The Twillingate Ansteys

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

The patriarchs of the Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada Ansteys are likely Charles and William Anstey of Poole in Dorset, England, who inherited a plantation in Twillingate in the will of William White of Wimborne Minister, Dorset in 1765, and thence emigrated there. So the Twillingate Ansteys are certainly a sub-branch of the Poole Ansteys of Dorset.

Charles and William ANSTEY sons of Charles in Poole, Dorset were in Twillingate prior to 1766, when they inherited the fishing premises of William WHITE of Wimborne Minster, Dorset‘ Source: Thomas R. Cole

There was a Captain Thomas Anstey (presumably of Poole) who frequently crossed between Newfoundland and Poole in the 1750s on the ship ‘Joseph and Hannah’ according to the Lloyds List of London. For example in 1750 he sailed to Newfoundland, then again in 1755, then again in 1758 “for the Poole, Dorset, Society of Friends member; Newfoundland Merchant, Joseph White” (who was presumably connected to William White of Wimborne Minster). Then in November 1759 “Captain Thomas Anstey arrived in Poole from Newfoundland, in the vessel ‘Triton’, carrying goods for several individuals

Most or all of the Ansteys of Notre Dame Bay descend from Thomas Anstey (1769-1847), who was a son of either Charles, William or Thomas.

For those interested in a summary of the early Twillingate Ansteys and how they connect to Charles and William Anstey of Poole, this webpage is pretty useful.

Of no doubt great interest to Twillingate Ansteys is knowing how the Poole Ansteys connect into the wider Anstey pedigree. We deal with the current state of our research into this matter in the Poole Anstey page.

We are actively on the lookout for Twillingate experts alive today who are willing to add their findings and knowledge to this project. We are particularly interested in research regarding Twillingate Ansteys who fought in World War One, preferably with personal souvenirs such as letters sent by the soldiers or military photos etc. Anybody who has such expertise and inclination, please contact us at

We have already uploaded bits of information and documentation about the Twillingate Ansteys, and continue to upload more all the time (see Project Updates), however it is spread over various segments of the website.

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