The Ivinghoe Anstees

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Overview of the Ivinghoe Anstees

The Ivinghoe Anstees of Buckinghamshire are a sub-branch of the Flamstead Anstees headed by Benjamin Anstee (b 1784 Flamstead).

Benjamin Anstee (b 1784 Flamstead)

Benjamin Anstee was born in Flamstead in 1784, son of John Anstee and Sarah Marks. He married Jane, who was born in 1781 in Cheddington in Buckinghamshire and they moved to first Ivinghoe (where they were still living in 1830 according to the Countess of Bridgewater’s Account Books), then later Tring by 1841 and finally Kempston, Bedfordshire by 1851. Benjamin and Jane had the following children:

  • Thomas Anstee (b 1810 Ivinghoe – he married Suzannah North in Ivinghoe in 1831 and was living in Ivinghoe in the 1841 Census together with his children William Anstee (b 1835); Eliza Anstee (b 1837); and Benjamin Anstee (b 1841) [Note: they also had children Benjamin Anstee (b 1838, died 1839); Mary A. Anstee (b c1845); Sarah Anstee (b 1847); and Jane Anstee (b 1850)]. Per the ‘Bucks Herald‘ 18 July 1835 edition “Guilty. Sentence—Transportation for Life. John Moon was indicted for having broken into a barn, the property of Thomas Anstee, Ivinghoe, with intent steal some fowls. Prosecutor proved having discovered the prisoner his barn, with five hens and a cock…“. By the 1851 Census the family was living in Union House in Bedfordshire; Thomas Anstee was a miller);
  • Sarah Anstee (b c1811 (or maybe as late as 1821) Ivinghoe – who was living in Ivinghoe in the 1841 Census with her brothers and sisters. Appears never to have married and was living in Newport Pagnell with her brother William Anstee in 1861 and 1871);
  • William Anstee (b 1816 Ivinghoe – see below);
  • Elizabeth Anstee (b 1824 Ivinghoe – who was living with her parents Benjamin and Jane in Tring in the 1841 Census. She married Thomas Corder and they were living in Kempston, Bedfordshire with her parents in the 1851 Census);
  • John Anstee (b 1824 Ivinghoe – see below);
  • Ann Anstee (b c1826 Ivinghoe – who was living in Ivinghoe in the 1841 Census with her brothers and sisters);
  • Jane Anstee (b c1826 Ivinghoe – who was living in Ivinghoe in the 1841 Census with her brothers and sisters. She married Robert Mackechnie in 1844 in Ivinghoe, where her father was confirmed as Benjamin Anstee);

William Anstee (b 1816 Ivinghoe)

William Anstee was born in Ivinghoe in 1816 to parents Benjamin Anstee and Jane. He was still living in Ivinghoe in the 1841 Census with his brothers and sisters. William Anstee married Mary Ann Mee (nee Tongue) in 1851 in St Pancras and they moved to Caldecott Mill, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire where he had children:

Mary Ann Anstee died in 1857 in Caldecott. By 1861 William was widowed, a “Miller employing 1 miller & 2 carter” living with his family in Newport Pagnell, plus his “son-in-law John Mee of Worksop, Northants“. His nephew Benjamin, son of John, was also with him. William Anstee was still living in Newport Pagnell in 1871 with his family and sister Sarah Anstee. By the 1881 Census William Anstee was living with his son William Albert Anstee and his family in Cranfield – he was a “miller (corn)“.

John Anstee (b 1824 Ivinghoe)

John Anstee was born in Ivinghoe in 1824 to parents Benjamin Anstee and Jane. He grew up in Ivinghoe and then married Ellen Harbin (b 1829 Cranfield) in Cranfield on 19 February 1849. They had children in Kempston:

