The Milborne Port Anstys

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Many thanks to Julia for her help in constructing this pedigree.

Overview of the Milborne Port Anstys

The patriarchs of the Milborne Port Anstys are two (probable) brothers William Ansty (m 1714 Henstridge) and Arthur Ansty (m 1716 Milborne Port). We are currently still trying to attach these two likely brothers to the overall Anstey pedigree.

Even though the surname spelling of this sub-branch was frequently ‘Ansty’, overall ‘Anstey’ tended to be the settled spelling in later generations.

Note: We include Sherborne, Sandford Orcas, and Henstridge Templecombe in this sub-branch, as well as Purse Caundle in Sherborne and Wincanton. All of these places lie very close to the Somerset/Dorset border.

William Ansty (m 1714 Henstridge)

On 30 April 1714, Guliomus (William) Anstyof Milborne Port” married Thomasin Bolbin [Belbin]. They proceeded to have children in Henstridge:

  • William (Gulielmus) Ansty (b 1714, married Mary Evil in 1737 in Milborne Port);
  • John (Johannes) Ansty (b 1715, married Hannah and had children Hannah Ansty? (b 1740 Purse Caundle); John Ansty? (b 1749 Purse Caundle); Mary Anstey (b 1757 Henstridge) and Ann Ansty (died 1768 Henstridge). He may also have married Ann Bullenof Milborne Port” in Purse Caundle in 1748 plus he may well have married Mary, who died in 1748 in Purse Caundle in 1748 “wife of John“);
  • Betty Ansty (b 1717, married Richard Hallett in 1735 in Milborne Port?);
  • Maria Anstey (b 1719);
  • Anna Anstey (b 1721, married Thomas Avis in Henstridge in 1756. John Ansty and James Toogood were witnesses); and
  • Sarah Anstey (b 1723)

William Ansty (father) was buried in Henstridge in 1756; his widow Thomasin was buried there in 1763. The Henstridge Anstey sub-branch itself fizzled out, with no baptisms after 1757, a string of burials in the late 1700s and the last mention of ‘Anstey’ in the parish records in 1794.

Arthur Ansty (m 1716)

On 1 October 1716, “Arthur Anstie of Sherborn, Dorset and Elizabeth Holly were married”. They had children in Milborne Port:

  • Arthur Ansty (b 1719 – see below);
  • Susannah Anstey (b 1725, married James Hiscock in 1747 in Milborne Port); and
  • Robert Anstey (b 1727, married Mary Ames in 1761 in Milborne Port. Mary died in Milborne Port in 1782 “wife of Robert“. Robert Ansty was buried in Milborne Port in 1791)

Elizabeth Ansty (mother) was buried in 1747 in Milborne Port “wife of Arthur“; Arthur Ansty (father) was buried there in 1776 as “Arthur Senior“.

Arthur Ansty (b 1719 Milborne Port)

Arthur Ansty (“the younger“) was born in 1719 in Milborne Port to father Arthur Ansty. He married Tamson Thring in 1751 in Milborne Port having children in Milborne Port and later Lamyatt:

  • Susannah Ansty (b 1752 Milborne Port);
  • Elizabeth Ansty (b 1755 Milborne Port, died 1761);
  • Robert Ansty (b 1757 Milborne Port married Elizabeth [Betty] Foot in 1778 in Milborne Port having children in Milborne Port James Anstey (b 1778 – see below); Susannah Anstey (b 1780, married Robert Thring in Milborne Port in 1814 – James Ansty and Jon Hallett were witnesses); Ann Ansty (b 1782); Robert Ansty (b 1784); Arthur Ansty (b 1787 – see below); Mary Ansty (b 1789); Angel Ansty (a male b 1792 – see below); and Elizabeth Ansty (b 1797, died in 1807). At the time of the birth of their son Angel in 1792, the family was described as “poor“. Elizabeth (wife) likely died in Milborne Port in 1850 “aged 88” and Robert Ansty was buried in 1833 “age 71“);
  • Elizabeth Anstey (b 1762 Lamyatt, married Edward Swyer in 1785 in Milborne Port);
  • Arthur Anstey (b 1767 Lamyatt, married Elizabeth [aka Betty] (b c1766) and had children in Milborne Port William Ansty (b 1794); Maria Ansty (b 1797, married Samuel Parsons in 1820 in Milborne Port – they were living in Milborne Port in 1841 with Maria‘s mother Elizabeth Ansty); Charlotte Ansty (buried 1797, though this could be incorrect because a Charlotte Ansty married Edward Baker in 1825 in Milborne Port); Ann Ansty (b 1801, married Thomas Hallett in 1822 in Milborne Port); and George Ansty (b 1804, died in 1807). Arthur Ansty was buried in Milborne Port in 1826 “aged 59“); and
  • Ann Anstey (b 1769 Lamyatt, married John Parsons in 1794 in Milborne Port).

