The East Stoke Ansteys

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Overview of the East Stoke Ansteys

The East Stoke Ansteys are a sub-branch of the Sixpenny Handley Ansteys, headed by William Anstey (b 1777 Sixpenny Handley). This family migrated to en-masse to Bloxworth in c1820, hence the overwhelming majority of ‘East Stoke’ sub-branch events actually occurred in Bloxworth.

William Anstey (b 1777 Sixpenny Handley)

William Anstey (b 1777 Sixpenny Handley to father John Anstey) was a labourer. He married Charlotte Angel in 1802 in East Stoke, witnesses were James Vincent (see the Sixpenny Handley page for more on this gentleman) and Martha West. They had children in East Stoke (and later Bloxworth where they moved c1820):

  • William Anstey (b 1802 East Stoke, buried 1803);
  • Robert Anstey (b 1805 East Stoke, married firstly Ann Foot in Bloxworth in 1827, having a child Jane Maria Anstey (b 1828 Bloxworth) but Ann died in Sep 1835 in Bloxworth so Robert then married Frances White in Bloxworth in 1836 – his brother James Anstey was a witness. In the 1841 Census Robert and his family were in Bloxworth with his mother Charlotte. Robert Anstey and Frances had children Ann Anstey (b 1841); Robert Angel Anstey (b 1846 – named after Charlotte Angel); and Maria Anstey (b 1847). By the 1861 Census Robert Anstey (father) was a farmer of 80 acres in Bloxworth)
  • Sarah Anstey (b 1806 East Stoke, married John James in Bloxworth in 1828);
  • James Anstey (b 1809 East Stoke, married Rachel Soper in Bloxworth in 1833 (his brother Robert Anstey was a witness), they had a son John Anstey (b 1734 Bloxworth) but Rachel died in May 1835 in Bloxworth so James then married Sarah Foster in Wareham in 1839. They were living in Bloxworth in the 1841 Census and had children in Bloxworth Ann Anstey (b 1839); James Ansty (b 1846, an Australian Anstey pioneer and patriarch of the Newcastle, NSW Anstys of Australia); Sarah Emily Anstey (b 1849, known as Betsy). By the 1861 Census the family were at Cokers Froome, Dorchester and by the 1871 Census, the family had moved to Piddlehinton where James Ansty (father) was an agricultural labourer foreman and James Ansty (son) was a carpenter and journeyman);
  • Charlotte Gregory?? Anstey (b 1811 East Stoke, married George Blunden in 1836 in Bloxworth, witness was her brother John Anstey);
  • John Anstey (b 1815 Wareham, a servant at East Farm in Bloxworth in the 1841 Census. He married Mary Ann Lawrence in Wareham in 1849. William Anstey (father, b 1777) was living with his son John in Mordern in 1851. They had children in Morden George Anstey (b 1850); Joseph Anstey (b 1851); Henry Anstey (b 1853); Caroline Anstey (b 1854); Charlotte Jane Anstey (b 1855, known as Jane); Sarah Rebecca Anstey (b 1857); Isabel Anstey (b 1858); James Anstey (b 1860); Bessie Amelia Anstey (b 1863); and Clara Ruth Anstey (b 1870, known as Ruth). In the 1871 Census the family were living at Snail’s Bridge Farm, Morden – John Anstey was a farmer of 25 acres. Mary Ann Anstey (widow) was living at Old Mill House Cottage, Morden in the 1881 Census);
  • Elizabeth Anstey (b 1817 East Stoke – in some sources the mother is incorrectly given as ‘Mary’, but others correctly give ‘Charlotte’. She had an illegitimate son William Ansty (b 1833 Bloxworth, living with his grandfather in East Stoke in 1841) and then married Henry Biles (Biels) in East Stoke, Wareham in 1845 (witness was her sister Harriet Anstey). In the 1851 Census they were at Holme Bridge, East Stoke);
  • Mary Anne Anstey (b 1820 Bloxworth, married William Pike in Wareham in 1840);
  • Jane Maria Anstey (b 1822 Bloxworth, died 1826);
  • Harriet Anstey (b 1826 Bloxworth, an agricultural labourer in East Stoke in the 1841 Census. She married William Lucas in 1847 in Wareham);

William Anstey and his wife Charlotte were witnesses to Charlotte‘s brother Robert Angel’s marriage in East Stoke in 1805. In the 1841 Census, William Anstey (b 1777) was living in East Stoke; his wife Charlotte was with her son Robert Anstey in Bloxworth. Then matters get somewhat bizzare because in the 1851 Census William Anstey was a “widower” living with his son John Anstey in Morden (his birth town was incorrectly stated as “Morden“). However in the 1861 Census, William was in Morden, a retired farmer born in “Handley, Hampshire” (surely Handley, Dorset) with his wife Charlotte Anstey!

Charlotte Anstey died in Bloxworth in 1862, “aged 82” and William Anstey died in Bloxworth “aged 85” a year later in 1863.

Further Details on the East Stoke Ansteys

#1. We have a Rebecca Anstey (b 1837), buried in Bloxworth in 1839 “daughter of John and Mary Anstey“. This is NOT the Rebecca Anstey (b 1837 Sandford Orcas to William and Elizabeth), however we find no “John Anstey” / “Mary” marriage at this time.

#2. Some sources have a “James Anstey and Rebecca” in the 1841 Census in Bloxworth – this family is actually ‘Arnold’ not ‘Anstey’ and nothing to do with our story.

#3. In c1850 a family headed by Charles Hart Anstey and Edna Amelia Hardiman moved to Wareham near Bloxworth – they are of the Tarrant Keyneston Anstey sub-branch

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