The Caddington Ansteys

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Overview of the Caddington Ansteys

See ‘Anstey: A Complete History From the Norman Invasion to World War One

[Note: Certain researchers in past times have connected the Houghton Regis Anstees to Thomas Anstey (1630-1667) of Caddington – we are confident that this is incorrect, but of course we would welcome any evidence to the contrary.]

Peter Anstey (b 1522 Horsham)

Peter (Petrus) Anstey was born 1522 in Horsham, Sussex to parents William and Helen. He married Elizabeth in Caddington in 1558, thus becoming the patriarch of the Caddington, Bedfordshire Ansteys. Peter and Elizabeth had sons in Caddington:

See ‘Anstey: A Complete History From the Norman Invasion to World War One‘ for more on Peter and his family.

Early Caddington & Studham Parish Register Entries

Note: Caddington unless stated

  • 1558: Peter Anstie married Elizabeth
  • 1575: Peter Anstey buried (presumably son of Peter Anstey)
  • 1579: Allan christened to Allan Anstey
  • 1583: John christened to John Anstey
  • 1584: Susan christened to Allan Anstey
  • 1585: Elizabeth christened to John Anstey
  • 1585: John Anstey buried (presumably an infant)
  • 1586: William christened to Allan Anstey
  • 1586: Grisill christened to John Anstey
  • 1587: Wm Anstey buried
  • 1589: John christened to John Anstey
  • 1592: Joan christened to John Ansty
  • 1592: Allan Ansteed buried in Studham
  • 1592: Susan Ansteed buried in Studham
  • 1595: Susan christened to John Anstey
  • 1597: Damaris christened to John Anstey
  • 1598: Damaris buried (son of John Anstey)   
  • 1601: Thomas christened to John Anstey
  • 1601: Thomas buried (son of John Anstey)  
  • 1602: Elizabeth Anstey married Jn Munne
  • 1602: Eleanor christened to John Anstey
  • 1604: Susan Anstey buried
  • 1605: Ann christened to John Anstey
  • 1606: Griselda Anstey married Thomas Osmund
  • 1606: Philip christened to John Anstey
  • 1614: John Anstye buried
  • 1615: Joan Anstye buried (“widow“)
  • 1616: John christened to John Anstye
  • 1617: Daniel christened to John Anstye
  • 1619: Susan christened to John Anstye
  • 1620: Ann christened to John Anstye
  • 1623: William christened to John Anstead in Studham
  • 1624: William Ansteed buried in Studham
  • 1625: Philip Anstye buried (“son of Jn“)
  • 1625: Elizabeth christened to John Ansteede in Studham
  • 1630: Thomas christened to John Anstye
  • 1631: Ann Anstie buried
  • 1645: Elizabeth Ansteed married Thomas Deacon in Studham
  • 1667: Thomas Ansted (“of Market Street“) buried
  • 1683: Joan Ansteed married William Glover in Studham   

After 1667 we find no further ‘Anstey’ entries in Caddington. After 1683 we find no further ‘Anstey’ entries in Studham.

Further Details on the Caddington Ansteys

See ‘Anstey: A Complete History From the Norman Invasion to World War One‘.

#1. The ‘Northampton Mercury‘ on 2 July 1803 lists “Name of Deserter from the Bedfordshire Militia: Thomas Anstee Name of the parish enrolled for: Caddington

#2. Two Edlesborough Anstees married in Caddington in 1803 – both were ‘of Caddington’ at the time

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