The Dyrham Anstees

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Overview of the Dyrham Anstees

The Dyrham Anstees are the root and principal sub-branch of the South Gloucestershire Ansteys. The sub-branch began when a gentleman called Robert Anstee, baptised in Knowstone, Devon in 1624, fought on the side of Sir Ralph Hopton’s Royalist army in 1643 during the English Civil War at the Battle of Lansdowne Hill near Dyrham in South Gloucestershire. After the battle, Robert decided to settle in Dyrham and marry Elizabeth, having two sons Robert Anstee (b 1646 in Dyrham) and George Anstee (b 1649 in Dyrham). Both of these sons were educated at William Jones’ school in Dyrham, a good indicator of the family’s reasonably elevated status.

Robert Anstee and George Anstee are thus the patriarchs of the two principal Dyrham Anstee sub-branches; their sons have between them spawned numerous other sub-branches. Those that we have commenced uploading include the:

Note: the Dyrham Anstees and their offshoot sub-branches in existence today have become attached to both the ‘Anstey’ and ‘Anstee’ spellings. In fact, ‘Anstey’ is much more prevalent, however as the patriarchs spelt their surnames ‘Anstee’ we stick with the label ‘Dyrham Anstees’ rather than ‘Dyrham Ansteys’.

The entirety of the early Dyrham Anstee pedigree has now been mapped out by researchers Gary and Tom, and is documented in detail in ANSTEY: The Stoke Gifford Branch, the fourth book co-authored by Gary and Tom, the first edition of which was privately printed in September 2019. Further research for the second edition is currently under way, for eventual publication and sale on Amazon, subject to there being enough demand to cover the costs of publication (anybody interested in being contacted when this second edition is available for purchase, please contact us at

It is intended that much of the contents of this book will be uploaded to this Anstey project website over time for all to enjoy.

Robert Anstee (b 1646 Dyrham)

Robert Anstee (b 1646 in Dyrham) married Elizabeth in c1680. They had four sons, all born and baptised in Dyrham, namely:

  • George Anstee (baptised 14 August 1681);
  • Samuel Anstee (baptised 24 February 1683, likely buried in Bristol, St Stephen on 17 July 1759);
  • Robert Anstee Junior (baptised 21 May 1687); and
  • Brian Anstee (baptised 28 October 1689, died an infant).

Elizabeth died soon after giving birth to their fourth son; she was buried in St Peter’s Church graveyard on 23 January 1690. As was customary at the time, Robert Anstee remarried quickly, to Mary, however she too pre-deceased him. Mary was also buried in St Peter’s Church graveyard, the parish register entry stating that “Mary y wife of Robert Anstee Senr was buryed y 4th day of Feb AD 1713/4”. Robert Anstee Junior (b 1687) is the patriarch of many South Gloucestershire Anstey sub-branches, including the  Stoke Gifford Ansteys (to which chief researchers Gary and Tom belong).

George Anstee (b 1649 Dyrham)

George Anstee (b 1649 in Dyrham) married Jane in c1680. They had three sons in Dyrham, namely:

  • Robert Anstee (baptised 29 May 1682, died an infant);
  • John Anstee (baptised 23 October 1683); and
  • Robert Anstee (baptised 14 July 1686).

George Anstee was a well-to-do yeoman farmer, dying in 1700 in Dyrham, and fortunately for us he left a will, written on 17 April 1700 while he was on his death bed, five days before his burial in St Peter’s Church graveyard in Dyrham. The will is transcribed as follows:

In the name of God Amen, the 17th day of April in the year of our Lord God 1700, I George Anstee of Dirham in the County of Gloucestershire being very sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given to God therefore. Bearing in mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die, I do make and ordain this my last will and testament. That is to say principally and first of all I give and surrender my soul into the hands of God that gave it, and for my body I [?] it to the earth to be buried in a Christianlike and decent manner at the discretion of my executrix, but at the final destination I shall [?] the same again by the mighty power of God and as ? estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life. I give, devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form. I give and devise to Jane my dearly beloved wife, all and singular my lands, messuages and tenements by her freely to be enjoyed together with all my household goods and movables whom I likewise constitute, make and ordain my only and sole executrix of this my last will and testament. Enjoining her also at the day of his marriage next ensuing, to pay to John my eldest son the sum of forty pounds of lawful English money, and likewise to pay at the aforesaid day of his marriage next ensuing the sum of forty pounds of lawful English money to Robert my youngest son. And I do hereby disavow, revoke and disannul each and every other former testament and wills and [?] and executors by me in any way before this time and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In witness hereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written. The mark of George Anstee [presumably George marked rather than signed the will because he was so physically incapacitated – he was certainly literate].

Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and delivered by the said George Anstee as his last Will and Testament in the presence of his subscribers

Marks of…Robert Bind[?] Llary Gigg[?] George Godling[?]

Along with the will there was an inventory of George Anstee’s worldy goods, including farm implements, livestock, building contents and such like. At the top of the inventory it confirms his elevated local status, stating:

a perfect inventory of the goods and household stuff of George Anstee of the parish of Dirham in the county of Gloucester, yeoman.

The inventory list, including six hundred cheeses, was signed by his son John.

George Anstee’s widow Jane lived to a ripe old age and was finally buried in Dyrham on 6 August 1735. Of their two adult sons, John Anstee does not appear to have married, which is slightly bizarre considering that would have meant him being unable to claim the £40 left to him by his father. This meant that George’s son Robert Anstee was the sole Anstey male to continue this sub-branch to the next generation.

Phillip Anstee (b 1757 Dyrham)

Phillip Anstee was born in 1757 (some sources say 1755) in Dyrham, baptised 11 June 1757 to parents Robert Anstey and Elizabeth (Betty) Gunning. He married Elizabeth Williams on 26 July 1781 at St John the Baptist, Bedminster, with one of the witnesses being his brother Cornelius Anstee. Phillip and Elizabeth had children in Westerleigh:

  • Jane Anstee (b 1782, baptised 4 January 1782 in Westerleigh);
  • George Anstee (b 1783, baptised 20 May 1783 Westerleigh, died an infant buried 26 August 1783);
  • Elizabeth Anstee (b 1784 baptised 1 August 1784 Westerleigh, died 28 July 1785); and
  • John Williams Anstee (b 1786, baptised 22 January 1786 Westerleigh. He married Ann Nicholls on 25 December 1809 in Frampton Cotterell, having children in Frampton Cotterell Elizabeth Anstey (b 15 April 1810, baptised 20 May 1810, died 1827); Philip Anstey (b 1812); Mary Anstey (b 1814 baptised 16 October 1814, possibly had an illegitimate daughter Elizabeth Ann Anstey (b c1831, see below)); Jane Anstey (b 1817, baptised 16 March 1817, died in 1822); John Anstey (b 1819 – co-patriarch of the Minersville, Pennsylvania Ansteys); and George Anstey (b 1821 – co-patriarch of the Minersville, Pennsylvania Ansteys). John was a “hatter” and he died on 17 October 1822 in Frampton Cotterell. In the 1841 Census, Ann Anstey, her two sons John and George, together with another child Elizabeth [Ann] Anstey (b c1831?, possibly a granddaughter from Mary?) were living in Frampton Cotterell. We believe that Ann Anstey (widow) moved to Minersville, Pennsylvania in 1847 with her sons and Elizabeth Ann Anstey – see Further Details #1 of the Minersville page for more)

Philip Anstee died in 1786, buried 29 November 1786 in Westerleigh St James.

John Anstey (b 1778 Wapley)

John Anstey (b 1778) was the older brother of Robert Anstey (b 1780), born to parents John Anstey (born in Dyrham in 1750) and Susannah Parker (who married in Wapley cum Codrington on 5 April 1772). He married Betty Strange in Dyrham on 27 August 1801 and they had children in Dyrham:

  • Robert Anstey (b 1801, died an infant);
  • John Anstey (b 1802, living with his parents in 1841);
  • Robert Anstee (b 1806 – see below);
  • Joseph Anstey (b 1807);
  • Aaron Anstey (b 1809 – see link);
  • Charles Anstey (b 1809);
  • George Anstee (b 1811 – see below); and
  • Hannah Anstey (b 1813, buried 10 November 1837)

John Anstey and Betty his wife, and their adult children John and Robert were living in Hinton Road in Dyrham in the 1841 Census. John Anstey died on 11 May 1844.