  • Jesse Anstee (b 1850, died an infant);
  • Jesse Anstee (b 1852, died an infant);
  • John Anstee (b c1853, living with his uncle William Anstee in the 1861 Census. He married Jane Morris Munday on 27 November 1874 in Cranfield (father confirmed as John Anstee) and they had children in Cranfield Winifred Ellen Anstee (b 1878); Harry John Anstee (b 1882); Edith Jane Anstee (b 1885); and​ Amy Sarah Anstee (b 1892));
  • Benjamin Anstee (b 1855, with his uncle William Anstee in the 1861 Census and a “smith” living in Kempston in the 1871 Census);
  • Thomas Anstee (b 1857 – see below);
  • Sarah Amy Anstee (b 1859, with her uncle William Anstee in the 1871 Census and a laundress in the 1881 Census);
  • William Jesse Anstee (b 1861, married Emma Elizabeth Denton in Kempston in 1880, having children Elizabeth Ellen Anstee (b 1881 Kempston); Flora Maud Anstee (b 1882 Cranfield); Walter James Anstee (b 1884 Cranfield, married Emily Kate Stow in 1907 in Newport Pagnell and died in 1962 in Cranfield, living at 174 High Street); Herbert Anstee (b 1887 Cranfield); and Violet Evaline Anstee (b 1897 Cranfield, per the ‘Bedfordshire Mercury‘ 25 March 1910 edition she gave a recital at St Peter’s Church). In the 1901 Census they were living at High Street, Cranfield where William Jesse Anstee was a carpenter. In the ‘Western Morning News‘ 27 February 1928 edition in connection with the sale of shares of The National Omnibus and Transport Company Ltd is mentioned “(5) 28 March 1927 between William Jessie Anstee, Walter James Anstee and Herbert Anstee on the one part, and the company on the other part“);
  • Mary Jane Anstee (b c1863, known as Jane, a laundress in the 1881 Census, married Robert Charles Wilks in 1881 in Kempston);
  • Betsy Anstee (b 1865, known as Elizabeth, a laundress in the 1881 Census. She married William Joseph Luddington in 1885 in Kempston and they were living at 128 Bedford Road Kempston in the 1911 Census with her sister Ann Anstee – she was a dressmaker. They were still living there together in the 1939 Register, by which time Betsy was a widow);
  • Ann Anstee (b 1867, a laundress in the 1881 Census. She was an unmarried dressmaker living at 128 Bedford Road Kempston in the 1911 Census with her sister Elizabeth Luddington. They were still living there together in the 1939 Register);
  • Elizabeth Eleanor Anstee (b 1869, known as Ellen, died in 1871);
  • Edward Charles Anstee (b 21 July 1871, not to be confused with the ‘Edward Charles Anstee‘s of the Marylebone Anstees. He attended ‘Kempston Up End National School‘ in 1877. He married Emma Elizabeth Clarke in 1891 in Kempston and they had three living children in the 1911 Census, namely Robert Ernest Anstee (b 1894 – an Anstey Hero); Alfred Anstee (b 1904); and Maurice Charles Anstee (b 1907). They also had children Harry Anstee (b 1912); and Donald C. Anstee (b 1914). In the 1911 Census Edward was an “engineers pottern maker” at King Street, Kempston. In the 1913 Electoral Rolls they were living at 12 King Street, Kempston. The ‘Bedfordshire Times and Independent‘ on 28 December 1951 reported “Diamond Wedding: ANSTEE-CLARK on Christmas Day 1891 at Kempston Parish Church Edward Charles Anstee to Emma Elizabeth Clark. Present address 63 Margetts Road , Kempston“. Edward Charles Anstee died in 1959 at 63 Margetts Road, Kempston, probate to his widow Emma Elizabeth Anstee); and
  • Henry Joseph Anstee (b 8 September 1873. He attended ‘Kempston Up End National School‘ in 1879. He married Mary Jane Crowsley (known as Jane) in 1891 in Bedford and they had children in Kempston Henry Anstee (b 1892, died an infant); John Anstee (b 1893, died 1900); Edith May Anstee (b 1894, died an infant); Jeffrey Walter Anstee (b 1896 – an Anstey Hero); Violet Winifred Anstee (b 1898, died 1899); Gordon Arthur Anstee (b 1900 – an Anstey Hero); Hector Macdonald Anstee (b 1903 – an iron founder in 1945); Harold Edward Anstee (b 1905, the ‘Bedfordshire Times and Independent‘ on 31 January 1936 reported “Marriage of Mr Harold Anstee: The marriage of Mr Harold Edward Anstee, fourth son of Mr and Mrs H. J. Anstee, 17 St John’s Street, to Miss Nellie Fereday, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Alfred Fereday of Handsworth, Birmingham, was solemnised on Saturday at St James Church, Handsworth…The best man was Mr Gordon Anstee, brother of the bridegroom…“); Cedric Anstee (b 1908); Phyllis Maud Anstee (b 1909, married Arthur Charles Joseph Groom in 1933 in Bedford); Muriel Mary Anstee (b 1911, married Ronald Cecil Whitcombe in 1934 in Bedford); Ethel Lillian Anstee (b 1913, married Mr Gilbert); and Kathleen Besse Anstee (b 1915, married John Richard Jeffery in 1940 in Bedford). In the 1911 Census the family was living at 29 Victoria Road Bedford where Henry was a “moulder [at an] iron foundry“. In the 1939 Register Henry was an “iron moulder” living at 17 St Johns Street, Bedford, Kempston with his wife and daughter. The ‘Bedfordshire Times and Independent‘ on 10 September 1943 reported “DEATH OF MRS M. ANSTEE: The death occurred on 2 September at Rye Close, Bedford of Mrs Mary Jane Anstee, wife of Mr H. J. Anstee of 17 St John’s Street Kempston at the age of 68 years. She was born in Kempston and leaves five sons and four daughters...”. Henry Joseph Anstee died on 18 January 1945 at 17 St Johns Street Kempston; probate was to his sons Jeffrey Walter Anstee and Hector Macdonald Ansteeiron founders“)

