroffs’ on Writtle Green for nearly fifty years (it is said the house they lived in was built with stone from the collapsed tower of All Saints). He was described by his granddaughter Margaret Joan Anstee as “a big man with a drooping walrus moustache…early in life he became crippled, a mixture of arthritis and gout…he read a lot and dabbled in history and poetry

Alfred Thomas Anstee (b 1865 Burton Pembrokeshire)

Alfred Thomas Anstee was born on 11 June 1865 in Burton Pembrokeshire to parents Alfred Anstee and Emily Andrews. He grew up in Burton Pembrokeshire and then married Margaret John in 1887 in Pembroke. They had children in Llanstadwell:

  • Alfred Thomas Anstee (b 1888, died in 1907);
  • Emily Ann Anstee (b 1890, living with family in the 1911 Census – the ‘Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph and General‘ on 22nd May 1918 reported “LOCAL WEDDING. I BR1STOWE—ANSTEE. I An interesting wedding took place at Neyland, May 15th. The contracting parties were Miss Emily Anstee, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Anstee, Rock House, Neyland, and Mr. J. C. Bristowe, of Southall, London. The bride looked charming in a silk crepe-de- dhine dress, with bridal veil and orange blossoms. The bridesmaids, Misses Bessie and Gussie Anstee, were charmingly attired in silk dresses. The bride and bridesmaids carried bouquets of carnations, the gift of the bride- groom. The bride was given away by her father, and Mr. Percy Osborne acted as best man. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. B. C. Evans and Rev. W. Dockeray. The bride’s family are well-known and highly respected in Neyland. Since childhood the bride has been closely connected with the Wesleyan Church, and, is now a member and active worker. She will be greatly missed in the church and Sunday school. Her new home will be 118, Abbot’s Road, Southall, London. The happy couple were the recipients of numerous handsome presents, including a silver tea-pot from the Neyland Wesleyan Sunday School, where Miss Anstee. was a devoted and successful teacher. During the wedding breakfast several telegrams of congratulations were received, including one from the Southall Congregational Sunday School, of which the bridegroom is superintendent, and one from the staff of the G.W.R. Station, Ealing, of which he is a member. After the wedding breakfast photos were taken of the bridal party, an interesting feature being that four generations of Mrs. Anstee’s family were photographed together, the parties being in order of seniority, Mr. T. John, Mrs. Anstee, Mrs. Osborne, and Miss Margaret Osborne.“);
  • Elsie Adelaide Anstee (b 1893, living with family in the 1911 Census);
  • Margaret Elizabeth Anstee (b 1896, living with family in the 1911 Census);
  • Grace Ellen Anstee (b 1899, died in 1900);
  • Edward Joseph Anstee (b 1901, living with family in the 1911 Census);
  • Alice Augusta Anstee (b 1904, living with family in the 1911 Census);
  • Alfred Sydney Anstee (b 1907, living with family in the 1911 Census);
  • Stanley George Anstee (b 21 April 1910, living with family in the 1911 Census. He married Annie M. and he was a carpenter living with his father and wife at 112 Cambrian Road, Neyland in the 1939 Register)

In the 1901 Census Alfred was a driller living with his family at Wood Cottages, 3, Neyland, Pembroke. By the 1911 Census the family were living at 112 Cambrian Road Neyland where Alfred was a greengrocer. By the 1939 Register he was a retired greengrocer and widower still living at 112 Cambrian Road, Neyland with his son Stanley. Alfred Thomas Anstey died 11 March 1946, still living at 112 Cambrian Road – probate to his son Stanley.

Further Details on the Edlesborough Anstees

#1. Joseph Anstee (b 1778 Houghton Regis) who lived in Edlesborough between c1798 and 1849, never marrying, was a member of the Flamstead Anstees – indeed both Joseph Anstee and his father Joseph Anstee Senior were listed as ‘millers’ in Edlesborough in the 1798 ‘Buckinghamshire Posse Comitatus‘. Also Joseph’s brother Mathew Anstee (b 1791 Flamstead, who married Esther Pearson) having sons William Anstee (baptised in Edlesborough in 1810) and John Anstee (baptised in Edelsborough in 1817) is of the Flamstead Anstees – in fact the entire family seemed to relocate from Flamstead to Edlesborough in the 1790s.

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