The Christchurch, Monmouthshire Anstees

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

The Christchurch, Monmouthshire Anstees are a sub-branch of the Dyrham Anstees, and there are a great number of them alive today, forming a large subset of the South Gloucestershire Ansteys. The patriarch of the Christchurch Anstees is William Anstee, baptised in Dyrham in 1806 to parents Charles Anstee and Grace (well known members of the Dyrham Anstee pedigree). William Anstee married Ann Florida in 1829 in Christchurch and they had a large family, packed with sons, being:

  • Mary Ann Anstee (b 1830 – d 1834);
  • Jonah Anstee (b 1832, a market gardener in the 1851 Census (and a watchmaker in the 1871 Census). He married Margaret Merchant in 1854 in Wolstanton, Staffordshire and had a huge family, being William Anstee (b 1855 Pontypool); Arthur Anstee (b 1856 Pontypool); George Anstee (b 1861 Neath); Santos Jonah Anstee (b 1863 Bristol, married Elizabeth Skammel Evans in Coity Glamorganshire in 1883 and had (amongst others) a son Santos Anstee (b 1897 – an Anstey Hero)); Walter Charles Anstee (b 1864 Bridgend, Glamorgan, married Gwenillian Rees in 1894 in Bridgend and had (amongst others) a son Gilroy Merchant Anstee (b 1895 – an Anstey Hero); Lilly Anstee (b 1865 Bristol); Emily Anstee (b 1867 Bristol); Edgar Anstee (b 1870); Minnee Anstee (b 1872 Bridgend); Maggie Anstee (b 1874 Bridgend); Edith Anstee (b 1876 Bridgend); Alice Maud Anstee (b 1878 (Llantrissent));
  • Enoch Anstee (b 1835, a market gardener in the 1851 Census. He married Harriet Lewis in Newport in 1858, having children Alice Louisa Anstee (b 1859); Granvell Anstee (b 1862); Mary Ann Anstee (b 1863); Cecilia Anstee (b 1866); Edgar Lewis Anstee (b 1868, married Fanny Elizabeth Cruwys in 1897 in Newport and later married Annie Kathleen Rutherford Cruwys in 1919 in Christchurch (father confirmed as Enoch Anstee)); Clara J. Anstee (b 1871));
  • William Anstee (b 1838);
  • Mary Anstee (b 1840);
  • Moses Anstee (b 1842, married Priscilla Beacham in Newport in 1865. He joined the Merchant Navy in 1869 as a ‘Ordinary Seaman’, sailing aboard the ‘Forest Princess‘ ship. The family then moved to Rising Sun Cottage in Rogerstone, where Moses became a market gardener, having children Eliza Ann Anstee (b 1867); Lydia Eve Anstee (b 1868); Ivor Octavius Henry Anstee (b 1870); Rosa Anstee (b 1875); William Anstee (b 1878). Moses died in 1886 in Newport);
  • Aaron Anstee (b 1844);
  • David Anstee (b 1846);
  • John Anstee (b 1848);
  • George Anstee (b 1852);
  • Joseph Anstee (b 1855);

Note: some of the above children were baptised at The Tabernacle Chapel (Independent – non conformist) in Newport and some of the birth years are somewhat uncertain with conflicting information in official documentation.

In the 1851 Census, the family were living at Chepstow Road Christchurch. William Anstee (father) was a market gardener (the census confirms his ‘Hinton [Dyrham]’ birth). Also living with them was George Florida (Ann Florida‘s father, also a market gardener). By the 1861 Census the family were at Albert Street, Christchurch – William Anstee was a butcher journeyman.

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