The Caddington Ansteys

by Gary. M. Ansteychief researcher of the Anstey story project.

Overview of the Caddington Ansteys

The Caddington Ansteys of Bedfordshire  began in 1558 when “Peter Anstie” of the Sussex (I) Anstey sub-branch married Elizabeth in Caddington.

Thus far, throughout our ‘Anstey’ research, having communicated with hundreds of Ansteys worldwide, we are yet to find a single one who can trace his Anstey line back to Caddington in Bedfordshire. We believe that it is possible that there exist Ansteys alive today who are direct descendants of this Caddington Anstey sub-branch and therefore appeal to anybody who can trace their direct Anstey lineage back to Caddington to contact us at

Having said that, our current tentative position, based off what we currently know, is that the Caddington Ansteys are now Anstey-extinct.

[Note: Certain researchers in past times have connected the Houghton Regis Anstees to Thomas Anstey (1630-1667) of Caddington per below – we are confident that this is incorrect, but of course we would welcome any evidence to the contrary.]

Peter Anstey (b 1522 Horsham)

Peter (Petrus) Anstey was born 1522 in Horsham, Sussex to parents William and Helen. He married Elizabeth in Caddington in 1558, thus becoming the patriarch of the Caddington, Bedfordshire Ansteys. We suppose that Peter and Elizabeth had sons in Caddington:

  • Peter Anstey (b c1559, died in 1575);
  • Allan Anstey (b c1560, married Elizabeth Gillman and moved to Studham in c1590, he was a “yeoman of Studham” in 1591 (“Plaintiffs: Alan Anstey of Studham, Bedfordshire. Defendants: Nicholas Mason and Richard Batman. Subject: Detention of bonds for debt, and fraudulent suit in Common Pleas against plaintiff for debt Bedfordshire.“) Allan was deceased by 1608); and
  • John Anstey (b c1562, probably married Joan, moved to Studham in c1590. He was a “yeoman of Studham” in 1591 (“Plaintiffs: John Anstey alias John Ansten yeoman of Studham, Bedfordshire. Defendants: William Kydd. Subject: Dispute over obligation in £40 for delivery of wheat“). However John remained connected to Caddington where he was a copyholder. John died in 1614 buried in Caddington)

As far as we can tell, Elizabeth must have died soon after c1562 and Peter Anstey remarried Joanne/Joan in c1564. Everything else that we know of Peter (Petrus) comes from the ‘Clergy of the Church of England Database 1540-1835’, namely that:

  • Petrus Anstie” was ordained as deacon in Buckden, Huntingdonshire in 1561;
  • Peter Anstey” was a vicar in Kensworth (about two miles from Caddington) in 1562;
  • Petrus Anstye” was ordained as priest at Bishop’s Manor London in 1562, when his age was given as 40, his residence as Kensworth and his birthplace given as Horsham, Sussex; and
  • Peter Anstey”, vicar of Kensworth, died in 1565.

Peter Anstey (died 1565) left a will where he mentioned land owned in Kensworth and Caddington. In the 1566 Subsidy Roll for Hertfordshire in Kensworth “Johan Anstey wedowe (sic)” appears, who is presumably widow of Peter Anstey.

Early Caddington & Studham Parish Register Entries

Note: Caddington unless stated

  • 1558: Peter Anstie married Elizabeth
  • 1575: Peter Anstey buried (presumably son of Peter Anstey)
  • 1579: Allan christened to Allan Anstey
  • 1583: John christened to John Anstey
  • 1584: Susan christened to Allan Anstey
  • 1585: Elizabeth christened to John Anstey
  • 1585: John Anstey buried (presumably an infant)
  • 1586: William christened to Allan Anstey
  • 1586: Grisill christened to John Anstey
  • 1587: Wm Anstey buried
  • 1589: John christened to John Anstey
  • 1592: Joan christened to John Ansty
  • 1592: Allan Ansteed buried in Studham
  • 1592: Susan Ansteed buried in Studham
  • 1595: Susan christened to John Anstey
  • 1597: Damaris christened to John Anstey
  • 1598: Damaris buried (son of John Anstey)   
  • 1601: Thomas christened to John Anstey
  • 1601: Thomas buried (son of John Anstey)  
  • 1602: Elizabeth Anstey married Jn Munne
  • 1602: Eleanor christened to John Anstey
  • 1604: Susan Anstey buried
  • 1605: Ann christened to John Anstey
  • 1606: Griselda Anstey married Thomas Osmund
  • 1606: Philip christened to John Anstey
  • 1614: John Anstye buried
  • 1615: Joan Anstye buried (“widow“)
  • 1616: John christened to John Anstye
  • 1617: Daniel christened to John Anstye
  • 1619: Susan christened to John Anstye
  • 1620: Ann christened to John Anstye
  • 1623: William christened to John Anstead in Studham
  • 1624: William Ansteed buried in Studham
  • 1625: Philip Anstye buried (“son of Jn“)
  • 1625: Elizabeth christened to John Ansteede in Studham
  • 1630: Thomas christened to John Anstye
  • 1631: Ann Anstie buried
  • 1645: Elizabeth Ansteed married Thomas Deacon in Studham
  • 1667: Thomas Ansted (“of Market Street“) buried
  • 1683: Joan Ansteed married William Glover in Studham   

After 1667 we find no further ‘Anstey’ entries in Caddington. After 1683 we find no further ‘Anstey’ entries in Studham.

Further Details on the Caddington Ansteys

#1. The ‘Northampton Mercury‘ on 2 July 1803 lists “Name of Deserter from the Bedfordshire Militia: Thomas Anstee Name of the parish enrolled for: Caddington

We are particularly interested in research regarding Caddington Anstey descendants who fought in World War One, preferably with personal souvenirs such as letters sent by the soldiers or military photos etc. Anybody who has such expertise and inclination, please contact us at

We have already uploaded bits of information and documentation about the Caddington Ansteys, and continue to upload more all the time (see Project Updates), however it is spread over various segments of the website.

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