In 1747 Arthur Ansty was Returning Officer for Milborne Port in the General Election. In the Quarter Sessions records for 1747 it stated: “Declaration by Arthur Ansty the younger, sub bailiff of Milborne Port that he has not received any money, office or reward for making any return in the present election of members to serve in Parliament, and that he will return such persons as appear to have the majority of legal votes. Witnessed by Josepth Bre[tt], George Grimes, George Baunton, Sam Oliver.”. However this was contested as Arthur Ansty was actually the servant of one of the candidates. In ‘An Entire and Complete History, political and personal, of the Boroughs of Great Britain‘ Volume 2 page 75 by Thomas Hinton Burley it states “Arthur Ansty, said to be a common day labourer and servant to the said Thomas Medleycott [one of the candidates], was the sub-bailiff, appointed by the said Thomas Medleycott“.

Thomasin [Tamsin] Ansty was buried in 1798 in Milborne Port, “wife of Arthur“. Arthur Ansty was buried in Milborne Port in 1803.

James Ansty (b 1778 Milborne Port)

James Ansty was born in 1778 in Milborne Port to parents Robert Ansty (b 1757 Milborne Port per above) and Elizabeth [Betty] Foot. He married Mary Mullings in 1799 in Purse Caundle (witnesses were William Critchell and Arthur Ansty) and they had children in Milborne Port:

  • William Critchell Ansty (b 1799 Purse Caundle, “son of James and Mary Anstice” according to one transcription. He married Elizabeth (Betsy) Smith on 29 January 1821 at Sandford Orcas – at the time he was a “bachelor of Milborne Port” (witnesses were S. J. Bull and Edward Curtis) and they had children in Sandford Orcas George Anstey (b c1822 – see below); Jane Anstey (b 1826, baptised 26 March 1826); James Anstey (b 1830, baptised 4 April 1830, died an infant?); James Anstey (b 1831 – see below); Elizabeth Anstey (b c1834, baptised 11 October 1835); Rebecca Anstey (b 1837, baptised 15 October 1837, she married Job Hartland on 28 March 1859 in Great Washbourne. She and one of her daughters was murdered by her husband in 1894 – the ‘Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser‘ on 28 November 1894 reporting “Double Murder at Cheltenham: Sentence of Death. Job Hartland was, at the Gloucestershire Assizes on Wednesday last, charged with murdering his wife (who is native of Sherbourne) being sister to Mr James Anstey of Cheap Street) and their youngest child at Cheltenham on the 4th of September…When charged at the police station Hartland said ‘I shant want to say nothing. I done it and I cant help it. I cant think how I done it…“); and Mary Anstey (b 1841). In all the baptisms of the children William was described as a shoemaker. In the 1841 Census they were living in Sandford Orcas – ditto the 1851 Census where William Anstey was a shoemaker);
  • John Ansty (b 1805 – see below);
  • George Ansty (b 1808 to “James Ansty and Mary“, died in 1823 “aged 16“);
  • James Ansty (b 1811, baptised in 1813 to “James Ansty and Mary“)

At the time of the birth of his son James in 1811, James Ansty was “a labourer of Milborne Port Town

Arthur Ansty (b 1787 Milborne Port)

Arthur Ansty was born in 1787 in Milborne Port to parents Robert Ansty (b 1757 Milborne Port per above) and Elizabeth [Betty] Foot. He married Mary Frost (b 1781) in Milborne Port in 1814, both signing with an ‘x’ (the ‘Salisbury and Winchester Journal‘ on 14 February 1814 reported “On Sunday last was married at Milborne Port by the Rev W. Owens, Arthur Ansty to Miss Mary Frost, both of the same place“). They had children in Milborne Port:

