The Batheaston Ansteys

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Overview of the Batheaston Ansteys

The Batheaston Ansteys of Somerset are a sub-branch of the Tiverton Ansteys, hence they form part of the South West Peninsula Anstey pedigree. The patriarch of the Batheaston Ansteys is Thomas Anstey, who married Mary in Langridge in 1739

Thomas Anstey (m 1739 Langridge)

Thomas Anstey married Mary in 1739 in Langridge and they moved to Batheaston, having children:

  • John Anstey (b c1740 – see below);
  • Martha Anstey (b 1742, married Thomas Neat in 1764 in Batheaston);
  • Mary Anstey (b 1746, married Samuel Broad of Tiverton in 1769); and
  • Elizabeth [Betty] Anstey (b 1749, married in 1777 in Bathford)

Thomas Ansteybutcher of Bath Easton” wrote a long will on 4 May 1774, which was proved in London on 1 September 1775 – executors were Samuel Hewitt? and Richard Hooper?. Thomas Anstey himself as buried in Batheaston on 8 August 1775. The will mentions the following:

  • his wife Mary Anstey;
  • his son John Anstey;
  • his daughter Elizabeth Anstey;
  • his daughter Mary Broad, his son in law Samuel Broad and their children William, Sally and Patty Broad; and
  • his daughter Martha Neate?, his son in law Thomas Neate? and their children Mary, Thomas and William Neate?

John Anstey (b c1740 Batheaston)

John Anstey was born in c1740 in Batheaston to parents Thomas Anstey and Mary. He married Martha in 1774 and they had children:

  • Thomas Anstey (b 1775, died an infant);
  • Mary Anstey (b 1776);
  • Betty Anstey (b 1778, died 1779);
  • Thomas Anstey (b 1780);
  • Betty Anstey (b 1780, died 1781);
  • Ann Anstey (b 1783, died an infant in Bathwick);
  • William Anstey (b 1788 – see below); and
  • George Anstey (b 1792)

John Anstey died in 1794 – his widow Martha Anstey died in 1823 and was buried in Batheaston

William Anstey (b 1788 Batheaston)

William Anstey was born in 1788 in Batheaston to parents John Anstey and Martha. He married Ann in c1810 and they had children in Batheaston:

  • Leah Anstey (b 1810);
  • Eleanor Anstey (b 1812);
  • William Anstey (b 1814 – see below);
  • Caroline Anstey (b 1817, had an illegitimate daughter Sarah Ann Anstey (b 1832 Batheaston when Caroline was living in London Road); and
  • Sarah Anstey (b 1826, baptised in 1832 in Batheaston aged 6)

William Anstey was a chair maker by trade. His widow Ann was buried in 1862 in Batheaston aged 75.

William Anstey (b 1814 Batheaston)

William Anstey was born in 1814 in Batheaston to parents William Anstey and Ann. He was a carpenter/basket maker by trade, marrying Amelia Jones (b 1824 Batheaston) in c1845 and they had children:

  • William Anstey (b 1848 Beaufort Brecknoshire, married Matilda Ann Lewis in 1871 in Bath, having a daughter Mary Ann Anstey (b 1872 Bath to mother ‘Lewis’ – she had an illegitimate son Arthur Edwin Anstey (b 1896 Bath – an Anstey Hero). Mary Ann was living with her ‘uncle’ Thomas Manning at High Street, Batheaston in 1891 and living in the Bath Union Workhouse when she had her son in 1896. She was still unmarried living at the Bath Union Workhouse at Odd Down Bath in the 1911 Census) – this is the only child of theirs that we find);
  • Henry Anstey (b q2 1851 Beaufort Brecknoshire. He first married Ann Matilda XXX and they had a daughter Mary Ann Anstey baptised 10 September 1876 in Batheaston. Ann Matilda Anstey must have died in childbirth because she was buried in Batheaston on 3 September 1876 age 29 (we presume that her daughter Mary Ann also died because we find no census entry for her). Henry then married Clarabella Augusta Dew [Drew] in 1882 in Bath – he was a baker living at 11 Cottage Place and his father was confirmed as ‘William Anstey carpenter‘. One witness was his brother John Anstey. In 1891 he was a coachman domestic living at Bailbrook Buildings, Bailbrook, Batheaston with his wife and stepdaughter Clara Drew – they appear to have had no children)

William Anstey (father) died in 1852 in Batheaston, buried at St John the Baptist Church on 13 May 1852, “aged 37“. His widow Amelia Anstey had two more (illegitimate) children, being:

  • Frederick George Anstey (b q4 1854 Batheaston, baptised 24 February 1856 in Batheaston to ‘Amelia Anstey paper worker‘ – he was an unmarried coachman living with his brother John and his family at Bailbrook, Batheaston in the 1891 Census. He was still single in 1901, working as a mason’s labourer and boarding at 4, Ballance Street, Bath. By the 1911 Census he was at the Bath Union Workhouse, Odd Down, an unmarried coachman); and
  • John Anstey (b q1 1858 Batheaston, a house painter in 1881 and witness to his brother’s wedding in 1882. He married Matilda Anne Bolwell on 6 December 1885 in Batheaston (father stated as ‘William Anstey basket maker‘) and they had children in Batheaston Frederick George Anstey (b 1885 – an Anstey Hero); Charles Henry Anstey (b 1887, baptised 25 December 1887 in Batheaston when the family was living at Bailbrook. He was a cellarman living with his widowed mother in the 1911 Census and he was already married in 1937); Lillian Anstey (b 1890); Stanley Frank Anstey (b 1894 – an Anstey Hero); and Iris Anstey (b 1899, living with her widowed mother in the 1911 Census). In 1888 “John Anstey, labourer, of Bailbrook, was summoned for keeping dog without a license on the 28th June.“. In the 1891 and 1901 Census they were at Bailbrook, Batheaston where John was a house painter. John Anstey died in 1902, buried at Batheaston on 29 January 1902. The ‘Taunton Courier‘ on 29 January 1902 reported “JURYMAN DROPS DEAD. When a juryman, named John Anstey, a painter, was viewing a body, Bailbrook, near Bath, on Wednesday, he fell down in apoplectic fit, and expired in a few minutes…“. His widow Matilda Ann Anstey remarried James Uffington Taylor in 1905 in Bath however he had died by the 1911 Census, where Matilda Anne Taylor and three of her Anstey children were living at 3 Bedford St Walcot Bath – she was a charwoman. The ‘Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette‘ on 4 December 1937 reported “The funeral of Mr Charles William Bolwell, of 16, Bailbrook Buildings, Bath, took place at Batheaston Churchyard on Wednesday, the Rev. P. B. Mercier, vicar of Batheaston, officiating. The mourners included Mrs. M. Taylor (sister), Mr. and Mrs. F. Anstey, Mr. and Mrs. C. Anstey, Mr. and Mrs S. Anstey (nephews and nieces)…“)

In the 1861 Census the family were living at 150 ? Street Batheaston where Amelia Anstey was a charwoman. Amelia Anstey remarried to Thomas Mannings in 1864 in Bath (as Amelia Jones) and in the 1871 Census the family were living at Bartletts Yard, Batheaston. By the 1881 Census the family were living at Lower Batch, Batheaston. By 1891 Amelia was deceased and Mary Ann Anstey (b 1872) was living with her ‘uncle’ Thomas Manning at High Street, Batheaston.

Further Details on the Batheaston Ansteys

#1. Albert Edward Anstey, an Anstey Hero born in Batheaston in 1890, is of the Exminster Ansteys

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