The Paradise Cove, Twillingate Ansteys

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Overview of the Paradise Cove, Twillingate Ansteys

The Paradise Cove, Twillingate Ansteys are a sub-division of the Twillingate Ansteys of Newfoundland, Canada, consisting of the Twillingate Anstey families that lived in Paradise Cove, Twillingate [see Google map] before or in the 1921 Newfoundland Census. This currently consists of the extended family of Samuel Anstey (Senior) (b 1832)

Paradise Cove Ansteys in McAlpine’s Newfoundland Directory

Paradise Cove Ansteys in 1921 Newfoundland Census

  • Louis Anstey (b 1882 – head)
    • Elsie J. Anstey (b 1887 – wife)
    • Harold Anstey (b 1908 – son)
    • Eric W. Anstey (b 1911 – son)
    • Carl W. Anstey (b 1914 – son)
    • Orvin Anstey (b 1917 – son)
    • Hedley J. Anstey (b 1918 – son)
  • Mathew Anstey (b 1896 – head)
    • Maggie Anstey (b 1897 – wife)
    • Martin Anstey (b 1916 – son)
    • Lot Anstey (b 1921 – son)
  • Samuel Anstey (b 1869 – head)
    • Samuel Anstey (b 1832 – father)
    • Lillian Anstey (b 1873 – wife)
    • Ethel Anstey (b 1897 – daughter)
    • Melina P. Anstey (b 1901 – daughter)
    • Annie M. Anstey (b 1904 – daughter)
    • Cuthbert Anstey (b 1908 – son)
    • Susanna J. Anstey (b 1912 – daughter)
    • Alma F. Anstey (b 1914 – daughter)
    • Elias Anstey (b 1917 – son)

Samuel Anstey (b 1832 Twillingate)

Samuel Anstey was born in 1832 in Twillingate to father John Anstey (b c1800). He married Susannah Manuel in c1850 in Twillingate and they had children:

  • Elias Anstey (b 1855 – see below);​
  • Mary Anstey (b 1858 Paradise, married John Pond – she was probably informant when her sister Annie Anstey died in Toronto in 1930, though perhaps not as that source said she was “Mrs John Pond, niece” rather than “sister” – other informal sources state that Mary died in 1895. They certainly had a daughter Minnie Pond (b 1893) who was living with her aunts Annie Anstey and Eleanor Young in Toronto in 1911);
  • Annie Anstey (b 27 March 1860, moved to Toronto in 1910 and in the 1911 Canadian Census she was living in York, Toronto with her sister Eleanor Young. Annie never married and died on 2 July 1930 living at 46 Balsam Avenue, Toronto – Mrs John Pond, her “niece” (though surely actually her sister?) was the informant on the death certificate. Also on the death certificate were her parents’ names “Samuel Anstey and Susan Manuel“);
  • Susan Anstey (b 1862, married Eli Vatcher in 1885 and they moved to Toronto);
  • Charles Anstey (b 1864);
  • Phoebe Anstey (b 1866);
  • Samuel Anstey Junior (b 1869 – see below);
  • Grace Anstey (b 1870);
  • William Anstey (b 1873); and​
  • Eleanor Elizabeth Anstey (b 1876, married William Young in 1901 in Twillingate and they moved to Toronto. In the 1911 Canadian Census they were in York, Toronto together with her sister Annie Anstey and niece Minnie Pond)

In 1883 Samuel Anstey of “Tim’s Path End North Side Twillingate” gave to the ‘Mark Brett Subscription Fund’ according to the ‘Twillingate Sun‘ 27 January 1883 edition. Samuel Anstey‘s father John Anstey must have come to live with him at some point because The ‘Twillingate Sun‘ newspaper reported on 22 August 1885 “DEATH: At Paradise on the 15th inst, Mr John Anstey aged 85 years“. He was an Elector of Pilley’s Island in 1895 per the ‘Twillingate Sun‘ 21 September 1895 edition.