  • Jane Ansty (b 1815, married John Cribb in 1838 in Milborne Port – witnesses were John Frost and Mary Frost);
  • Ann Ansty (b 1818, died 1821 “aged 3“);
  • John Ansty (b 1820 or c1826, alive in 1841);
  • Susan Anstey (b c1826, married John Burgess in 1861 in Milborne Port – confirmed as “daughter of Arthur Ansty, labourer“); and
  • James Ansty (b 1829, living with his parents in Gunvill, Milborne Port in the 1851 Census)

At the time of the birth of their children, Arthur was a labourer in Milborne Port. They were living in South Street, Milborne Port in the 1841 Census. Mary Ansty (wife) died in 1841 in Milborne Port “aged 60“, so Arthur Anstywidower aged 50” remarried in 1842 to Elizabeth Raymond. They were living in Gunvill, Milborne Port in the 1851 Census where Arthur was an agricultural labourer.

Arthur Ansty was buried in 1860 in Milborne Port, “aged 77

Angel Ansty (b 1792 Milborne Port)

Angel Ansty (a male) was born in 1792 in Milborne Port to parents Robert Ansty (b 1757 Milborne Port per above) and Elizabeth [Betty] Foot. He married Hannah Williams (b c1796) in 1812 in Milborne Port (both signing with an ‘x’) and they had children in Milborne Port:

  • James Ansty (b 1813, died 1814 – see also Further Details #1);
  • Ann Ansty (b 1815, married John Barrett in 1832 in Milborne Port);
  • Elizabeth Ansty (b 1817, married Isaac Foot in Milborne Port in 1838);
  • John Ansty (b 1818, died in 1843 “aged 24“);
  • Hannah Ansty (b 1822, died in 1845 as “Anna Ansty aged 22years 11 months“);
  • Maria Ansty (b 1825, baptised 1827, married George Stickland in Milborne Port in 1847);
  • George Anstey (b 1830, died young?);
  • George Williams Anstey (b 1832 – see below);
  • Lawrence Anstey (b 1834, died young??); and
  • Fanny Ansty (b 1835, a “glover” in the 1851 Census)

At the time of the birth of their first child they were living in Milborne Port town, Angel was a labourer. In the 1841 Census the family were living in Milborne Port – ditto the 1851 Census where Angel Ansty was a farm labourer. Angel Ansty died in 1854 “aged 63“, still living in the ‘New Town’

John Ansty (b 1805 Milborne Port)

John Ansty was born to parents James Ansty and Mary Mullings, though he was baptised to parents “James Ansty and Elizabeth” which must surely be a typo. It is likely this gentleman who, together with George Follett, were indicted for stealing fowls from J. Sherring, a farmer of Milborne Port in 1824 (see ‘Taunton Courier‘ 14 April 1824 edition).

John Anstey married Susanna Hanham in 1831 in Milborne Port, both signing with an ‘x’ having children in Milborne Port:

  • Caroline Ansty (b 1832. married George Durden in Islington in 1854. They had a daughter Sarah Durdan (b 1857 Weymouth) who was with her ‘Anstey’ grandparents in Milborne Port in the 1861 Census);
  • Mary Ann Ansty (b 1834);
  • Matilda Ansty (b 1836, an unmarried dressmaker in the 1871 Census);
  • Frederick Ansty (b 1838);
  • Alfred Ansty (b 1840 – see below);
  • Robert Edwin Anstey (b 1843, he first married Sarah Eliza Newbery in Sherborne in 1865 though she died in Sherborne later in the same year. So Robert, a “widower” and a “glover“, married Clara Collins in 1866 in Milborne Port – father confirmed as “John Anstey glover“. They had a single child Edwin Frederick John Anstey (b 1873 – an Anstey Hero) who was born in Gloverville in America, so his parents must have been there at this time. In the 1881 Census the family were living at 1, Wyndham Street, Yeovil where Robert was a “leather parer glove” (birth year confirmed as c1843). He died in 1903, probate was “Anstey Robert Edwin of Mudford Somersetshire leather parer died 4 April 1903 probate to Clara Anstey widow“. In the 1911 Census Clara Ansteywidow” was living at Mudford Yeovil with her son and his wife);
  • George William Ansty (b 1847 – see below);
  • Anne Eliza Ansty (b 1850, an unmarried “glove machinist” in the 1871 Census. She married Ebenezer Ford in 1882 in Milborne Port – at this time she was a “glover“, daughter of “John Anstey glover“, witness was her sister Matilda Anstey)

In the 1841 Census John Ansty was a “glover” living at Gainsborough Street, Milborne Port. He was still there in 1861, a “glover leather dresser” and still there in 1887 when his son Alfred Ansty died there.

