The Christchurch, Monmouthshire Anstees

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Overview of the Christchurch, Monmouthshire Anstees

The Christchurch, Monmouthshire Anstees are a sub-branch of the Dyrham Anstees, and there are a great number of them alive today, forming a large subset of the South Gloucestershire Ansteys. The patriarch of the Christchurch Anstees is William Anstee, baptised in Dyrham in 1806.

William Anstee (b 1806 Dyrham)

William Anstee was baptised in Dyrham in 1806 to parents Charles Anstee and Grace (well known members of the Dyrham Anstee pedigree). He married Ann Florida (daughter of Peter George Florida, a “Negro of the Parish” per his baptism & marriage certificates) in 1829 in Christchurch and they had a large family, packed with sons, being:

  • Mary Ann Anstee (b 1830, died 1834);
  • Jonah Anstee (b 1832 – see below);
  • Enoch Granville Anstee (b 1834, a market gardener in the 1851 Census. He married Harriet Lewis in Newport in 1858, having children Alice Louisa Anstee (b 1859); Granville Enoch Anstee (b 1861 – see below); Mary Ann Anstee (b 1863); Cecilia Anstee (b 1866); Edgar Lewis Anstee (b 1868 – see below); Clara Jane Anstee (b 1871). In the 1881 Census the family were living at ‘Anstee Cottage‘ where Enoch was a gardener (together with ‘Louisa Lewis mother in law’). Enoch died in Christchurch in 1897);
  • William Anstee (b 1838);
  • Mary Anstee (b 1840, married Mr Brooks and was living in 15 Albert Drive Walton Liverpool with her niece Edith Constance Anstee in the 1911 Census);
  • Moses Anstee (b 1842, married Priscilla Beacham in Newport in 1865. He joined the Merchant Navy in 1869 as a ‘Ordinary Seaman’, sailing aboard the ‘Forest Princess‘ ship. The family then moved to Rising Sun Cottage in Rogerstone, where Moses became a market gardener, having children Eliza Ann Anstee (b 1867); Lydia Eve Anstee (b 1868); Ivor Octavius Henry Anstee (b 1870, married Sarah Owen in 1906 in Newport and in the 1911 Census they were living at Rogerstone Gardens Rogerstone where Ivor was a stationary engineman); Rosa Anstee (b 1875); and Charles William Anstee (b 1877, known as Charles and William – an Anstey Hero). Moses died in 1886 in Newport and in both 1891 and 1901 censuses Priscilla Anstee (widow) was living with some of her children at Rogerstone Gardens, Rogerstone – by the 1911 Census she was still there, by now living alone. Priscilla Anstee died in 1918 in Newport);
  • Charles Aaron Anstee (b 1844 – see below);
  • David Anstee (b 1846, married Mary Ann Workman in 1871 in Newport. He died in 1888);
  • John Anstee (b 1848, married Emma Elizabeth Alcott [Adecock] in 1878 in West Derby, having children in West Derby (Fairfield), Liverpool May Masters Anstee (b 1881, an unmarried school teacher living with her sisters at 6 Stanley Road New Ferry Cheshire in the 1911 Census); Hilda Florence Anstee (b 1883, an unmarried drapers assistant living with her sisters at 6 Stanley Road New Ferry Cheshire in the 1911 Census); Katie Anstee (b 1884, an unmarried typist living with her sisters at 6 Stanley Road New Ferry Cheshire in the 1911 Census); Winifred Anstee (b 1886, unmarried and living with her sisters at 6 Stanley Road New Ferry Cheshire in the 1911 Census); and Dorothy Anstee (b 1892, living with her parents in the 1911 Census). In the 1881 Census he was a draper living at 132, Prescot Road, West Derby, Lancashire. In 1891 he was an “agent hosiery” living at Marlborough Road, West Derby and by the 1901 Census they were living at 24, Wallasey Road, Liscard, Birkenhead, Cheshire. In the 1911 Census, John, his wife and youngest daughter were at The Chillt Meliden Prestatyn, Meliden, Flintshire where he was still an “agent hosiery“);
  • George Anstee (b 1852 – see below);
  • Joseph Anstee (b 1855, married Clara Martin on 6 September 1875 in St Woollos – at the time of his marriage he was a mason. They had children William Ivor J. Anstee (b 1875, died young?); Maud Anstee (b 1878 Newport); Edith Alexandra C. Anstee (b 1882 Christchurch, married Richard E. Williams and in the 1911 Census they were at the Black Horse, Newport, having taken the pub over from her father, with her sisters, working as a beer house keeper); Alice Mary Anstee (b 1884 Christchurch, unmarried and assisting her sister Edith at the Black Horse, Newport in the 1911 Census); and Josephine Augusta Anstee (b 1890 Christchurch, unmarried and assisting her sister Edith at the Black Horse, Newport in the 1911 Census). By the 1891 Census they were living at Black Horse, Somerton Common, Christchurch where Joseph was a mason and innkeeper. Joseph Anstee died in 1899 in Newport);