Robert Anstee (b 1793 Dyrham)

Robert Anstee was born in 1793 in Dyrham to parents George Anstee and Ann Davis. He married Elizabeth (Betty) Ricketts (daughter of Enoch Ricketts) in 1823 in Walcot, Bath and they had children in Dyrham:

  • William Anstey (b 1826 – see below)
  • George Anstey (b 1828, living in Dyrham with his mother and stepfather Thomas Sparrow in 1851. He married Hannah Clifford (b c1831 West Littleton) on 18 December 1853 in Bristol St James and they had children in Dyrham Elizabeth Anstey (b 1858); Mary Anstey (b 1861); George Anstey (b 1868); William Anstey (b 1871, unmarried in 1901 living with his parents); and Sydney Anstey (b 1873, married Edith Lucy Westcott in 1897 in Williton and they had children George William Anstey (b 1899 Fleet); Jesse Anstey (b 1903 Willesdon); and Evelyn Joan Anstey (b 1905 Willesdon). In the 1911 Census Sydney Anstey was a tramway motorman living with his family at 81 Barry Road Willesden) In the 1861 Census the family were at Upper Street, Dyrham and Hinton where George Anstey was an agricultural labourer. By 1871 they were at 16 Lower Street Cottage, Dyrham (a few doors down from many in his family) – ditto 1881. In the 1901 Census they were living at 13, Dyrham Street, Dyrham. George Anstey died in 1906 in Dyrham – in the 1911 Census his widow Hannah Anstey was living alone in Dyrham);
  • Winifred Anstey (b 1831, living in Dyrham with her mother and stepfather Thomas Sparrow in 1851);
  • Robert Anstey (b 1833, living in Dyrham with his mother and stepfather Thomas Sparrow in 1851. He married Fanny Beer on 31 January 1860 in Dyrham and they had children Charlotte Anstey (b 1861, alive in 1911) and Enoch Anstey (b 1865, an unmarried tram car driver in 1901. He married Sarah Jane Sheppard on 29 December 1903 at Bristol, St Michael & All Angels, Windmill Hill and in the 1911 Census they were living at 10 Vivian Street Windmill Hill Bedminster with no children – Enoch was still a tramway motorman). In the 1871 Census they were living at 4 Lower Street Cottage, Dyrham (a few doors down from many in his family) where Robert was a labourer. By 1881 they were living at Hatch Beauchamp, Hatch-Beauchamp, Taunton where Robert and Fanny were both domestic servants. By 1901 Robert was an insurance agent living at 4, Algiers Street, Windmill Hill Bedminster, Bristol – ditto the 1911 Census where he was a ‘former insurance agent’);
  • Elizabeth Anstey (b 1836, living in Dyrham with her mother and stepfather Thomas Sparrow in 1851)

Robert Anstee was buried in Dyrham in 1836 “aged 43“, his widow Elizabeth remarried Thomas Sparrow in Dyrham in 1838 and they were living in Dyrham in the 1841 & 1851 censuses. Elizabeth Sparrow was still alive in 1871, living with her son George Anstey at Lower Street Cottage, Dyrham.

John Anstey (b 1801 Dyrham)

John Anstey was born in Dyrham in 1801 to parents Robert Anstey and Ann Sainsbury, he was baptised in Dyrham on 24 May 1801. He married firstly Mary Stephens on 4 October 1823 in Dyrham and then after she died in 1831 he remarried Susanna Holloway on 15 May 1837 at Wapley. John Anstey had children:

  • Thirza Anstey (b 1824 Dyrham, married William Norris Keats in Huntspill, Somerset in 1856, was living with her Aunt Sarah in Huntspill in 1851 Census);
  • George Anstey (b 1826 Abson, married Caroline Andrews in Stoke Gifford in 1860 and had children in Wapley Lucy Anstey (b 1861); Ellen Anstey (b 1863); Mary Anstey (b 1864, in the 1911 Census she was an unmarried housekeeper at 35 Chardmore Road, St John At Hackney, London); William Philip Anstey (b 1865 – see below); and Thirza Anstey (b 1872). George had taken over the family farm (Cheescomb Farm, Wapley cum Codrington) in the 1871 Census. By the 1881 Census the family lived at Tyning Farm Codrington near Wapley and they had moved to Little Llanwellin, Caerwent, Chepstow, Monmouthshire by the 1891 Census. In the 1901 Census George Anstey was a widower living with his son William Philip Anstey in Caldicot);
  • Sarah Anstey (b 1827 Doynton, married Charles Gooding in Bishopsworth, Somerset in 1865. She died in Bedminster in 1873);
  • Cornelius Anstey (b 1829 Doynton – patriarch of the Chew Magna Ansteys);
  • Mary Ann Anstey (b 1831 Doynton); and
  • Elizabeth Holloway Anstey (b 1838 Doynton).