John Ansty died in 1893 – per the ‘Western Gazette‘ on 24 November 1893 “DEATHS Ansty Nov 22 at Baunton’s Orchard, Milborne Port Mr John Ansty aged 86

George Anstey (b c1822 Sandford Orcas)

George Anstey was born in c1822 in Sandford Orcas, baptised 26 March 1826, to parents William Critchell Ansty and Elizabeth (Betsy) Smith. He married Keziah Masters in 1851 in Sherborne and they had children in Sherborne:

  • Mary Ann Anstey (b 1851, died an infant?);
  • John Masters Anstey (b 1852, baptised 20 June 1852 Sandford Orcas, died in 1853);
  • Mary Ann Anstey (b 1855, alive in 1861, died before 1871?);
  • James Anstey (b 1859, by 1881 he was an unmarried railway labourer lodging at Viaduct Cottages, Abbots Ann, Andover. He married Agnes Pearcey (b c1860, daughter of Reuben Pearcey, a shepherd and Louisa) on 23 January 1884 in Alderbury – the marriage certificate confirming he was “aged 24, a bachelor, a railway labourer living at 14 Trinity Street Sailsbury, and son of George Anstey, labourer“. They had a son James Anstey (b 1885 – an Anstey Hero). Agnes Anstey died in q3 1885 in Alderbury, aged 26, likely as a direct result of giving birth to her first son and we completely lose track of James Anstey (husband), though given that his son was brought up by his grandparents he probably died around the same time as his wife);
  • Emily Anstey (b 1862, an unmarried domestic housekeeper at 22 Reckleford Yeovil in the 1911 Census); and
  • Jemima Anstey (b 1864, alive in 1881).

The family lived at Hoyle, Sandford Orcas in the 1871 Census where George Anstey was an agricultural labourer – by 1881 they were at Higher Sandford, Sandford-Orcas. George Anstey died in 1888, “aged 66” – his widow Keziah Anstey died in 1904 in Sherborne

James Anstey (b 1831 Sandford Orcas)

James Anstey was born in 1831 in Sandford Orcas, baptised 16 October 1831, to parents William Critchell Ansty and Elizabeth (Betsy) Smith. He was a journeyman baker living with his family at Sandford Orcas in 1851. In 1853 in Sherborne he married Jane E. Ailes [Hale/Hales?] (or Virtue Hailes) and they had children in Sandford and later Sherborne:

  • Ann Eliza Anstey (b 1853 Sandford, a baker’s assistant living with the family in 1881);
  • William Alfred Anstey (b 1855 Sandford, known as Alfred, living with the family in 1871);
  • Thomas Anstey (b 1858 Sherborne, known as Tom, living with the family in 1871); and
  • Samuel Anstey (b 1859 Sherborne, a confectioner living with the family in 1881. He married Alice Jones in c1889 and they had children in Sherborne William Reginald Anstey (b 1890, living with his family in the 1911 Census and still alive in 1923); Samuel Harold Anstey (b 1892 buried 11 January 1893 “aged 8 months son of Samuel“); Edgar Whittingham Anstey (b 1894 – an Anstey Hero); Alice Maria Kathleen Anstey (b 1894, buried 18 July 1895 “aged 8 months daughter of Samuel” – the ‘Western Chronicle‘ on 26 July 1895 reported “Death: Anstey July 13 at Cheap Street Sherborne, Alice Mare Kathleen infant daughter of Samuel and Alice Anstey, aged 3 months“); and Hubert Claude Anstey (b 1896 – an Anstey Hero). By the time of the 1911 Census the family were living at Cheap Street Sherborne where Samuel was a baker and confectioner. In 1920 we find “Auction of Lots: Lot 4 – Shop and Residence situate on Greenhill, now the occupation of Mr. Samuel Anstey – Baker. Tenancy yearly Notice to quit has been given“. The ‘Western Gazette‘ on 26 January 1923 reported “The death occurred on January 15th of Mr Samuel Anstey of Higher Cheap Street at the age of 63. He had been in failing health for some considerable time but the end came somewhat suddenly. The deceased had lived in Sherborne practically all his life. Formerly he carried on a baking and confectionary business and was much respected by all who knew him. He was much attached to the Congregational Church of which he was a Trustee and a Deacon. A widow and two sons survive him, his youngest son [Hubert] having been killed in Flanders in 1917. The funeral took place on Friday afternoon. Mrs Anstey and family desire to thank all friends who sympathised with them in their bereavement…“)