Note: some of the above children were baptised at The Tabernacle Chapel (Independent – non conformist) in Newport and some of the birth years are somewhat uncertain with conflicting information in official documentation.

In the 1851 Census, the family were living at Chepstow Road Christchurch. William Anstee (father) was a market gardener (the census confirms his ‘Hinton [Dyrham]’ birth). Also living with them was George Florida (Ann Florida‘s father, also a market gardener). By the 1861 Census the family were at Albert Street, Christchurch – William Anstee was a butcher journeyman. In 1875 he was still a butcher. William Anstee died in 1877 in Newport

Jonah Anstee (b 1832 Christchurch)

Jonah Anstee was born in 1832 in Christchurch to parents William Anstee and Ann Florida. He was a market gardener in the 1851 Census, then he married Margaret Merchant in 1854 in Wolstanton, Staffordshire, having a huge family, being:

  • William Anstee (b 1855 Pontypool);
  • Arthur Anstee (b 1856 Pontypool – patriarch of the Sweetwater, Wyoming Anstees of America);
  • George Florida Anstee (b 11 March 1860 Neath. He was confirmed at St Pauls, Bucks, Pennsylvania, America on 23 May 1885 and married Narcissa Miller in Smithfield, Wales, Bucks, Pennsylvania in April 1885. After this we lose track of him completely. It is certainly possible that he first travelled to America with his brother Arthur Anstee, who went there in 1880);
  • Santos Jonah Anstee (b 1863 – see below);
  • Walter Charles Anstee (b 1864 Bridgend, Glamorgan (though the 1911 Census says “born on sea America“), married Gwenillian Rees in 1894 in Bridgend and had children in Laleston Jonah Anstee (b 1894, a colliery boy living at home in the 1911 Census. He married Elizabeth Ann Phillips and in the 1939 Register they were living at 6 Green Field Terrace, Pont Rhyd-Y-Cyff. The ‘Glamorgan Advertiser‘ on 5 June 1942 reported “ANSTEE..–Mr Jonah Anstee and Family, 6 Greenfield Terrace, Llangynwyd, thank the numerous relatives, friends and neighbours for their many kind expressions of sympathy and floral tributes received in their recent bereavement” – it also reported on the same day “Funeral: The funeral of Mrs Elizabeth Anne Anstee 6 Greenfield Terrace too place on Friday at Llangynwyd – the principal mourners were Mr Jonah Anstee (husband), Ronnie, Margaret, and Rita (son and daughters), Mr and Mrs Fred Lewis (son in law and daughter)…”); Gilroy Merchant Anstee (b 1895 – an Anstey Hero); William Dyson Anstee (b 1896, a colliery boy living at home in the 1911 Census, was married and living in Cardiff in 1931 when he attended his father’s funeral and 1942 when he attended the funeral of his sister in law); John Charles Anstee (b 1897, died 1898); Windsor Anstee (b 1898, died 1899 in Cannock Staffordshire?); and one other (died before 1911). In the 1911 Census the family were living at Ysgubburgurn Bettws Near Bridgend where Walter was a collier coal hewer. Walter died in 1931 – the ‘Western Mail‘ on 19 January 1931 reported “Cardiff Cyclist’s Fatal Injuries. Walter Charles Anstee, a watchmaker of Tewkesbury-place, Cardiff, was cycling across the Crwys-road junction on Saturday when his machine came into collision with a Swansea to London bus. He was conveyed to the Cardiff Royal Infirmary with head injuries, and died later in the day“. The ‘Glamorgan Gazette‘ on 30 January 1931 reported “Bridgend Man Buried at Cardiff.