In the 1841 Census John Anstey was living at Cheescomb Farm, Wapley with his second wife Susanna and their children (from his first wife). John Anstey died aged 49 on 1 October 1850 at Cheescomb Farm Wapley of Haemoptysis? (3 weeks). Cornelius, his son, was present at the death, which was registered on 5 October 1850. John Anstey left a will which appears to have been signed on the same day that he died.

Robert Anstee (b 1806 Dyrham)

Robert Anstee was born in 1806 in Dyrham to parents John Anstey and Betty Strange. He married Mary Clifford in 1845 in Chipping Sodbury and they had children in Dyrham:

  • Ann Anstee (b 1847, died before 1861?);
  • John Anstee (b 1849, living with his mother and stepfather Joseph Naish at Toll Down, Hinton in the 1861 Census and Hinton Cottage, Dyrham in the 1871 Census. He married Eliza Elliott on 17 June 1871 at Dyrham St Peter and they moved to Doynton, having children there Eliza Ellen Anstey (b 1872, alive in 1881); Robert Charles Anstey (b 1873, an unmarried boot & shoe maker in 1901 and still unmarried living with his brother Howard at Bury Cottage Doynton in the 1911 Census); George Frederick Anstee (b 1874, baptised 9 August 1874 in Doynton – buried 30 August 1874 in Doynton); George Edward Anstey (b 1875, married Rose Bryant on 2 March 1902 in Wick having a daughter Dorothy Rose Anstey (b 1902 Doynton, alive in 1911) and then after she died later in 1902 he married Elizabeth Dixon on 31 December 1904 in Doynton having further children Mary Annie Anstey (b 1905 Doynton) and Bessie Elizabeth Anstey (b 1907 Doynton). In the 1911 Census George Edward Anstey was a ‘labourer roadman’ living with his family at Hyde Park Doynton); Annie Anstey (b 1877, died before 1881); William Anstey (b 1880 – see link); John Anstey (b 1883 – see link); Annie Anstey (b 1886, alive in 1901); and Howard Anstey (b 1888 – an Anstey Hero). In 1874 John Anstee was a cordwainer. In the 1881 Census John Anstee was a boot & shoe maker in Doynton with his family – in 1891 & 1901 they were at Bury Cottage, Doynton. John Anstey was buried in Doynton on 28 August 1901); and
  • William Anstee (b 1850, died before 1861?)

In the 1851 Census the family were living at Cottage, Dirham & Hinton where Robert Anstee was a pauper labourer. He died a year later in 1852. His widow Mary Anstee remarried Joseph Naish on 7 July 1856 in Dyrham St Peter and in the 1861 and 1871 censuses they were at Toll Down, Hinton and Hinton Cottage, Dyrham together with her son John Anstee.

George Anstee (b 1811 Dyrham)

George Anstee was born in 1811 in Dyrham, baptised 3 March 1811, to parents John Anstey and Betty Strange. He married Jane Button (b 1812 Middlesex) in c1836 and they had children in Brixton Hill/Lambeth:

  • Emma Anstey (b 1837, married William Harrison in 1857 in Lambeth and was living at 33 Temple Street, St George Southwark in the 1861 Census with her brother Alfred John Anstey);
  • James Anstey (b 1838, died an infant?);
  • William Henry Anstey (b q4 1840, married Phillis Sarah Forster [or Oswald?] (b 1844 Newington) in 1876 in St Saviour and they had children Alice Eliza Anstey (b 1873 St Saviour Southwark, died in 1890); and William Henry Anstey (b 1876 Southwark – an Anstey Hero). In the 1881 Census the family were living at 22, Townsend Street, St George the Martyr Southwark where William Henry Anstey (father) was a warehouseman. William Henry Anstey died in Southwark in 1886, “aged 45” so his widow Phillis remarried Simon Robinson in 1890 in Newington. By the 1891 Census she was living with her new husband and son William Henry Anstey (a porter) at Odell Street, Camberwell);
  • Mary Ann Anstey (b 1844);
  • George Joseph Anstey (b 1846, married Elizabeth Sutton (b c1846 Folkestone) in 1869 in Newington and they had children in Lambeth Alfred Ernest Anstey (b 1870 – an Anstey Hero); Florence Mary Anstey (b 1872, married William Henry Ridgwell in 1892 in Southwark and in the 1911 Census they were living at 79 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate with Florence‘s mother); Herbert William Anstey (b 1878 – an Anstey Hero); Elizabeth Phillis Anstey (b 1881); George Alexander Anstey (b 1883, married Lillie Ellen Mary Dunsdon on 29 September 1906 in Walworth and they had a daughter Ivy Dora Anstey (b 1907 Edmonton). In the 1911 Census George was a printer’s cutter living with his family (including his sister in law Florence Dunsdon) at 64 Grosvenor Road Lower Edmonton – he died on 19 June 1928 living at The Cedars, Swinburne Avenue, Broadstairs, Kent, effects to “Lillie Ellen Mary Anstey widow” – not to be confused with George Alexander Anstey (1888-1815)); and Mabel Louise Anstey (b 1887, who married her first cousin William Henry Anstey in 1906). In the 1881 & 1891 Censuses George was a baker living at 7, Warwick Street, Lambeth. George Anstey died in 1895 in Lambeth, “aged 48“. By the 1901 Census Elizabeth Anstey (widow) was living with her younger children at 321, Kennington Road, Lambeth and in the 1911 Census she was living with her daughter Florence Mary Ridgwell at 79 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate);
  • Thomas Charles Anstey (b 1849); and
  • Alfred John Anstey (b 1852, living at 33, Temple Street, St George Southwark in the 1861 Census with his sister Emma. By the 1871 Census he had joined the Royal Navy – he was unmarried)