The family was living at Upper End, Kempston, Bedford in the 1871 Census where John Anstee was a millright. By the 1891 Census they were still living there.

John Anstee died in 1896, the ‘Bedfordshire Times and Independent‘ on 12 September 1896 writing “Kempston Obituary: The death of Mr John Anstee removes an old and respected inhabitant. Deceased was a mill wright and possessed a large muscular frame. In his younger days his extraordinary strength was the talk of the neighbourhood. He had been in declining health for several years. The funeral took place on Saturday

William Albert Anstee (b 1851 Caldecott)

William Albert Anstee was born in Caldecott Mill in 1851 to parents William Anstee and Mary Ann Mee (nee Tongue). He married Mary (b c1857 Cranfield) in c1877 (probably Mary Millard in 1880 in Ampthill) and they had children in Cranfield and later West Deeping in Lincolnshire:

  • Annie Anstee (b 1879 Cranfield, married Samuel Lewis Robertson in Stamford in 1903. She was with her parents in the 1911 Census);
  • Elizabeth Anstee (b 1881 Cranfield);
  • Walter Edward Anstee (b 1885 West Deeping, unmarried and “assisting in the family business” in the 1911 Census. He was a “miller” when his father died in 1919);
  • Joseph Anstee (b 1890 West Deeping – an Anstey Hero)

In the 1881 Census the family were living at Cranfield where William Anstee was a “Miller master (corn) employing 3 men” – also living there was William Anstee‘s father and brother Edward Anstee. In the 1891 Census the family was living at Mill House, Kings Street, West Deeping where William Albert Anstee was a miller. By the 1911 Census they were living at The Mill, Church Lane. West Deeping where William Albert Anstee was still a miller. William Albert Anstee died in 1919 in West Deeping, probate was to his son Walter Edward Ansteemiller“.

Edward Anstee (b 1855 Caldecott)

Edward Anstee was born in Caldecott Mill in 1855 to parents William Anstee and Mary Ann Mee (nee Tongue). He was an unmarried “miller of corn” living with his brother William in Cranfield in the 1881 Census. He married Annie Elizabeth Kingham (b 1860 Flitwick) in 1888 in Flitwick and they moved to Cranfield, Ampthill having children:

In the 1891 Census the family were living at East End, Cranfield, Ampthill where Edward Anstee was “living off his own means“. In 1901 they were at Gossards Green, Cranfield, Ampthill where Edward Anstee was a “poulterer“. By 1911 they were still at Gossard’s Green, Cranfield where Edward Anstee was a market gardener.

Edward Anstee died in 1922 in Ampthill. The ‘Bedfordshire Times and Independent‘ on 29 December 1922 reported “Also on Friday, after several years confinement to his bedroom, Mr E. Anstee of Bourne End passed away. He had been a great sufferer for a considerable time“.