— The funeral of the late Mr. Walter Charles Anstee, 14 Tewkesbury Place, Cathays, Cardiff, late of 9 Park Street, Bridgend, aged 67, took place on Thursday of last week at the Cardiff Cemetery. The chief mourners were Mrs G. Anstee (widow); Mr and Mrs Jonah Anstee Llangynwyd; Mr Roy Anstee London, Mr and Mrs W. D. Anstee Cardiff (sons). Mr E. Anstee Coventry (brother), Mr John Stevens (brother in law), Mr and Mrs W. Lewis, Mr and Mrs W. Cox, Mr and Mrs Fred Speck (brothers in law and sisters)…“. His widow also died in 1931 – the ‘Glamorgan Gazette‘ 25 December 1931 reported “Llangynwyd. Late Mrs. G. Anstee— The funeral of the late Mrs. G. Anstee, 6 Greenfield Terrace, Llangynwyd, widow of the late Mr. Walter C. Anstee, jeweller, of Cardiff (late of Bridgend) aged 71, took place on Monday Week. The Rev. D. J. Morgan, Methodist minister, Llangynwyd, officiated. The chief mourners were: Mr. and Mrs. J. Anstee (son and daughter-in-law), Mr. Roy Anstee(son), London: Mr. W. D. Anstee (son) Cardiff, Mrs.E. Kingdom (sister), Cefn; Mr. D. Howells (cousin) Coytrahem; Mr. A. Kingdom (nephew) Tondu; Mrs.E. Cox and Mrs. F. Speck, St. Brides Major ( sisters-in)“);
  • Lilly Florence Anstee (b 1865 Bristol);
  • Emily Anstee (b 1867 Bridgend);
  • Edgar Vivian Anstee (b 1870 Bridgend – see below);
  • Lydia Anstee (b c1871 Bridgend);
  • Minnie Anstee (b 1871 Bridgend, baptised 18 November 1871 in Nolton. In the 1901 Census she was a music teacher, living with her cousin Edgar Lewis Anstee – she was still living with him in the 1911 Census at Glen Road Chepstow Christchurch, bizarrely and surely incorrectly described as a widow. Minnie Anstee died in 1945, buried at St Bride’s Major on 28 June 1945);
  • Mary Elvira Anstee (b 1873 Bridgend, died young?);
  • Margaret Ann Anstee (b 1873 Bridgend, known as Maggie)
  • Edith Matilda Anstee (b 1875 Bridgend, married William Cox in 1901 in Bridgend. She attended her brother Walter‘s funeral in 1931); and
  • Alice Maud Anstee (b 1878 Llantrissent, married Frederick Evan Speck in 1901 and in the 1911 Census she was living at Pleasant View Turcross Ewenny, Ewenny, Glamorganshire with her mother and brother Santos. She attended her brother Walter‘s funeral in 1931)

In 1856 when his son Arthur Anstee was baptised, Jonah Anstee was already a watchmaker, living at Albion Road. In 1864 Jonah and Margaret must have been travelling to or from America judging by the birth location of their son Walter Charles Anstee. Jonah was still a watchmaker in the 1871 Census. By 1881 the family were living at 12, Adare Street, Lower Coyty, Bridgend where Jonah Anstee was a watchmaker and jeweller. The ‘Cardiff Times‘ 6 January 1883 edition reported that “Charles Smith, mason, pleaded guilty to breaking and entering the dwelling house of Jonah Anstee, Coity on 7 December and stealing from it a gold albert chain and a silver chain, the property of Jonah Anstee

Jonah Anstee died in 1895, at the time living at Caroline Street, Bridgend – he was buried on 10 April 1895 at Nolton. By the 1911 Census Margaret Anstee was a widow, living with her daughter Alice at Pleasant View Turcross Ewenny, Ewenny, Glamorganshire

Charles Aaron Anstee (b 1844 Christchurch)

Charles Aaron Anstee, sometimes known as Aaron, was born in 1844 in Christchurch to parents William Anstee and Ann Florida. He married Ellen King in 1869 in Newport and they had a child:

  • Charles Ivor Anstee (b 1871 Maindee. He died in 1897 in Newport);

In the 1871 Census they were living at Chepstow Road Butchers Shop, Christchurch. In the 1881 Census the family were living at 73, Commercial Street, Newport where Charles was a licensed victualler.

