The Flamstead Anstees

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Many thanks to Marsha Stringer for her help in constructing this pedigree.

Flamstead Anstees Overview

The Flamstead Anstees of Hertfordshire are surely a sub-branch of the Swanbourne Ansteys of Buckinghamshire, however we have not yet completely mapped out this connection. One of the early Flamstead Anstee families is certainly from Houghton Regis – the other one we are not so sure.

The current status of our research into the Flamstead Anstees is as follows:

John Anstee and Mary Ringshall of Trowley Bottom

The earliest Flamstead Anstees we find are John Anstee of Trowley Bottom, Flamstead, Hertford, and Mary his wife (late Mary Ringshall, spinster, daughter of Jeremiah Ringshall late of Markyate Street, Studham, Bedford per the 1778 Hertfordshire Court Roll reference DE/FL/15828). They were certainly married by 1758, though we cannot currently locate the marriage entry. We also do not currently know from whence John came before Flamstead. John and Mary had at least one son, being John Anstee (b 1763 Flamstead – 1799 Flamstead) who married first Sarah Marks in 1781 in Flamstead. They had children:

  • Susannah Anstee (b 1783); and
  • Benjamin Anstee (b 1784 Flamstead – he married Jane and moved to Ivinghoe, then Tring and later Kempston – see the Ivinghoe Anstees for more on Benjamin).

Then Sarah died, so John Anstee (b 1763) next married Mary Robinson in 1788 in Flamstead, having children:

  • Hannah Anstee (b 1789 Flamstead, married in 1810 in Luton);
  • James Anstee (b 1791 Flamstead – 1869 Flamstead, he married Sophia Mary Dell in 1816 in Flamstead);
  • Jeremiah Anstee (b 1793 Flamstead);
  • William Anstee (b 1793 Flamstead);
  • William Anstee (b 1798 Flamstead)

Note: We can be confident that John Anstee (b 1763) is son of John Anstee of Trowley Bottom, Flamstead, and Mary Ringshall, given that her father was ‘Jeremiah’ and he named a son Jeremiah (b 1793). See ‘Further Details‘ below for more on the Anstee/Ringshall connection in the Court Rolls.

Joseph Anstee and Fanny Gurney of Houghton Regis

A separate Anstee family arrived in Flamstead from Houghton Regis in c1785. This family was headed by Joseph Anstee (b 1754 in Leigh near Prittlewell, Essex, son of Joseph Anstee Junior – see the Houghton Regis page for more). Joseph married Francis (Fanny) Gurney (daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Gurney) in 1776 in Chalgrave, Bedfordshire. They lived in Houghton Regis for a while and then moved to Flamstead in c1785. Joseph Anstee and Fanny had children:

  • Joseph Anstee (b 1778 Houghton Regis, was a miller living in Edlesborough in 1798. In November 1824, he went to prison to serve “six months hard labour” for the offence of “Want of Sureties“, still living in Edlesborough (his birth year was given as 1779). He died in 1849, buried in Edlesborough (though here his birth year was given as 1775). Joseph Anstee likely did not marry – for the ‘Joseph Anstee’ who married Elizabeth Puddefoot in 1811 in Edlesborough see the Edlesborough Anstees page);
  • Mary Anstee (b 1781 Houghton Regis);
  • Elizabeth Anstee (b 1783 Houghton Regis);
  • Francis Anstee (b 1784 Houghton Regis);
  • Benjamin Anstee (b 1786 Flamstead);
  • Sarah Anstee (b 1787 Flamstead, married Moses Jeffery, a baker of Toddington, in 1803 in Caddington, at which time she was ‘of Caddington‘. Surety was provided by her brother Joseph Ansteeof Edlesborough‘);
  • John Anstee (b 1790 Flamstead, registered May 1809 as a non-Conformist);
  • Mathew Anstee (b 1791 Flamstead, registered May 1809 as a non-Conformist and then married Esther Pearson in Eaton Bray, Bedford in October 1809. They had sons William Anstee (b 1810 in Edlesborough) and John Anstee (b 1817 in Edelsborough) – note there were TWO ‘John Anstee‘ baptised in Edelsborough in 1817 – see the Edelsborough Anstee page for the other)

Further Details on the Flamstead Anstees

We have already uploaded bits of information and documentation about the Flamstead Anstees, and continue to upload more all the time (see Project Updates), however it is spread over various segments of the website.

The best way to find said information is to enter ‘Flamstead’ in the search box at the bottom of this page and a list of relevant pages will appear.

We are actively on the lookout for Flamstead Anstees alive today who are willing to add their Anstey research to this project. We are especially interested in connecting the early Flamstead pedigree to the Swanbourne Anstey pedigree.

Anybody who has already researched this sub-branch, please contact us at

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