In the 1841 Census the family was living at Anne Street, St Mary, Lambeth where George Anstey was a labourer – with them was Jane Button, presumably his mother-in-law. In the 1851 Census the family was still living in Upper Ann Street, Lambeth where George was an undertaker – he was confirmed as “age 40 born in Dyrham Gloucester“. George Anstey died in 1858 in Newington.

Moses Anstey (b 1817 Dyrham)

Moses Anstey was born in 1817 in Dyrham, baptised 23 November 1817 to single mother Hannah Anstey (though his marriage registration says his father was ‘Richard Anstey‘). He married Hannah Moss on 23 March 1845 in Dyrham, having a son:

  • Henry Anstey (b 1846 Dyrham. He married first Ann pre-1871 and in 1871 they were living at Cottage, Dyrham. They were at Hinton Hill in 1891 where he was a labourer. On 26 September 1898 he remarried Hester Salmon and in the 1911 Census they were living at Windsor Place Mangotsfield – he was a labourer and we find no children of either marriage)

In the 1861 Census they were at Toll Down, Hinton where Moses was a potato merchant. Moses Anstey was buried in Dyrham on 8 May 1885 – his widow Hannah Anstey was living with her son Henry and his wife in 1891 at Hinton Hill.

George Anstey (b 1818 Dyrham)

George Anstey was born in 1818 in Dyrham, baptised 21 March 1818, to parents George Anstee and Hannah. He married Harriet Payne (b c1816 Kilve Somerset) in 1839 in Bath and they had children:

  • Harriet Anstey (b 1843 Doynton, living with the family in 1871);
  • Mary Ann Anstey (b 1843 Doynton, died young);
  • Emma Anstey (b 1846 Doynton, living with the family in 1871);
  • George Anstey (b 1846 Doynton, living with the family in 1871. He married Hannah [Ann?] Allcorn (b c1850 London) in 1871 in St Saviour, Southwark and they had two children Herbert George Anstey (b 1872 Keynesham, died in 1891) and Florence Annie Anstey (b 1877 Castle Coombe, living with her parents in 1901. She married William Thomas Blackman on 28 July 1904 in Bristol and she was alive in 1911). In the 1881 Census George was a farmer of 113 acres living at Moor Barton Farm, Corsham. By the 1891 Census they were still at Moor Barton Farm, Moor Green, Corsham – ditto 1901. By the 1911 Census George and Hannah were living at The Chestnuts Kington Langley Chippenham – Note: in some censuses George states his birth location as Doynton, others Kington Langley);
  • Mary Ann Anstey (b 1848 Doynton, died before 1861?)
  • William Anstey (b 1852 Doynton, living with family in 1881 and still living with them in 1891, by now married); and
  • Ruth Louisa Anstey (b 1858 Castle Coombe, known as Louisa Ruth, living with family in 1881. She married John Stevens Sparrow in 1883 in Chipping Sodbury and had at least one child George John Sparrow (b 1885) who was living with his Anstey grandparents in 1891)

In the 1851 Census the family were living at Tracey Cottage, Doynton. In the 1871 Census the family were living at School House, Kington Langley, Chippenham where George Anstey was a farmer of 140 acres employing 2 men. By 1881 George Anstey was a farmer of 186 acres at Barley Close Farm, Wapley and Codrington – they were still there in 1891 together with a grandson George John Sparrow (b 1885).