In the 1861 Census the family were living at Hound Street, Sherborne where James Anstey was a baker – his wife was ‘Virtue – b 1833 Lydlinch‘. In the 1871 Census the family were living at Top Part of Cheap Street, Sherborne – James Anstey was a Baker Confectioner – his wife was ‘Jane Anstey b1831 Dorset‘. By 1881 they were still at Cheap Street, Sherborne, James was still a baker – his wife was ‘Jane E. Anstey – b 1835 Stalbridge

George Williams Anstey (b 1832 Milborne Port)

George Williams Anstey was born in 1832 in Milborne Port to parents Angel Ansty and Hannah Williams. In the 1851 Census he was an unmarried “glover” in Milborne Port. He married Ann Frost in Sherborne in 1857 and they had children in Milborne Port:

  • Frederick George Anstey (b 31 July 1859, known as “Fred” an unmarried “domestic butler” at 1, Barkston Gardens, Kensington in the 1901 Census and we cannot locate him in the 1911 Census. He may have married Mabel F. Morris in 1919 in Bath, and then he certainly later married Emily. He attended the funeral of his brother Henry James Anstey‘s wife in 1932. In the 1939 Register Frederick and Emily were living at Gainsboro, Milborne Port, where Frederick was a “retired butler“. Frederick died in 1941 in Wincanton; his widow Emily died in 1944 at St John’s Hospital, Battersea, living at 20 Ribblesdale Road, Streatham with her nephew Alec George Anstey, to whom probate was granted);
  • Ann M. Anstey (b 1861, a “glove sewer” in 1891 – we cannot locate her in the 1911 Census. She married Roland Sutton in 1916 in Yeovil);
  • Maria Anstey (b 1862);
  • Nathaniel Anstey (b 1862, a “footman domestic servant” at Purse Caundle Manor House in 1881 and a butler at Child Okeford House, The Common, Child Okeford, Sturminster in 1891. He married Rhoda Clothier in 1898 in Dorchester. He was still a butler in 1901 at 7, Culliford Road Marion Terrace, Dorchester and a butler at 1 Edward Street Lower Weston Bath, Bath in the 1911 Census. Nathaniel had no children to our knowledge and died in 1929 in West Coker, Taunton – effects to his widow Rhoda Anstey);
  • Francis William Anstey (b 1864, died an infant in 1865);
  • Henry James Anstey (b 1866 – see below);
  • George Frost Anstey (b 1869, in the 1891 Census he was a hairdresser’s assistant at High West Street, The Holy Trinity, Dorchester. He married Emily Eliza H. Juniper (b 1863 Battle) in 1899 in Eastbourne and in the 1901 Census they were living at 45, Kirkdale Road, Tonbridge Wells together with a stepson Herbert Juniper (b 1890) and mother in law Harriet HylandGeorge was a hairdresser’s assistant. In the 1911 Census they were living in 12 Oaten Hill Place Canterbury – George was now a hairdresser. By the 1939 Register they were living at 1 Mount Cottage Three Oaks, Three Oaks, Battle, Sussex – to our knowledge they had no ‘Anstey’ children – see also Further Details #2);

In the 1871 Census the family were living at Gunville Street, Milborne Port, Wincanton – George Ansty was a glover. George Ansty died in Milborne Port on 23 September 1902 – he was buried in Milborne Port gravestone inscription “husband of Ann“. Probate was in 1903 “Anstey George Williams of Milborne Port Somersetshire glover died 23 Sep 1902 probate 6 Feb 1903 to Ann Anstey widow“.