Samuel Anstey was probably living in Paradise in c1911. In the 1921 Newfoundland Census Samuel Anstey was a widower “aged 89” living with his son Samuel Anstey Junior and his family in Paradise, Twillingate. He died on 20 March 1923 in Twillingate; the ‘Twillingate Sun‘ on 3 March 1923 reporting “As we go to press, we are informed that Mr. Samuel ANSTEY Sr. has passed away

Elias Anstey (b 1855 Twillingate)

Elias Anstey, known as Eli, was born in Twillingate in 1855 to parents Samuel Anstey and Susannah Manuel. He married Susan Dicks (b 1857 Little Bay) in c1878 and had a large family in Twillingate, namely:

  • William George Anstey (b c1878? Twillingate – see below);
  • Louis Anstey (b 1882, married Elsie Jane Tulk in 1907 in Ladle Cove and they had children in Paradise Cove Harold Anstey (b 1908); Eric Wilson Anstey (b 1911); Carl William Anstey (b 1915); Orvin Anstey (b 1917); and Hedley Goodyear? Anstey (b 1918). In c1911 they were living in Paradise Cove. In the 1921 Newfoundland Census the family was living at Paradise Cove where Louis Anstey was a labourer.);
  • Archibald Anstey (b 4 December 1886 (or 26 February 1887? to “Elias Anstey and Salome?“). He married Jessie Belle Roberts (b 1888 Twillingate) in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts in April 1911 (parents confirmed as “Elias Anstey and Susan Dix“) at which time he was a carpenter living at 209 Harvard? Street, though we cannot locate him in the 1910 American Census. In the June 1917 Draft Registration for World War One Archibald noted that he was born 4 December 1886; that he was a carpenter born in Twillingate currently living in Somerville, Massachusetts; and that he was married with no children. By the 1940 Census Archibald was living at Massachusetts, Suffolk, Boston City, Boston, Ward 2. Jessie B. Anstey died in 1941, buried at Glen Oak Cemetery, Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Archibald Anstey himself died in 1979 “aged 92” at Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois, United States, buried at Willwood Burial Park);
  • John Anstey (b 1888, living in Botwood in c1911 – he married Stella Beatrice Evans in 1912. The 19 October 1912 edition of the ‘Twillingate Sun‘ reported “ANSTEY-EVANS. A very quiet wedding took place at Exploits on Monday, October 7th, when J. ANSTEY (son of Elias ANSTEY) was united in matrimony to Stella Beatrice EVANS (daughter of Wm. EVANS, of Northern Arm) the party coming from Botwood to Exploits by motor boat ‘Florence’. The ceremony was performed by Rev. W. J. MORRIS. The bride and groom remained at Exploits until the arrival of the Prospero (the guests of Mr. and Mrs. MORRIS) then they continued their trip to Twillingate visiting relatives and friends. They left by Clyde for Grand Falls where the parents of the groom now reside, then returning to Botwood where Mr. ANSTEY is employed at The Botwood Stores, there making their present home. The groom’s present to the bride was a piano.” They had children Lloyd Clifton Anstey (b 1913); and Owen Westland Anstey (b 1922) and had moved to Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts, America by 1930);
  • Bertram Anstey (b 1890);
  • Winifred Mae Anstey (b 1892);
  • Elsie Nina Anstey (b 1895); and
  • Eleanor Anstey (b 1896);

Elias Anstey was an Elector of Pilley’s Island in 1895 per the ‘Twillingate Sun‘ 21 September 1895 edition. By 1912 Elias Anstey was already living in Grand Falls with his wife Susan. In the 1921 Newfoundland Census he was living with his wife and grandson Walter Anstey (b 1908 Tilt Cove) in Grand Falls where he was a “delivery checker“. Elias died on 10 Apr 1928 (“aged 71“) at Grand Falls, Central Census Division, Newfoundland, buried at S.A. Union Street GFW

Samuel Anstey Junior (b 1869 Twillingate)

Samuel Anstey Junior was born in Twillingate on 6 August 1869 to parents Samuel Anstey and Susannah Manuel. He married Lillian Rowsell (b 1873 Leading Tickles) and they had children:

  • Mathias John Anstey (b 3 November 1894, living in Paradise in c1911. He first married Maggie Philips in Twillingate on 10 August 1915 having children Martin Anstey (b 1915) and Lot Anstey (b 1921). In the 1921 Newfoundland Census they were at Twillingate though he was working as a labourer in Grand Falls – he emigrated to Buffalo, New York, America soon after 1921. In 1926 he was living at 376 Virginia Street, Buffalo, New York and in 1930 he was still in Buffalo, NY – an unmarried carpenter in lodgings with the Comins family. On 26 September 1931 he may have married Dorothy Schoenle in Erie, Pennsylvania?);
  • Ethel Mary Anstey (b 1898, married Mr Brown);​​
  • Melina P. Anstey (b 1901 married John Kitchener Philips and moved to New York. The ‘Twillingate Sun‘ on 13 June 1931 reported “Mrs Kitchener Philips and two children came from Brooklyn, New York on Friday week on a visit to her parents Mr and Mrs Samuel Anstey, Paradise” );
  • Annie May Anstey (b 1904, married Mr Colbourne);​​
  • Cuthbert Gordon Anstey (b 1907 Paradise, emigrated to New York in 1926 as a labourer with his cousin Arthur Stuckless to live with his brother “Mathias Anstey, 376 Virginia Street, Buffalo, New York” and he died in 1928 in New York (some sources state 1968). His body was returned to Twillingate and buried at St Peter’s Anglican Church Cemetery Snelling Cove, Twillingate);​​
  • Minnie Pearl Anstey (b 1909, died 5 December 1914 in Paradise Cove – the ‘Twillingate Sun‘ reporting on 6 December 1914 “Death on December 5th, of Croup, Minnie Pearl, darling child of Samuel and Lillian ANSTEY, aged 5 years and 2 months. ‘God has saved from weary strife, In its dawn this fresh young life, Now it waits for us above, Resting in a Saviour’s love.’” and the following week “Much sympathy is evinced for Mr. and Mrs. Samuel ANSTEY Jr., who lost their little girl Minnie of 5 years, last week. The child was suffering from a cold but was not considered dangerously ill. On the day of her death she complained of being sleepy, and her father took her up in his arms. While there, she passed peacefully away. ‘God gathers the flowers of childhood first, though the ripened ears are full.‘”);
  • Susanna J. Anstey (b 1912);​​
  • Eleanor Frances Anstey (b 1914, known as Alma, living in Paradise Cove in 1935);​​ and
  • Elias Samuel Anstey (b 1917, known as Eli, married Ida M. in c1943 and was living in Paradise Cove with their son Cuthbert G. Anstey (b 1944) in the 1945 Census).

In 1883 “Samuel Anstey Jr of North Side Twillingate” gave to the ‘Mark Brett Subscription Fund’ according to the ‘Twillingate Sun‘ 27 January 1883 edition. In c1911 the family were living at Paradise Cove. In the 1921 Newfoundland Census Samuel was a “labourer at a mercantile premise” living in Twillingate with his father Samuel Anstey, his wife and his children.

Samuel Anstey Junior and his wife were still living in Paradise Cove in 1931 when their daughter Melina Kitchener Philips visited (see above). They were still there in the 1945 Census.

Samuel Anstey Junior died 16 March 1948, buried at St Peter’s Anglican Church Cemetery Snelling Cove, Twillingate.

William George Anstey (b 1878 Twillingate)

William George Anstey was born in Twillingate to parents Elias Anstey and Susan Dicks. As to when he was born we can take our pick from 6 September 1878 (Draft Registration and Naturalisation documents) to 1885 (second marriage) to 1889 (1940 Census) – clearly he was of the opinion that “you are only as old as you feel“. According to the 1920 Census William George Anstey emigrated to America in 1890 and married a currently unknown woman, with whom he probably had a daughter:

  • Clemency Anstey (b 1907 Canada or Massachusetts depending on source, married James E. Burbank)

We cannot locate William in the 1910 American Census. Then on 4 February 1911 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, William George Anstey a “26 year old widower parents Elias Anstey and Susan Dicks” married Selina Bishop (b 1891 to father Henry Bishop and Ellen Bradbury per marriage certificate), known as Lillian [Gillian]. They had children in Massachusetts:

  • Maxwell William Anstey (b 1912, known sometimes as William);
  • Kermit W. Anstey (b 1915, unmarried and living with the family in Malden in 1940);
  • Bennet Henry Anstey (b 1917, known sometimes as Henry, unmarried and living with the family in Malden in 1940);
  • Olive M. Anstey (b 1928); and
  • Betty J. Anstey (b 1929)

In the September 1918 Draft Registration for World War One, William George Anstey noted that he was born on 6 September 1878; that he lived at 85 Granite, Malden, Massachusetts; that he was a carpenter; and that his nearest relative was Lillian Anstey. In the 1920 Census the family were living with Eleanor Bishop (mother in law) at Malden City 6 Part of Precinct 1 Part OF, Middlesex, Massachusetts where William G. Anstey was a carpenter. They were still living in Malden in 1930 and 1940.

William George Anstey was naturalised as an American citizen on 2 April 1923, giving details “born 6 September 1878 Twillingate; carpenter; married to Lillie; with minor children [in 1923] Clemency, Maxwell, Kermit and Bennet“.

Lillian Bishop Anstey died in June 1959 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

Further Details on the Paradise Cove, Twillingate Ansteys

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