George Anstey died in 1901 in Chipping Sodbury, aged 82.

William Anstey (b 1826 Dyrham)

William Anstey was born in 1826 in Dyrham to father Robert Anstee (b 1793) who died when he was a child. William was living in Dyrham with his mother Elizabeth and stepfather Thomas Sparrow in 1851. Later that year he married Eliza Hook in Chipping Sodbury and they had children in Dyrham:

  • Robert Anstey (b 1853, married Ellen Palmer in 1875/6 in Standon/Ware Hertfordshire – at the time of his marriage he was living in Gilston, Essex. They had no children and in the 1911 Census Robert was a “seller of chicken and eggs” living with his wife at Aberdeen Cottage New England Road Haywards Heath);
  • Ellen Anstey (b 1854);
  • John Anstey (b 1856 – see below);
  • Elizabeth A. Anstey (b 1859);
  • Jane Anstey (b 1861);
  • Winifred Anstey (b 1863);
  • Emily Anstey (b 1864, a servant at Kingswood Road, Oldland in the 1881 Census. She married Louis John Hopkins in Dyrham on 25 December 1890 – father confirmed as ‘William Anstey’. In the 1901 Census they were living at Hillsley Street, Hillsley);
  • Sarah Anstey (b 1867);
  • Alfred Anstey (b 1869, married Agnes Flora Wise on 18 November 1903 at St Andrew, Bradfield, Berkshire at which time he was a farmer. In the 1911 Census they were childless, living at Frogmore Farm Bradfield);
  • Charlotte Anstey (b 1871);
  • Henry Anstey (b 1874 – in the 1901 Census he was boarding at St Catherines Street, Sandal Magna, Wakefield, Yorkshire working as a railway shunter. Then in 1903 in Wakefield he married Minnie Elizabeth Faulkner and they had children in Wakefield Harold Faulkner Anstey (b 1904, died 1921 Alverthorpe); William Eric Anstey (b 1905); Alma Anstey (b 1907); Nellie Anstey (b 1909); and Linda M. Anstey (b 1914). In the 1911 Census Henry Anstey was an asylum attendant at West Riding Lunatic Asylum, Stanley Road, Wakefield and the rest of the family were living at 170 Dewsbury Road Wakefield, together with Minnie‘s sister Cecilia Faulkner) and
  • Arthur Charles Anstey (b 1877, living with his parents in Dyrham Street in the 1901 Census, a gardener. He married Annie Edwards in 1906 in Chipping Sodbury and they had at least one child Winifred May Anstey (b 1907 Dyrham). In the 1911 Census the family were living at Hind’s Cottage Dyrham Park where Arthur was a ‘Hand on gentleman’s estate‘ – also living with them was Annie‘s father Henry Edwards)

In the 1861 Census, William was an agricultural labourer at Lower Street Cottage, Dyrham; by 1871 he was a “cowman” at 13 Lower Street Cottage (a few doors down from many of his family); 1881 a “herdsman“, 1891 a “farm servant“; 1901 an “estate labourer“; and by the 1911 Census he was living with his wife Eliza at Dyrham Street, a “Retired hand on gentleman’s estate”. William Anstey died in 1912 in Dyrham.

John Anstey (b 1856 Dyrham)

John Anstey was born in 1856 to father William Anstey. He married Emily Hooper in 1880 in Cheltenham and they moved to Sandhurst in Berkshire, and later Dodington, Gloucestershire, having children:

  • Frederick Arthur Anstey (b 28 March 1881 Sandhurst, he joined the Royal Navy in c1896 (Service Number: 189483) and was an “able seaman” on the ship ‘Tyne‘ in the 1901 Census. In 1909 he married Annie Millsom in Wakefield, Yorkshire. By the 1911 Census Frederick had left the Royal Navy and he was a fireman living at 94 Fire Station, St Saviour Southwark with his wife Annie. Frederick Arthur Anstey was a “retired fire brigade officer” in 1935 when his mother Emily died. In the 1939 Register he was living at Red House Pipers End Herting Fordbury in Hertfordshire; he was a ‘Station Officer Fire Brigade Smallholder Retired’ living with his wife Annie and son Robert F. Anstey (b 1913). Frederick Arthur Anstey died in 1955; he was living at 671 Sidcup Road, Eltham – probate was to Annie Ansteywidow“);
  • Walter John Anstey (b 10 June 1882 Sandhurst (some sources say 10 June 1881). In 1901 he was working as a footman at Ennismore Gardens in Mayfair – then he emigrated to America in 1904 aboard the ship ‘Oceanic‘. In 1905 he was a servant working at Oakfield, E.D. 01, Genesee, New York and in the 1910 American Census he was at Newstead Erie New York boarding with the ‘Hess’ family and working as an engineer – in this census he indicated that he first emigrated to America in 1891?. He then popped into Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1911 where he married Dorothy Emaline Hess, returning to Oakfield, Genesee County, New York where he applied for citizenship of America in 1911. They had a single son Rowell Anstey (b 24 February 1912). Walter finally became an American citizen in 1917 where he swore that “his place of residence was Oakfield, Genesee County; that he was a miner; that he was born 10 June 1881 in Sandhurst; that he emigrated from Liverpool on 17 January 1904, arriving in New York on 4 February 1904; that he was married to Dorethea; and that he had a single son Rowell“. In the Draft Registration for World War One in September 1918 they were living at Natural Bridge, Jefferson County, New York. They were still there in the 1930 Census, Walter was a Superintendent at a Mill. In 1940 they were at Wilna Jefferson County with a grandson ‘David Junker‘, so they probably had a daughter too.);
  • Thomas Edgar Anstey (b 15 March 1884 Sandhurst, emigrated to America in 1902 and then in 1910 he married Kathryn Vincent in New York (parents confirmed as John Anstey and Emily Hooper). In the 1910 American Census they were living at Shelby, Orleans, New York where Thomas was a farmer. He was still there in the September 1918 Draft Registration for World War One, by now a naturalised American citizen living at R201 Knowlesville, Orleans, New York. The family were farming in Barre, Orleans in the 1930 Census with their children Donald Anstey (b 1914); Charles Anstey (b 1916); Roderick Anstey (b 1918); Vivian Anstey (b 1920); Harold Anstey (b 1922); Naomi Anstey (b 1924) and Norman Anstey (b 1928). They also had a daughter Edith Louise Anstey (b 1913, died an infant) and a son Cedric T. Anstey (b 1930). Thomas Edgar Anstey was buried in Millville Cemetery Millville, Orleans County, New York in 1972, inscription reads “Thomas E. 1884-1972“);
  • Edith Caroline Anstey (b 1887 Arely Kings, Worcestershire – an assistant teacher living with her parents in the 1911 Census);
  • John William Anstey (b 1889 Dodington, Gloucestershire. In June 1907 he signed up with the Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort’s Own) as a Private, however a few months later he emigrated to America on the ‘Lusitania‘ ship, and was naturalised in 1910 at which time he was a farmer living in Buffalo, New York, though we cannot locate him in the 1910 American Census. He married Alice Estelle Wyman in 1913 in Orleans County, New York and they had two children Otis William Anstey (b 1916) and Edith L. Anstey (b 1918 – in the ‘Daily News, The (Batavia, NY)‘ on April 7, 2006 “Miss Edith L. Anstey, 87, of Ridgewood died March 28, 2006, at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital, Williamsville. Born on June 23, 1918, in the town of Barre, she was the daughter of the late John W. and Alice (Wyman) Anstey. Mrs. Anstey attended Akron High School, graduating in 1936. At one time she was a self-employed dog breeder in Wilson, Niagara County, specializing in English pugs. She was also affiliated with the American Kennel Club. She will be remembered for her care and love of dogs. Survivors include a sister-in-law, Marjorie Anstey Sr.; a nephew, Bill (Jacqui) Anstey; a great-niece, Christine (James) Washak, and a great-nephew, Kenneth (Jeanne) Anstey, all of Medina; and several great-great-nieces and -nephews. She is predeceased by a brother, Otis W. Anstey Sr.“). In the Draft Registration for World War One in June 1917 John William Anstey was a farmer living in Knowlesville, Orleans County, New York with a wife and one child. John William Anstey died in 1959, buried in Millville Cemetery Millville, Orleans County, New York. His widow Alice was buried there too in 1968);
  • Alice Louisa Anstey (b 1892 Dodington, a student teacher living with her parents in the 1911 Census); and
  • Charles Ernest Anstey (b 1893 Dodington – an Anstey Hero).

In the 1891 Census John was a coachman in Dodington. By the 1901 Census the family were living at Gravel Hill Cottage, Rodborough, Stroud, John was a “stud groom domestic” and by the 1911 Census John was a “groom domestic” living at Bowme House, Bishopsbourne, Kent.