Ellen Anstee died in Newport in 1885 so a year later in 1886 in Clifton, Charles Aaron Anstee (“widower, son of William Anstee“) remarried to Janet [Janette] Amelia Hancock and had further children in Newport:

  • Gladys Isabella Anstee (b 1887, an unmarried “lady” visiting 2 Brighton Parade Blackpool in the 1911 Census);
  • Janet Rosamond Anstee (b 1891, an unmarried barmaid at The Old Inn Walton Road Clevedon in the 1911 Census); and
  • Edith Constance Anstee (b 1897, living with her aunt Mary Brooks at 15 Albert Drive Walton, Liverpool in the 1911 Census)

In the 1891 Census the family were living at Commercial Road, St Woollos where Charles was an “inn keeper“. Janet Amelia Anstee died in 1901 after she “fell and fractured her skull“. According to the ‘Star of Gwent‘ 1 March 1901 edition “DEATH: Husband’s Sad Discovery. The death occurred under distressingly sad and sudden circumstances on Thursday morning of Mrs Janet Amelia Anstee, wife of Mr C. A. Anstee, landlord of the Potter’s Arms Hotel, Dock Street, Newport. The deceased lady was ascending the stairs shortly after twelve o clock on Wednesday night, evidently supporting herself by the rails attached to the bannister and had hardly got up a few steps when one of the rails gave way and she fell backward into the stone passage. Mr Anstee was in the bar parlour at the time, and hearing heavy breathing, which he was at a loss to understand, went out into the passage where he found his wife lying on her back in an unconscious condition and a detached rail from the stairway showed him how the accident occurred…she did not regain consciousness and died shortly before ten o clock on Thursday morning. The deceased was a tall woman of ample proportions which made her fall more serious. She was about 39 years of age and was a native of Barnstaple, but had been in Newport for about sixteen years. Much sympathy will be felt for Mr Anstee and his three motherless girls in their sad bereavement.

In the 1901 Census Charles (widower) was still the licensed victualler of the Potter’s Arms public house at 16, Corn Street, Newport living with his children. A year later in 1902 he too died, the ‘Leighton Buzzard Observer and Linslade Gazette‘ 4 March 1902 edition reporting “A Strange Coincidence. A singular coincidence has occurred at Newport. Mr Charles Anstee, the proprietor of the Potter’s Arms Hotel, had a presentment that he would die on the anniversary of the death of his wife, who fell and fractured her skull a year ago last Friday. His friends tried to laugh him out of it but he was found dead in bed on Friday morning“.

George Anstee (b 1852 Christchurch)

George Anstee was born in 1852 in Christchurch to parents William Anstee and Ann Florida. He married Sarah Jane Brown in 1873 in Cardiff and they had a huge family in Newport (and one in Swansea), being:

  • William George Anstee (b 1874, died in Newport in 1900 aged 26);
  • Rosa Annie Anstee (b 1876, died an infant);
  • Hilda Jane Anstee (b 1877, died an infant);
  • Arthur Augustus Anstee (b 1878, we cannot locate him in the 1911 Census. He married Laura Louise Trownsell [Townsell] (who was Rhodesian) in 1914 in Newport and they one son Arthur Grenville Anstee (b 1915 Newport, living in Parktown, Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe in 1949). Arthur died in 1934 in Monmouth and his widow Laura died in Salisbury, Zimbabwe on 15 July 1973);
  • Ann Anstee (b 1880, died an infant);
  • John Anstee (b 1880, died an infant);
  • Florence Ann Anstee (b 1881 Swansea, known as Flora, married in 1905 in Newport);
  • Alice Ada Anstee (b 1883, known as Ada, married William Lasperry G Vowles on 12 September 1904 in Newport);
  • Mabel [Abel] Jane Anstee (b 1885 Maindee, an unmarried general servant living with her parents in the 1911 Census);
  • Eva Maud Anstee (b 1887, a servant at 30, Constance Street, Newport in 1901. She married Tom Price in Newport in 1910);
  • Clara Edith Anstee (b 1889, known as Edith, alive in 1911 though we cannot locate her in the 1911 Census. May have married Frank J. Aldridge in 1923 in Newport?);
  • Hilda Mary Anstee (b 1890, a parlourmaid at Ynshafod New Market St Usk in the 1911 Census); and
  • Violet Lilly Anstee (b 1892 Maindee, living with her parents in the 1911 Census)

