The Stoke Gifford Ansteys

by Gary. M. Anstey and Thomas John Ansteychief researchers of the Anstey story project.

Stoke Gifford Ansteys Overview

The Stoke Gifford Ansteys, the sub-branch to which I (Gary) and fellow chief researcher T. J. Anstey (Tom) belong, trace their origins to John Anstey, who was baptised in 1751 in Iron Acton to parents William Anstey of Dyrham and Amy Parks. Hence the Stoke Gifford Ansteys are a sub-branch of the Dyrham Anstees, both of which form part of the South Gloucestershire Anstey pedigree.

How the Stoke Gifford Ansteys fit into the overall Anstey pedigree is illustrated nicely in the below schematic, which will appear in the fourth edition of ‘ANSTEY: Our True Surname Origin and Shared Medieval Ancestry‘ when it is completed.

The entirety of the Stoke Gifford Anstey pedigree has now been mapped out and the lives of all of the early Stoke Gifford Ansteys is known in great detail. They are all thoroughly documented in the book

ANSTEY: The Stoke Gifford Branch

This is the fourth book co-authored by Gary and Tom, the first edition of which was privately printed in September 2019. Further research for the second edition is currently under way, for eventual publication and sale on Amazon, subject to there being enough demand to cover the costs of publication (anybody interested in being contacted when this second edition is available for purchase, please contact us at

It is intended that much of the contents of this book will be uploaded to this Anstey project website over time for all to enjoy.

The Early Stoke Gifford Anstey Pedigree

John Anstey married Christian Webb at St Michael’s Church in Stoke Gifford on 1 April 1777, and they had seven children being:

  • Christian Anstey (baptised in Frampton Cotterell on 19 July 1778);
  • Elizabeth Anstey (baptised in Frampton Cotterell on 3 October 1780);
  • Amy Anstey (aka Emma – baptised in Frampton Cotterell on 3 August 1783);
  • Mary Anstey (baptised 26 June 1785 in Frampton Cotterell);
  • William Anstey (‘father of eleven’ – baptised in Frampton Cotterell on 21 March 1787);
  • Thomas Anstey (‘father of thirteen’ – baptised in Stoke Gifford on 10 February 1791); and
  • Dinah Anstey (baptised in Stoke Gifford on 10 February 1791).

The eleven children of William Anstey and the thirteen children of Thomas Anstey form the two major Stoke Gifford Anstey sub-branches.

Principal Stoke Gifford Ansteys

Charles Lloyd Anstey (b 1860)

Charles Lloyd Anstey, known as Charlie, was born in 1860 in Llantrisant, Pontypool, Monmouthshire to parents John Anstey and Elizabeth Pullen Lloyd; he is a grandson of Thomas Anstey (b 1791 – father of thirteen) and brother to George James Anstey of Massena, Iowa. Charlie married first Kate Lockstone (b 1861) in 1881 in Bristol, then when she died in 1893 (buried in Yate) he married her sister Sarah White Lockstone (b 1867) in 1895 in Barton Hill. Charlie and the Lockstones had children in Yate:

  • Florence Elizabeth Anstey (b 1882, married Bertie William Whitcombe in 1906, lived at Southwood Farm, Charfield Gloucestershire, received a share of brother Charles Lloyd Anstey Jnr’s possessions after his 1917 death);
  • Arthur George Anstey (b 1883, he married Annie Selman in 1907 in Westerleigh and they lived at New Lodge Farm, Iron Acton in 1911. They had children Phyllis Ann Anstey (1911-1984, who married Leslie Heaven and later remarried to Charles Mills); and Arthur Charles L. Anstey (1915-1932, buried in St Mary’s Yate). Arthur was listed as next of kin to his brothers Charles Lloyd Anstey Jnr and Ernest Charles Anstey. Arthur died in 1917, he was buried in Yate churchyard);
  • Ernest Charles Anstey (b 1884 – an Anstey Hero and Canada Anstey Pioneer);
  • Oliver James Anstey (b 1886 married Ethel Mary Lord in 1908 in Axbridge, Somerset and they lived at Grove Farm (and/or Cliff Farm) Wapley, having children Gladys Mary Anstey (b 1909); John Henry Anstey (b 1910); Margaret Lloyd Anstey (b 1910); Ethel M. Anstey (b 1912); Dorothy K. Anstey (b 1914); Frances M. Anstey (b 1916); Blanch Anstey (b 1919); Norman J. Anstey (b 1923); and Brian H. Anstey (b 1924). Oliver was listed as next of kin for his brother Charles Lloyd Anstey Jnr. In 1928, Oliver, a poultry, dairy and pig farmer, was walking from Yate market towards his home in Watley when he was hit by a bus belonging to Bristol Tramway Company and killed, “leaving a widow and nine children” per the ‘Gloucester Journal‘ 22 December 1928 editon. The case against the bus company for negligence in February 1930 at the Civil Court of Bristol Assize was lost. Oliver James Anstey was buried in St Peter’s Churchyard, Wapley);
  • Charles Lloyd Anstey Junior (b 1890 with Kate – an Anstey Hero);
  • George Frederick Anstey (b 1895 with Sarah, died 1897);
  • John Anstey (b 1897, died 1974 Chipping Sodbury);
  • Thomas Anstey (b 1899, married Elsie Dorothy Prior in 1925 in Iron Acton – he died in 1958 in Bristol);
  • Sidney Anstey (b 1904, married Edith Ellen Webb in 1934 in Old Sodbury);
  • Catherine May Anstey (b 1905, known as May, died 1992 in Bristol);
  • Kate Lloyd Anstey (b 1907, died 1993 Chipping Sodbury); and
  • Doris Annie Anstey (b 1909, died 1920 Chipping Sodbury)

In 1861 Charlie was living at at 3 Whitehill Llantrissent, Monmouthshire with his parents. By 1871 he was living at was living at 108 Pen-y-lan Farm Rogerstone, Monmouthshire. In 1886 he was living at Stover Farm, Yate, then by 1888 he was living at Goose Green Farm, Yate. In 1904 Charlie moved to Cliff Farm in Wapley. Charlie died in 1914, he was buried at St Mary’s Churchyard in Yate.

Charlie‘s widow Sarah Anstey died in 1947, the ‘Western Daily Press‘ reporting on 20 May 1947 “Mrs Sarah Anstey of Wapley. The death occurred of Mrs Sarah Anstey of Wapley, aged 80, wife of the late Mr Charles L. Anstey of Cliff Farm Wapley. Mrs Anstey has resided at Cliff Farm for the past 43 years and was well known in the district. The funeral service at Wapley Parish Church was conducted by the Rev. W. H. Wynne

Stoke Gifford Anstey War Heroes

We have begun to upload biographies of Anstey war heroes. Those from the Stoke Gifford Anstey sub-branch include:

Further Information on the Stoke Gifford Ansteys

We are always on the lookout for Stoke Gifford Anstey experts alive today who are willing to add their findings and knowledge to this project. We are particularly interested in research regarding Stoke Gifford Ansteys who fought in wars, preferably with personal souvenirs such as letters sent by the soldiers or military photos etc. Anybody who has such expertise and inclination, please contact us at

We have already uploaded quite a bit of information and documentation about the Stoke Gifford Ansteys, and continue to upload more each day (see Project Updates), however it is spread over various segments of the website.

The best way to find said information is to enter ‘Stoke Gifford’ in the search box at the bottom of this page and a list of relevant pages will appear.

Anybody who finds any mistakes on this page, please contact us at and we will correct it.

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