The Devon Ansteys

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Devon ‘Anstey’, Ansty’, ‘Anstee’ and ‘Anstie’s are very complicated indeed. Basically there are three types of ‘Anstey’, Ansty’, ‘Anstee’ and ‘Anstie’s in Devon, being:

Thus far, ‘Anstey’, Ansty’, ‘Anstee’ and ‘Anstie’s in Devon where we have begun to upload information are:

[Note: certain Devon parishes had both South West Peninsula Ansteys and Ansteys evolved from other surnames living in them, sometimes alongside each other at the same time – hence certain parishes appear in both above lists (eg Witheridge and Crediton)]

We have already uploaded bits of information and documentation about ‘Anstey’, Ansty’, ‘Anstee’ and ‘Anstie’s in Devon, and continue to upload more all the time (see Project Updates), however it is spread over various segments of the website.

The best way to find said information is to enter ‘Devon’ in the search box at the bottom of this page and a list of relevant pages will appear.

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