In 1891 George was a mason living at Archibald Street, Christchurch. In the 1901 Census George was a stonemason living with his family at Shop, 70, Archibald Street, Newport. In the 1911 Census George Anstee was a shopkeeper of a small general shop living with his wife and two of his children at 258 Cremwell Road, Newport – 8 of their 13 children were still alive.

Granville Enoch Anstee (b 1861 Christchurch)

Granville Enoch Anstee was born in 1861 in Christchurch to parents Enoch Granville Anstee (per above) and Harriet Lewis. In the 1881 Census he was living with his family at ‘Anstee Cottage‘, where he was a gardener’s assistant. He married Emily Elizabeth Edwards (known as Elizabeth) in 1890 in Newport and they had children in Christchurch:

In the 1901 Census the family were living at Farmwood Cottages, 6, Chepstow Road, Newport where Granville was a market gardener. By the 1911 Census he was still a market gardener at 6 Bolts Row Chepstow Road, Newport. Granville died in 1922 in Newport.

Santos Jonah Anstee (b 1863 Bristol)

Santos Jonah Anstee was born in 1863 in Bristol (or Ogmore Vale, sources differ) to parents Jonah Anstee and Margaret Merchant. He married Elizabeth Skammel Evans in Coity Glamorganshire in 1883 and they had children in Ogmore Vale:

  • Margaret Matilda Anstee (b 1884, married Albert Brace Partridge in 1903 in Bridgend – living at 7 Suffolk Place, Ogmore Vale in c1914);
  • William Thomas L. Anstee (b 1885, known as Thomas, – a coal miner in 1901 and in the 1911 Census he was a colliery hewer at face boarding at 4 Tynewydd Road, Llangeinor – he was living at Corbett Street Ogmore Vale in c1914. He married Ellen Broadway in 1916 in Bridgend and they had (amongst others) a son Alfred George Anstee (b 1922) who found himself in the ‘Daily Mirror‘ on 3 February 1948 “Suicide Hurt a Baby Court Told. A man who ran to tell police he had accidentally upset disinfectant over his baby daughter’s face while he tried to commit suicide, afterwards twice tried to take his own life while a doctor was attending to the baby. It was stated yesterday at Maesteg where Alfred George Anstee (26) of Bridge Street Ogmore Vale appeared on a charge of attempted suicide…Anstee came to the police station and declared ‘you can charge me afterwards, come and see my baby’. The policeman went to Anstey’s house and the doctor attended to the baby’s eyes, then the sergeant said ‘I noticed Anstee raising a bottle of linament to his lips. I stuggled with him and got the bottle away. I returned to help the doctor and Anstee got another bottle of disinfectant and declared ‘this time you will not stop me’. I strugled with him again and prevented him drinking’. Anstee was remanded for a week for examination by a psychiatrist”);
  • Arthur Anstee (b 1887 – an Anstey Hero);
  • Jonah Anstee (b 1889, an unmarried ‘mason lauber’ boarding at 5 Newtown Tonyrefail, Llantrisant in the 1911 Census. Then in 1912 he married Annie Louise Morgan in Bridgend and they were living at 2 Rhin? Glyn? Road, Ogmore Vale in 1914. By the 1939 Register Annie Louise was incapacited and Jonah was a ‘Coal sipper colliery’ with the family living at 26 Pembroke Street, Llanharan);
  • Emily Anstee (b 1890);
  • Alfred George Anstee (b 1893 – an Anstey Hero);
  • Washington Miller E. Anstee (b 1894 – an Anstey Hero)
  • Santos Anstee (b 1897 – an Anstey Hero);
  • Matilda Anstee (b 1900); and
  • Percy Brace Anstee? (b 1902)