Emily Anstey (mother) died in 1935 in Manor Court Farm, Ashurst Kent.

William Philip Anstey (b 1865 Wapley)

William Philip Anstey was born in Wapley in 1865 to parents George Anstey and Caroline Andrews. He grew up at Cheescomb Farm, Wapley cum Codrington (1871); Tyning Farm Codrington near Wapley (1881) and Little Llanwellin, Caerwent, Chepstow, Monmouthshire (1891), by which time he was a farmer. William Philip Anstey married Anne Keene (b 1869) in Llanvaches, Monmouth on 14 February 1893 and they had children in Caldicot and later Rogiet in Monmouthshire:

  • George Benjamin Anstey (b 1894 Caldicot – an Anstey Hero);
  • Mary Caroline Anstey (b 1895 Caldicot – an Anstey Hero. In the 1911 Census Mary was working on the family farm at Rogiet. During World War One, Mary volunteered for the Red Cross between January 1916 and October 1918. At the time she was living at the family farm (Manor Farm) in Rogiet. Her rank was “O. Member“; she worked at the “Walker Memorial Red Cross Hospital, Portskewett” performing a total of 2,250 hours of “household work and surgery” at the hospital. After the war, Mary married George Henry Baker in 1919 in Bedwellty);
  • Philip Roger Anstey (b 1897 Caldicot – an Anstey Hero);
  • Edward Keene Anstey (b 1899 Caldicot – an Anstey Hero);
  • Ernest William Anstey (b 1901, Rogiet, was best man at his brother Philip‘s wedding in 1925. Ernest married Ivy Jones in 1929. The ‘Western Mail‘ on 31 May 1933 reported “GIRL CYCLISTS DEATH Farmer Accused of Manslaughter Ernest William Anstey, aged 31, a farmer, of Llanedeyrne, was accused at Cardiff on Tuesday of the manslaughter of a girl cyclist, Miriam M. Mary Bealing who died following injuries received in a collision with the defendants motor van…[the girl] was on the proper side when Anstey, who was on the crown of the road, swerved to his right, apparently with the intention of cutting in front of the girl. The result was a collission between the front wheel of the bicycle and the left front wing of the van. The collision caused the girl to be thrownfrom her machine and she fell on her head, sustaining serious injuries. She died at the Cardiff Royal Infirmary of cerebral hemorrhage. There was no suggestion that Anstey was travelling at an excessive speed but the brakes of the van were found to be most inefficient due to the need of relining and adjustment” – a couple of days later when the case resumed, the judge ruled there was insufficient evidence to send the case before a jury and Ernest was acquitted and discharged);
  • Robert John Anstey (b 1903, Rogiet, married Gwendoline Stephens in 1936);
  • Leonard Frank Anstey (b 1905 Rogiet, died 1907);
  • Owen Anstey (b 13 February 1907, baptised in Rogiet in 1907. Per the ‘Western Mail‘ 30 November 1931 “When two men were walking along the road at Magos at night one of them, Mervyn Ward, was struck down from behind by a motorcyclist and knocked unconscious. The motorcyclist, Owen Anstey of Rogiet, was accused at Newport County Police Court on Saturday of driving a motor cycle without due care and attention and using a cycle without third party insurance. Anstey had his brother as pillion rider. Anstey’s defence was that the men were in the shade of a high hedge“. Owen married Joan Robinson in 1935 and he died in 1991 in Ogwr, Glamorganshire); and
  • Thomas Colin Anstey (b 1911 Rogiet, married Nancy Park in 1939)

In the 1901 Census the family was at Caldicot Village, Caldicot together with William‘s father George Anstey (now a widower). Very soon after they moved to Manor Farm in Rogiet where the family were living at the time of the 1911 Census. William Philip Anstey was still at Rogiet in 1937 when he won the “yearling cart colt or filly competition” at St Bride’s near Magor. He was still at Manor Farm, Rogiet in the 1939 Register together with his wife Ann. William Philip Anstey died on 9 March 1955 living at Jubilee House Caldicot.

Further Details on the Dyrham Anstees

#1. Ansteys are still going strong in Dyrham 350 years after they first arrived – see for example Further Details #3 of the Doynton Anstey page.

#2. The ‘Bristol Mirror‘ on 13 April 1822 reported that Robert Anstee Junior was sentenced to two months imprisonment “for stealing potatoes from E. Matthews of Dyrham and Hinton

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