Edward‘s widow Annie Elizabeth was living with her son Cyril John Anstee‘s wife in Astwood Road, Ampthill in the 1939 Register. She died in 1942, the ‘Bedfordshire Times and Independent’ reporting “ANSTEE.— -On 22 October 1942 Mrs Elizabeth Anne Anstee, wife of the late Mr, Edward Anstee, Gossard’s Green, Cranfield

Thomas Anstee (b 1857 Kempston)

Thomas Anstee was born in 1857 in Kempston to parents John Anstee and Ellen Harbin. He was a “miller” living in Kempston in the 1871 Census. He married Charlotte Folkes in 1875 in Kempston having children in (mostly) Cranfield:

  • Arthur John Anstee (b 1875 Kempston, a tailor’s apprentice in 1891 in Cranfield. He married Emily Robinson in Ampthill in 1897 and they had a single son Arthur John Anstee (b 1898 Cranfield, known as Jack – an Anstey Hero). In 1901 Arthur was a “gentleman’s tailor” living at High Street, Cranfield; ditto 1911. In 1914 at the outbreak of World War One, Arthur agreed to be a ‘Special Constable’ (‘Bedfordshire Times and Independent‘ 11 September 1914 edition). Arthur died in March 1937; the ‘Bedfordshire Times and Independent‘ reported on 19 March 1937 “MR ARTHUR ANSTEE: Death and Funeral at Cranfield: The death of Mr Arthur Anstee of High Street Cranfield took place on 11 March at the age of sixty one years after an illness lasting several months. The funeral took place at Cranfield Parish Church on Monday… The mourners were Mr Jack Anstee (son); Mrs Rogers, Mrs Turney (sisters); Mr Thomas Anstee (brother)…Mr Walter Anstee“. His widow Emily was still alive in 1953 when she attended her son Jack Anstey‘s funeral);
  • Thomas Anstee (b 1877 Addle, Wharfdale, Yorkshire, married Kate Knight in 1898 in Ampthill and was a miller with his young family at Marston Ampthill Bedfordshire in the 1911 Census. He attended his brother Arthur’s funeral in 1937);
  • Gertrude Annie Anstee (b 1879, died before 1891);
  • Fred Anstee (b 1882, Cranfield a carpenter in the 1901 Census, not to be confused with Fred Anstee – he sent a wreath to his brother Arthur‘s funeral in March 1937);
  • James Anstee (b 1884, died an infant);
  • Della Gertrude Anstee (b 1885, the ‘Bedfordshire Mercury‘ on 25 June 1909 reported “CRANFIELD. MISS D. G. ANSTEE’S WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Della Gertrude Anstee, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Thomas Anstee, of College and Hill Green Farms, Cranfield, to William Rogers, second son of Mr and Mrs Wm. Rogers, of Howard House…“. She attended her brother Arthur’s funeral in 1937.); and
  • Hilda May Anstee (b 1895, married John E. Turvey in 1919 in Ampthill; she attended her brother Arthur’s funeral in 1937).

In the 1901 Census the family was living at Broad Green, Cranfield where Thomas Anstee was a “corn miller“. Hence we know that the report in the ‘Bedfordshire Mercury‘ on 29 July 1893 “Mr and Mrs Thomas Anstee, of Broad Green, also met with accident being thrown out of their pony cart on the Kempston Road; fortunately beyond severe shaking no one was injured and no damage was done to either pony or cart“.

Charlotte Anstee (widow) died in January 1937. The ‘Bedfordshire Times and Independent‘ on 15 January 1937 wrote “Funeral at Cranfield Parish Church: The death of Mrs Charlotte Anstee, widow of Mr Thomas Anstee of College Farm Bourne End, Cranfield took place at the home of her son Mr Arthur Anstee on 6 January, at the age of 79…The mourners were Mr Fred Anstee, Mrs Rogers (son and daughter), Mr Jack Anstee, Mrs Turney, Mr William Anstee, Mrs Wilson (grandchilfren) Walter Anstee (nephew)..Owing to illness Mr Arthur Anstee (son) was unable to attend

Further Details on the Ivinghoe Anstees

#1. We also have a 18 February 1797 marriage in Ivinghoe between a John Anstee and Mary Bates, “both of Ivinghoe“. John Anstee is of the Hemel Hempstead Anstees.

We have already uploaded bits of information and documentation about the Ivinghoe Anstees, and continue to upload more all the time (see Project Updates), however it is spread over various segments of the website.

The best way to find said information is to enter ‘Ivinghoe’ in the search box at the bottom of this page and a list of relevant pages will appear.

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