In the 1891 Census the family were at Bridge Street, Llangeinor, Bridgend where Santos was a coal miner. In the 1901 Census the family were living at 4, Cemetery Road, Llangeinor, Bridgend, Glamorganshire where Santos was a coal miner hewer (with them was Elizabeth Anstee‘s sister Jessie P. S. Evans (b 1876)). In 1906 Santos was living at John Street, Ogmore Vale. By the 1911 Census Santos was a widower, living with his sister and mother at Pleasant View Turcross Ewenny, Ewenny, Glamorganshire. Santos Jonah Anstee died later in 1911 in Bridgend “aged 49“.

One of this family, we are not sure who, had a daughter Margretta Anstee (b 1909 Bridgend). This girl was living with Jessie Evans (b 1876 see above) and her family at 11 Corbett Street Ogmore Vale in the 1911 Census.

Edgar Lewis Anstee (b 1868 Christchurch)

Edgar Lewis Anstee was born on 16 September 1868 in Christchurch to parents Enoch Granville Anstee (per above) and Harriet Lewis. He married Fanny Elizabeth Cruwys in 1897 in Newport and they had children in Christchurch:

  • James Edgar E. Anstee (b 1898, alive in 1911);
  • Clifford Ivor Anstee (b 1900, alive in 1911);
  • Phyllis Cruwys Anstee (b 1907, alive in 1911);
  • Constance Irene Anstee (b 1909, died an infant);
  • Vera E. Anstee (b 1911, alive in 1911);
  • Brynley G. Anstee (b 1913); and
  • Glyn W. Anstee (b 2 August 1915, a steel tube works labourer living with his parents in 1939)

In the 1901 Census Edgar and his family, plus a cousin Minnie Anstee (see above) were living at Somerton Gardens, Chepstow Road, Newport where Edgar was a market gardener. By the 1911 Census he was still a market gardener living at Glen Road Chepstow Christchurch with his family plus Kate Cruwys (sister in law). Fanny Anstee (wife) died in q1 1919 so later in 1919 Edgar married Annie Kathleen Rutherford Cruwys in Christchurch (father confirmed as Enoch Anstee) and they had another child:

  • Freda Irene Anstee (b 28 September 1921 – the ‘Glamorgan Gazette‘ on 27 September 1946 reported “The wedding took place at St Brides Major Church on September 14 of Mr Leonard Morgan Llewellyn son of Mr. David Llewellyn, Clifton House and the late Mrs. Llwellyn, and Miss Freda Irene Anstee, youngest daughter of Mrs. Edgar Anstee of Chepstow Road, Newport, and the late Mr. Anstee. The bride was given away by her Uncle, (Mr. Frank Crwys, of London)…“);

In the 1939 Register Edgar and his second wife and children were living at 595 Chepstow Road, Newport where he was a retired market gardener. He died in 1943.

Edgar Vivian Anstee (b 1870 Bridgend)

Edgar Vivian Anstee was born on 10 April 1870 in Bridgend, baptised 27 April 1870 in Newcastle, Glamorgan, to parents Jonah Anstee and Margaret Merchant. In 1891 he was a baker servant at High Street, Aberystruth then in December 1892 he married Isabella Harriet Gane, known as Bella, in Newport and they had children:

  • Elsie May Anstee (b 1893 Newport, atttended Pen-Y-Bont Infants School, Bridgend in 1897. She was a potters thimble maker living with family in the 1911 Census);
  • Samuel Frederick Anstee (b 1894 Blaina, known sometimes as Freddy, baptised 26 July 1900 in Ebbw Vale. He was a potters flat presser living with family in the 1911 Census);
  • William George M. Anstee (b 1896 Bridgend, known sometimes as Willie, a potters moode runner living with family in the 1911 Census);
  • Edgar Vivian Anstee (b 1899 Monmouth, known sometimes as Victor?, baptised 26 July 1900 in Ebbw Vale. He was living with family in the 1911 Census. He married Cicely Warner in Foleshill in 1918 and they had two children. The ‘Coventry Herald‘ on 12 September 1930 reported “Edgar V. Anstee, 51, Harefield Road, Coventry was summoned for failing to illuminate the rear identification plate of his motor car at Binley on August 31st. He was fined 5s“. The ‘Staffordshire Sentinal‘ on 18 November 1931 reported “Maintenance Arrears. Edgar Vivian Anstee 88, Widdrington Road, Coventry. did not appear at Longton Police Court on a summons in respect of £51 3s. 6d maintenance arrears and costs due to his wife Cicely Anstee 303 Uttoxeter Road, Longton. Mrs Anstee said the order which was for 30s, was made November 3rd 1930. She herself could not earn enough to keep herself and her two children. Her husband she said was living with another woman and on a previous summons for arrears this woman paid the money by selling the piano. The summons was adjourned for a week for Anstee to pay £5“. The ‘Staffordshire Advertiser‘ on 7 October 1933 reported “Fines and costs totalling £14 7s 3d were imposed at Hanley Stipendiary Court on Monday on Edgar V. Anstee, boot and shoe repairer, of Broad Street, Hanley, for failing to pay wages at not less than the minimum rate to employee named George Ainsworth…“. The ‘Staffordshire Sentinel‘ on 8 May 1941 reported “STOKE Edgar Vivian Anstee, 24. Sheppard-street, Stoke was fined £10 at Stoke Police Court today. when he charged with driving a motor car when under the influence drink to such an extent as to be incapable of having control…Edgar Vivian Anstee died in 1955 in Leicester);
  • Reginald Jonah Anstee (b 1902, living with family in the 1911 Census);
  • Doris Muriel Anstee (b 1904 Abertillery, living with family in the 1911 Census);
  • Ronald Anstee (b 17 April 1906 Abertillery, living with family in the 1911 Census – still unmarried in 1939 living with parents);
  • Stanley Anstee (b 1908 Hanley, living with family in the 1911 Census);
  • Ethel Irene Anstee (b 1910 Hanley, living with family in the 1911 Census);
  • Mabel Anstee (b q3 1911 Stoke – the ‘Coventry Evening Telegraph‘ on 3 August 1936 reported “Bell Green Wedding: Two members of the Bell Green Congregational Church, Mr Dennis H. Lenton of Lenton’s Lane Hawkesbury and Miss Mabel Anstee of Alderman’s Green Road were married at the Congregational Church on Saturday afternoon. Both the bride and the bridegroom belong to the Church choir and Christian Endeavour Society. The bride, who was given away by her father Mr Edgar Anstee, wore a dress of white satin…bridesmaids…Misses Olwen and Iris Anstee (nieces)…“); and
  • two others (died by 1911)

In the 1901 Census the family were living at Barry Street, Cwm, Ebbw Vale, Bedwellty where Edgar was a baker journeyman. By the 1911 Census the family were living at 2 Simpson Street Hanley Stoke on Trent where Edgar was a “Baker at present letters labourer“.

By 1919 Edgar and his family had moved to Coventry – the ‘Coventry Evening Telegraph‘ on 12 February 1919 reported “Edgar Anstee, of 120 Alderman’s Green Road, sued Arthur M. Dickinson 103 Much Park Street, at Coventry County Court, on Tuesday, for £24 damages for illness and suffering and breach of contract. Plaintiff said he was in Mr Dickinson’s employment for 18 months up to 28 December last as a baker…

The ‘Coventry Herald‘ on 26 October 1923 reported “Foleshill: Lost Memory – a man suffering from lost memory who was found in High Street Birmingham has been identified by his son as Edgar Anstee of Longford near Coventry and has been taken to his home“.

Edgar was still living in Coventry in 1931 when he attended his brother Walter‘s funeral.

In the 1939 Register Edgar was retired and still living with his wife and son at 120 Alderman’s Green Road, Coventry. Edgar died in 1951 in Coventry.

Further Details on the Christchurch, Monmouthshire Anstees

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