In the 1911 Census, Ann Anstey (widow) was living by private means at Gunville Street Milborne Port. Ann Anstey died in 1916. The ‘Western Gazette‘ on 30 June 1916 reported “MILBORNE PORT: The funeral of the late Mrs Anstey took place on Thursday…The coffin bore the inscription:—’Ann Anstey, died June 17th 1916, aged 87 years.’ The mourners present in included Messrs. Fred, Nathanial, and Henry (sons), Mrs. Sutton (daughter), Mrs. N. Anstey Mrs. H. Anstey. Mr. Alec. Anstey…

Alfred Ansty (b 1840 Milborne Port)

Alfred Ansty was born in 1840 in Milborne Port to parents John Ansty and Susanna Hanham. He married Mary Ann Howard in 1865 in Pancras London and they had children:

  • Lillie Howard Anstey (b 1870 Southwark, died an infant)
  • Rosa Maud H. Anstey (b 1873 Peckham);
  • Bertha Kathleen H. Anstey (b 1877 Southwark, died an infant); and
  • Alfred George H. Anstey (b 24 June 1880 Southwark. As a child he lived at St Michael’s Orphanage in London (post-1887 after both of his parents had died) then by 1891 he was attending Shirley National School in Derbyshire where his ‘parent/guardian’ was George Howard (presumably his grandfather). In the 1901 Census he was a “cowman on farm” in Brailsford, Derbyshire. Then in 1906 in Brailsford Alfred George Anstey married Ida Annie Warner and they had children Louisa Gertrude Anstey (b 1907 Brailsford – an Anstey Hero. She was baptised on 5 August 1907 in Brailsford. In 1912 Louisa was a student at Brailsford National School, then in August 1914, right at the outbreak of World War One, aged only 7 and living at Commonside, Brailsford, she volunteered for the Red Cross as a part time “Home worker. Knitting, Needlework, War Hospital Supplies” in Brailsford – it is not known how many hours work Louisa performed but she remained with the Red Cross until after war’s end in December 1919. Louisa then married William Stanley Hall in 1929 in Ashbourne); and Florence May Anstey (b 1913 Brailsford). In the 1911 Census Ida and her daughter were at Common Side Brailsford – it is not known where Alfred was at this time. Ida Annie Anstey died in Derby in 1949 and Alfred G. H. Anstey died in Derby in 1953).

By the 1871 and 1881 Censuses the family were living in Borough Road, St George the Martyr Southwark, London where Alfred was a linen and woollen draper. Mary Ann Anstey died in 1885 in Southwark and Alfred Anstey died in 1887, buried in Milborne Port “aged 47” so their son Alfred George H. Anstey went temporarily into an orphanage per above. Per the ‘Western Gazette‘ 21 October 1887 edition “Deaths: ANSTY Oct 15 at Gainsboro Milborne Port, the residence of his father, Mr Alfred Ansty aged 47“.

George William Anstey (b 1847 Milborne Port)

George William Anstey was born in Milborne Port in 1847 to parents John Ansty and Susanna Hanham. He married Deborah Hoskins in 1872 in Pancras, London and they had children:

  • Etta [Ella] Minnie Anstey (b 1873 Camden Town, an unmarried dressmaker in the 1911 Census living at 56 East Dulwich Grove London S E, Camberwell);
  • Frederick William Anstey (b 1875 St George Hanover Square, a warehouseman in the 1911 Census living at 56 East Dulwich Grove London S E, Camberwell. He married Emily Leonora Turner in Camberwell in 1918. Frederick died in 1938 in Camberwell, probate was “Anstey Frederick William of 58 Bellenden Road, Peckham died 12 March 1938, probate to Emily Leonora Anstey widow“);
  • Edith Susannah Anstey (b 1877 Hackney to mother ‘Haskins’ – she married in 1897 in Camberwell); and
  • Lillian Lucy Anstey (b 1880 Camberwell, an unmarried dressmaker in the 1911 Census living at 56 East Dulwich Grove London S E, Camberwell)

In the 1881 Census the family was living at 284, Commercial Road, Camberwell, where George was a Compositor. They were living in Fenham Road, Camberwell in the 1891 Census. George William Anstey died in Camberwell in 1908. By the 1911 Census the rest of the family were living at 56 East Dulwich Grove London S E, Camberwell.

Henry James Anstey (b 1866 Milborne Port)

Henry James Anstey was born in 1866 in Milborne Port to father George Williams Anstey. He married Sarah Kate Beach in 1889 in Milborne Port at which time he was a “glover of Milborne Port” – his father was “George Williams Anstey, glover“. They had children in Milborne Port:

  • Frederick William Cecil Anstey (b 1890 – an Anstey Hero);
  • Arthur Henry Ewart Anstey (b 1895, a hairdresser’s apprentice in the 1911 Census. Per the ‘Western Gazette‘ 04 September 1931 “Marriage of Mr Arthur H. Anstey and Miss Molly Bliss – the marriage was solemnised at the Congregational Church, Stoke under Ham, on Saturday of Mr Arthur H. Anstey of Lewisham, second son of Mr H. J. Anstey of Homelea Milborne Port and Miss Kathleen Mary (Molly) Bliss of 4 The Avenue, Stoke under Ham, second daughter of Mr S. M. Bliss…the best man was Mr Alec Anstey (brother of bridegroom)…” );
  • Dorothy Kate Anstey (b 1896, living with her parents in the 1911 Census and unmarried in 1941 when she was executor to her father’s will);
  • Alec George Anstey (b 1898 – an Anstey Hero).

In the 1901 Census they were living at Wheathill, Milborne Port, Wincanton where Henry was a “leather glove finisher” and his wife was a “leather glove machinist“. By the 1911 Census they were in living East Street Milborne Port, Sherborne.

Sarah Kate Anstey died in 1932. Per the ‘Western Gazette‘ 22 July 1932 edition “FUNERAL OF MRS H. J. ANSTEY – the funeral took place on Saturday of Mrs Henry J. Anstey whose death was reported in last week’s Western Gazette…the chief mourners present were Mr H. J. Anstey (husband); Messrs Frederick, Arthur and Alec Anstey (sons); Miss Dorothy Anstey (daughter); Mrs Arthur Anstey and Mrs Alec Anstey (daughters in law); Mr Fred Anstey (brother in law); Mrs Nathaniel Anstey (sister in law); and Mr S. Bliss of Stoke under Ham

Henry James Anstey was still alive in the 1939 Register, by now widowed and living at Sansoms Hill, Milborne Port a “parish council clerk“. He died in 1941, buried in Milborne Port Cemetery. Probate was “Anstey Henry James of Homelea, Sansomes Hill Milborne Port died 4 Sep 1941 at the Yateman Hospital Sherborne Dorsetshire probate to Frederick William Cecil Anstey dairyman and Dorothy Kate Anstey spinster

Further Details on the Milborne Port Anstys

#1. James Ansty married Mary Davis in 1762 in Milborne Port. In 1775, according to the Quarter Sessions records, “James Anstey of Milborne Port [was] convicted of swearing 28 profane oaths. JP: T.H. Medlycott”. We find no children of this marriage, but James Ansty was surely connected to the early patriarchs of this sub-branch. In certain parish register transcriptions there is a “James Ansty aged 74 buried 28 April 1814 Milborne Port son of Amos and Hannah Ansty“, however other sources have the transcription as “James Ansty aged 15 months buried 28 April 1814 son of Angel and Hannah Ansty“, which is surely correct (though we need to access the original register to be sure one way or the other). Possibly this James died in 1808 in Milborne Port

#2. Not to be confused with George Frost Anstey (b 1869 Milborne Port per above) who married Emily Eliza H. Juniper (b 1863 Battle) in 1899 in Eastbourne, another George Anstey (b 1868 Milborne Port) married another ‘Emily‘ (b 1866 Oswestry, Salop) in 1891 and in the 1911 Census they were living at 17 Welbeck House, St Marylebone where George was a butler and his wife was a housekeeper – to our knowledge they had no children but we cannot currently connect this ‘George‘, though he is surely a Milborne Port Ansty

We are actively on the lookout for Milborne Port Ansty experts alive today who are willing to add their findings and knowledge to this project. We are particularly interested in research regarding Milborne Port Anstys who fought in World War One, preferably with personal souvenirs such as letters sent by the soldiers or military photos etc. 

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